America the Vulnerable

America the Vulnerable    
Saturday, 22 May 2010
America is a nation and an ideal, birthed by a group of visionaries that gave it the Constitution to nurture it and protect it. What makes America, America the Beautiful, more than just a blessed land is our legacy, the Constitution. Sadly, the Constitution also makes for America the Vulnerable by enshrining freedom that enables the malevolent to subvert and destroy America from within. You, the voter, are the guardian of the Constitution. Your vote determines the health and survival of America.

America is defined by the last phrase of our national anthem: The land of the free and the home of the brave. Freedom, in all its forms, is our greatest legacy, which this nation has bravely fought many wars on many fronts to preserve against the unceasing assaults of totalitarianism of all stripes. Time and again, the flowers of our nation bravely sacrificed their lives to protect freedom and liberty.In the not too distant past, we fought and defeated Nazism and Fascism in Europe and Imperialism in the Far East. Before the nation could have a respite, the flame of international communism raged, consumed many parts of the world in its fire, and posed a great threat of scorching our land. Yet, we did not waiver, did not appease, and did not surrender. We stood and fought the scourge of communism on multiple fronts, not knowing we would have to fight communism yet again, but this time, inside the United States.

America is not perfect. No human enterprise ever is. Yet, America is the closest country to a true abode of peace in the broadest sense. And it is Americans, overwhelmingly “infidels”, who make America what it is. While America opens its doors to the poor, the hungry and the oppressed of the world, Americans open their hearts to the less fortunate people of various lands by their unsurpassed generosity. No nation gives more aid to international charities, as percentage of its gross domestic products, than the American people. It is sad to watch those people to whom we have opened our pockets now biting the hands that fed them.

Currently, America is faced with the insidious, multifaceted, and most deadly threat of Islamism. Since Islam has been around for centuries, there is a tendency to ignore or even deny the threat it poses to humanity. Various concessions are made, some of them as good faith offerings and some in the hope of placating the Islamists. Yet, concessions to threats are appeasements. And appeasements have never solved any problems. They only whet the appetite of the aggressor, give it more power, and make it even more dangerous.

And appeasement comes in many forms. When our leaders, for instance, call Islam a great religion, they are appeasing, if not lying outright. We the people elect our leaders and we hold them accountable and to be honorable. Using their voices to call a most deadly threat to everything we cherish a great religion, legitimizes Islamofascisim, on the one hand, and infuses the rest of us with a false belief.
We must go by the facts on the ground and not by rhetoric. Islam is not a great religion. It is overloaded by those who would make it a dangerous religious cult of hate and violence, intent on ruling the world under the Ummah with its barbaric Sharia laws.
Calling Islam a great religion and misrepresenting it is not simply a harmless gesture of goodwill and peacemaking. This is fueling the fire that has every intention of consuming us. Therefore, it is imperative that we choose our elected officials with great care. We must entrust the reins of our nation to the hands of a person of impeccable integrity who is unconditionally loyal to the Constitution, who does not sacrifice principles and truth at the altar of expediency, and who is not shrinking from what he must do to ensure our nation’s survival in the face of internal and external assaults.
In our representative democracy, citizens exercise their power through the ballot box. Hence, when you vote for America, you vote for our freedom as well as for the aspiration of all people who yearn to free themselves from the yoke of religious totalitarianism.
In the last presidential election, Americans elected an enigmatic man to preside over their lives. This president is taking down America faster than the speed of light. The voters were told, yet they decided to change America, perhaps for good. President Obama , instead of glorifying America at every chance he gets, he does the opposite and sings the praises of Islam. He calls it a great religion. It has been reported that some of his closest White House advisers are Muslims. At times he seems to be a weak and indecisive politician who doesn’t seem to firmly believe in the ideals of democracy and liberty. He, as a most powerful political leader, unfortunately doesn’t always champion democracy. At best, he seems to be a strict pragmatist with a focus on the short term results.

