Paul McCartney plays the Fool on the Hill

Paul McCartney plays the Fool on the Hill

Annie Popelka

So Sir Paul thinks it is great that “after the last eight years, it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is.”

Perhaps Sir Paul is not aware that President Bush and Karl Rove used to engage in annual contests to see who could read the most books. In fact, sometime in 2008, I recall Karl Rove telling the world in his column that President Bush had read 95 books in 2006 and 51 books in 2007. I wrote those numbers down at the time because I was quite impressed and embarrassed because I could only muster perhaps 5 books a year due to my “busy” schedule.

Sir Paul failed miserably in his attempt to be funny because it turns out that he was dead wrong – and everyone knows that good humor needs to be based in some fact. By the way, I wonder how many books Sir Paul has read lately? (Does he even know that Fomer First Lady Laura Bush is a librarian?). As for President Obama, we all know he reads GQ magazine, at least when his picture is on the cover.

In reality, I could care less about Sir Paul. Despite his musical ability, he made using drugs seem cool to countless teenagers in the late 60’s/early 70’s, who eagerly followed in his footsteps. A lot of those same teenagers are today non functioning adults, yet Sir Paul now boasts of his vegan ways and healthy lifestyle. His self-righteousness has always bothered me.

Notwithstanding, Sir Paul continues to lead people down the wrong path, and I am talking about the people in the audience who laughed themselves silly with his ignorant comments. What cowards. And the biggest coward of all? President Obama. He should have corrected that cheap shot statement about Former President Bush on the spot. But then again, he hasn’t even the wherewithall to tell city officials in Los Angeles to lay off the boycott Arizona rhetoric. (Do they even realize in LA that most of Arizona’s conference centers are California-owned?).

Remember when Hugo Chávez maligned the former PM of Spain, José Maria Aznar, at the 2007 Ibero-Amiercan summit in Chile? He repeatedly interrupted the speech of the current PM of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, with shouts that Aznar was a fascist and “less human then snakes”. Thank God for King Juan Carlos I of Spain at the time, who so famously told Chávez, “¿por qué no te callas?” or, “why don’t you (just) shut up?” What a pity that nobody was on hand to tell Sir Paul to do the same.

Annie Popelka
Madrid, Spain

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