Arizona Leads the Way Against Illegal Immigration

Arizona Leads the Way Against Illegal Immigration

Posted By Jacob Laksin On April 27, 2010 @ 1:52 am In FrontPage | 40 Comments

If you’ve been following the news from Arizona in recent days, you’ve probably heard that the state’s Republican governor, Jan Brewer, has just signed into law a “racist” bill that will punish Hispanics, stamp out civil rights, create a police state – and trample on the Constitution for good measure. You also may have heard that the Arizona law will “undermine basic notions of fairness,” at least according to President Obama, who has called the law “misguided” and ordered the Justice Department to find some way to challenge its standing.

Apocalyptic rhetoric notwithstanding, the Arizona law is not at all controversial in substance. All it does is deputize state police to determine whether people are in the country legally and to question them if there is reasonable suspicion that they’re not. Of course, that function should properly be handled by the federal government. But because the government has made so little effort to enforce immigration laws, border states that bear the brunt of illegal immigration – an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants call Arizona home – have been forced to take action on their own terms.

The concept behind the immigration law is straightforward: If you enforce laws against illegal immigration, you will have less of it. That was also the idea behind Arizona’s Legal Arizona Workers Act [1], which required the state’s employers to verify the immigration status of new hires using the federal government’s E-Verify program. Businesses eager to avoid the burdens of verification and pro-illegal immigration groups also opposed that measure, filing suit to prevent its passage, but emerging evidence seems to suggest that it had the desired effect: Since being implemented in January 2008, the LAWA has resulted in a substantial decrease [2] of illegal immigration.

The new law seeks to continue that progress. It does so mostly by making state crimes what are already federal crimes [3]. For instance, the Arizona law makes it a crime to be in the country illegally – in other words, it enforces the national law. The Arizona law also requires police to question people about their immigration status if they have reasonable cause to suspect that they’re illegal immigrants. To prevent abuse or racial discrimination, the law also includes provisions banning racial profiling, and the measure itself has nothing to do with race or ethnicity, as the bill’s foes claim. Still, given that the majority of the state’s illegal immigrants are from neighboring Mexico, it is inevitable that the majority of those targeted by the law will be Hispanic. That says more about the demographics of illegal immigration than the allegedly discriminatory agenda of Arizona authorities.

Concerns about the abuse of civil liberties are similarly overblown. The Arizona law will require anyone arrested for a crime to have their immigration status established before their release. In theory, this should already be the law of the land; but so-called “sanctuary city” laws enacted by cities and municipalities across the country have prevented police from enforcing immigration laws. Such laws certainly benefit felons who escape deportation. How they profit the country at large is less apparent. The Arizona law also requires residents to carry ID or immigration registration documents at all times. That too is reasonable. A valid ID is already required to qualify for government and public assistance programs available to citizens and requiring one form of valid ID – whether a drivers license a government-issue ID — hardly marks the onset of Nazi Germany. Indeed, no less than President Obama has previously expressed support for a national ID card.

While some have criticized Arizona for taking the initiative against illegal immigration, it’s hard to find fault with the state’s sense of urgency. Last month’s murder of Arizona cattle rancher Rob Krentz [4] was just example of the crime problem that unchecked illegal immigration has helped create and the problems its poses for American justice. Although Kentz was known for providing illegals with food and water, police found tracks at the murder scene leading to the Mexican border. They made no arrests in the case. In that climate of lawlessness, the state cannot be blamed for passing a law that may help offer a solution. Moreover, with the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats threatening to take up immigration reform – that is, amnesty for the 11-million plus illegal immigrants in this country unmatched by serious enforcement measures going forward – states like Arizona are left with a choice of doing something to combat the problem or leaving it to the federal government to make it worse.

If there is an ugly side revealed by the Arizona law, it is in the extremism of pro-illegal immigration groups. On Monday, opponents of the Arizona law used refried beans to smear swastikas on the Arizona state Capitol. Another champion of illegal immigration, Mexican President Felipe Calderon, made the not-so-veiled threat that Mexican trade and political relations with Arizona would suffer if it cracked down on illegals.

Defying these opponents and braving slander in much of the press coverage, Arizona has taken the lead in enforcing the country’s immigration laws and protecting the rights and interests of its citizens. For the Left, the new law makes Arizona a model of an “American-style police state [5].” For those serious about border security and law enforcement, it makes it a model worth emulating.

Secure Borders, Secure Jobs

Secure Borders, Secure Jobs

Posted By Bay Buchanan On April

 28, 2010 @ 12:20 am In FrontPage | 8 Comments


Arizona lawmakers, led by Senator Russell Pearce, have once again shown courage and boldness in their efforts to protect their citizens from the brutal consequences of an open border.  Their latest measure is so tough and effective against illegal immigration that, if it is upheld in the courts, it could be the beginning of the end of massive illegal immigration in this country.  Where Washington lacked the will to enforce the immigration laws of the country, Arizona may have come up with the means by which local communities will have the tools to do the job themselves.  And there is no question; they do have the will.

So it is no surprise that La Raza and the open-border crowd in Washington are up in arms, demanding their President pass a “comprehensive immigration” bill this year.  It is their last hope.  Americans are outraged at the failure of the federal government to do its job—and state and local governments have stepped in where the feds have feared to go.   Arizona has raised the standard for laws against illegal immigrants—they have made it a state crime to be in Arizona illegally.  They no longer need Washington to solve this problem.