In the last election, some Americans simply forgot their duties as American citizens.  But, the good news is, the November 2010 federal election is upon us, which will be for Senate and House of Representatives. But, this time around you mustn’t be fooled or mesmerized by any Slick Willy who promises everything, yet won’t deliver a thing. When the barbarians are already inside our fortress, it is suicidal to run and hide in the cellar. Islamists are not at the gate anymore waiting to enter. They already have breached the fortress of America in significant numbers. They are working inside the system now. They are waiting for the opportunity to fully open the rest of the gate to their jihadist brethren and make the land of the free a graveyard of Islamic slavery.
First things first, our highest priority is the preservation of this nation of the free. We have done what it took in the past and we must do what it takes now and in the future to safeguard liberty. Next to stopping illegal immigration , which is devouring America, is defeating the encroaching Islamism. This is the greatest challenge for this generation of Americans. We must meet the threat and defeat it. The alternative is to suffer the fate of the Europeans, many of whom are voting with their feet, fleeing to other lands and abandoning their ancestral homes to the Islamists.
Don’t be fooled by the accusations that the incurably sick Leftists at home and America’s ill-wishers abroad level at this country. America is not perfect. Yet, it is the very best hope for a humanity struggling to find its humanness. America is worth defending. Vote for the candidate who is not appeasing the Islamists for some extra-votes. Vote for the candidate who is willing to fight Islamism and isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade.

Islamists are Islam’s locomotive that takes the wrecking-ball Islamic train on its demolition course. Islam and democracy are incompatible. As democracies practice their magnificent accommodating belief, they knowingly or unknowingly lay the track for the advancing train wrecking that is Islam. We, in the United States of America must resist Islamism while it is still gathering momentum, unless we wish to end up in the same fix as the Europeans.

Islamism threatens to set a new record for brutality, contrary to the contention that there is no reason to worry about it. Jihadist Wahabism’s tentacles are reaching out from its cradle in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf Arab Emirates. The Petrodollar flush Sunni zealots are liberally financing mosques, madresehs (Islamic indoctrination schools), Islamic centers at universities, front organizations and lobbyists to promote the Wahhabi virulent Islamism in every part of America. That makes America the Vulnerable.

Just listen to top President Obama’s adviser (useful Idiot) John Brennan who talks about his love for “al-Quds and trying to appease his Muslim audience.  “It wasn’t enough that President Obama’s counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan  gave a speech which-possibly for the first time in U.S. history-gave a government definition of a religious practice, endorsing Jihad as a noble pursuit. Without knowing very much about the Middle East, Lebanon, Iran, Islamism, or even his supposed subject of expertise, terrorism.”

What can be done? Is there a way of resisting and reversing the imminent Islamic assault on our most cherished right of liberty? It’s time to stop just crisscrossing the Internet with emails whining about Obama; it is time for effective action…effective, lawful action. Here are some suggestions.

•    Become an active worker of liberty, instead of passive non-caring devil-may-care nihilists. Many Europeans are already paying the price of non-caring complacency as Islam is rapidly gaining greater and greater power and casting its suffocating pall on their lives.

•    Get involved with your local representatives and try to wean them away from Islam by pointing out how the Imams at mosques, this nest of terror, spew hate, intolerance and violence every chance they get against America and our way of life. But be very serious of warning them about a defunct ideology of intolerance, backwardness and death.

•    Use the political process, while it is still responsive to the demands and wishes of freedom-loving people, by supporting laws that guard freedom and reject those that infringe on liberty.

•    Actively support political candidates who are deeply committed to the tenets of freedom, not political correctness.
•    Run for office, any office. Encourage your friends and other liberty advocates to pitch in and help in any way they can.

•    Hold to account those politicians who sell themselves to the Islamists and promote Islam. These for-hire politicians will do anything they can to keep their position and benefit from the generous financial backing of the Islamists.

•    Be an active educator by informing others about the creeping danger of Islamism. Islamism is seriously eroding the very foundation of liberty by a variety of means. Powerful moneyed Islamic organizations threaten anyone who dares to criticize Islam with ruinous lawsuits and even death.

•    Resist the flourishing of mosques (especially building a grand mosque or as I call it, The Center for Islamic Terrorism at ground zero) and Islamic schools. Mosques and Islamic schools are not for worshiping a loving God and for enlightening minds. They are incubators of Islamic bigotry and myopia.

•    Contribute money, small or large amounts, to causes and individuals who are fighting to preserve liberty. As the old saying goes, freedom is not free.

In short, liberty is your most prized possession and democracy is the shield that protects it. Yet, this shield of democracy is making America the Vulnerable and needs to be repaired and strengthened on a regular basis. I am calling on you, the individual freedom-loving person, to play your part in the defense of freedom, not only for your own sake, but also for mine and all others who cherish this precious blessing of life.

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