President Obama had the audacity to call Arizona legislators “irresponsible” for passing the law, claiming it will lead to racial profiling.  What about the massive invasion along our border that exposes Americans to ever-increasing levels of violence, including murder and kidnapping?  What about their civil rights?  Not so much as a footnote for them.

Their first goal is to give all illegals amnesty so none of those restrictive state and local laws against illegal immigrants apply anymore—they will have been made legal. But there is also a second aspect to their efforts.  It is to open our country to even more foreign workers—an unlimited supply to come to this country and compete with Americans for American jobs.

The latest version of “comprehensive immigration reform” that Obama and the Democrats hope to shove down our throats this summer is the one proposed by Congressman Luis Gutierrez.  Even its name is a lie–“Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act.”  What it does is put even more Americans out of work.  Gutierrez has created a bill that takes great care of Mexican and other foreigner workers at the expense of Americans.  His bill would grant amnesty to millions of future illegal immigrants after giving the current illegal aliens amnesty. It also creates a special visa to “prevent unauthorized immigration” by giving extra visas to the countries that are sending the illegal aliens here.

Lindsay Graham and Chuck Schumer have indicated that they will introduce their own immigration bill soon.  Though they have not released the text, they’ve indicated that their bill will also increase legal immigration.

It is not just Democrats and RINOs who push this line.

In an op-ed for the Mercury News titled “Amnesty isn’t the problem, it’s our immigration limits,” Alex Nowrasteh of the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute argues that the only reason that the amnesty of 1986 failed to stop illegal immigration is that “the flow of illegal immigrants continued because legal immigration opportunities were not expanded.”

A lot of well-meaning Americans who are sympathetic to people who want to come to this country in search for a better life and who follow the rules are tempted to fall for this trap.

What they don’t know, and what open border fanatics try to hide, is that America is letting in more legal immigrants than ever before.  Currently one out of every six workers in the country is foreign born.

The Department of Homeland Security recently released its legal immigration figures for Fiscal Year 2009 (October 2008 through September 2009). During this period, over five million people lost their jobs. Amazingly, we increased the number of green cards from 2008 to a staggering level of 1,130,818, over 800,000 of whom can compete against American workers.  Outside of the 1986 amnesty, which led to millions of illegal aliens taking green cards, this is the second highest number of green cards we’ve issued since 1914.

While a few Republicans are talking about the problems of illegal immigration, not one politician in Washington has the guts to stand up for the American worker and say that we need to stop importing foreign workers until Americans get back on their feet.

We cannot let the politicians tell us we have a choice between importing foreign workers or being swamped with illegal aliens.   Instead we have a choice between standing up for the American worker or betraying them for the business and ethnic lobbies.  Any politician who claims to side with the former needs to call for securing our borders, cracking down on employers on illegal aliens, and instituting a moratorium on foreign workers.


Bay Buchanan is a conservative activist, author, and pundit. She served as US treasurer in the Reagan Administration and then as a senior adviser to Pat Buchanan, Tom Tancredo, and Mitt Romney. She is currently president of the American Cause and chairman of Team America Pac.

Rep Wants AZ Immigration Law in Texas

Rep Wants AZ Immigration Law in Texas

Updated 9:52 AM CDT, Wed, Apr 28, 2010

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A Republican Texas lawmaker plans to introduce a tough immigration measure similar to the new law in Arizona, a move state Democrats say would be a mistake.

Rep. Debbie Riddle of Tomball said she will push for the law in the January legislative session, according to Wednesday’s editions of the San Antonio Express-News and Houston Chronicle.

“The first priority for any elected official is to make sure that the safety and security of Texans is well-established,” said Riddle, who introduced a similar measure in 2009 that didn’t get out of committee. “If our federal government did their job, then Arizona wouldn’t have to take this action, and neither would Texas.”

The Arizona law would require local and state law enforcement to question people about their immigration status — and make it a crime for immigrants to lack registration documents.

Immigrations March Planned for Saturday

Immigrations March Planned for Saturday


Immigrations March Planned for Saturday

Sarah Palin in Pictures

Sarah Palin in Pictures


Sarah Palin in Pictures

Just Your Average Joe-bama

Just Your Average Joe-bama


Just Your Average Joe-bama

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told a U.S. Senate hearing Tuesday that a Justice Department review is under way to determine the law’s constitutionality.

State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, a San Antonio Democrat and former president of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators, called the law “extremely damaging and hateful.”

Van de Putte predicted failure for any similar measures in Texas and said the GOP would suffer politically for such a move.

Asked about the Arizona law, GOP Gov. Rick Perry and his Democratic challenger, Bill White, emphasized through spokespeople that immigration is a federal responsibility.

Jim Harrington, of the Texas Civil Rights Project, predicted any similar effort in Texas would fail because Texas has “a different relationship with the Hispanic community.”

“You can take the political temperature by just looking at Rick Perry being quiet,” Harrington said.

Arizona’s law is already making an impact in North Texas. Organizers for a DFW rally against the immigration law say they hope for 100,000 protestors to show up for a Saturday march in Dallas.

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