ObamaCare Mulligan

ObamaCare Mulligan

April 27th, 2010



When President Obama signed his health-care reform last month, he declared it will “lower costs for families and for businesses and for the federal government.” So why, barely a month later, are Democrats scrambling to pass a new bill that would impose price controls on insurance?

In now-they-tell-us hearings on Tuesday, the Senate health committee debated a bill that would give states the power to reject premium increases that state regulators determine are “unreasonable.” The White House proposed this just before the final Obama- Care scramble, but it couldn’t be included because it violated the procedural rules that Democrats abused to pass the bill.

Some 27 states currently have some form of rate review in the individual and small-business markets, but they generally don’t leverage it in a political way because insolvent insurers are expensive for states and bankruptcies limit consumer choices. One exception is Massachusetts: Governor Deval Patrick is now using this regulatory power to create de facto price controls and assail the state’s insurers as cover for the explosive costs resulting from the ObamaCare prototype the Bay State passed in 2006.

National Democrats now want the power to do the same across the country, because they know how unrealistic their cost-control claims really are. Democrats are petrified they’ll get the blame they deserve when insurance costs inevitably spike. So the purpose of this latest Senate bill is to have a pre-emptive political response on hand.

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“Restore our border:” Arizona ranchers to rally tomorrow; citizen border clean-up on 4/24

“Restore our border:” Arizona ranchers to rally tomorrow; citizen border clean-up on 4/24

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 12, 2010 04:15 PM

The unsolved murder of veteran Arizona rancher Robert Krentz may no longer be in the MSM headlines, but his community and his colleagues won’t let local, state, or federal government officials just forget about the crime — and the continuing bloody consequences of open borders.

More than 1,200 people turned out over the weekend to honor Krentz at a Douglas-area memorial:

More than 1,200 friends, relatives and dignitaries crowded into the Douglas High School gym Saturday morning to remember and celebrate the life of a “good man,” Robert Krentz.

The Douglas-area rancher was found murdered March 27 on his ranch…

Krentz was a man whose actions spoke louder than words, and he fostered a reputation as a kind, compassionate man, said Gary Tuell. “You can tell that by the people who showed up and the reaction that they had,” he said.

Tuell knew Krentz when he was a child, and said he was amicable then. “He was a couple of years younger than I was, but he was always a friendly little cuss.”

On March 27, authorities believe, an illegal immigrant shot Krentz on his ranch.

How to help

Those wishing to honor slain Douglas-area rancher Robert Krentz’ life can do so by donating to the Rob Krentz Memorial Fund, The Cowbelles c/o Carol Riggs, 4466 N. Brooks Road, Douglas, AZ 85608; or the ACGA’s Litigation Fund c/o Patrick Brey, 1401 N. 24th St., No. 4, Phoenix, AZ 85008-4638. Donations may also be made to any Wells Fargo Bank in the name of Robert Krentz.

Tomorrow, ranching families will gather at the state Capitol to demand action. I received the following info from the Arizona Farm Bureau:

April 12, 2010, AZ – This weekend the ranching community gathered to celebrate the life of Robert Krentz, a husband, father and a friend to many. A senseless act took the life of a man, a humanitarian, who bore no ill will towards anyone. Rob loved his family instilling in them the importance of honesty, fair dealing and skill managing all aspects of a large 100-year-old ranching operation producing food to make our country strong and healthy.

On April 13, 2010 Arizona ranching families will gather at the state Capitol to demand action to secure our border, called Restore Our Border. For 18 months southern Arizona ranchers have been meeting with local officials to improve the conditions on the border. Thanks to the hard work of many individuals the Arizona Cattlemen’s Association has developed a plan of action to secure our border.

It’s clear that southern Arizona is a lawless area and the U.S./Mexico border is controlled by criminal forces. These unlawful cartels have no regards for the lives of American citizens and it is past time that our government takes action. Our fellow Arizonans and Americans should be able to sleep at night in the safety of their own homes. Arizona ranchers cannot stand for another tragedy like they have faced and will not rest until the border is secured.

The Arizona Cattlemen’s Association is working with the proper authorities to finalize the plan of action. On April 13, 2010 Restore Our Border (ROB) Plan will be released at 12:00PM at the capitol during a press conference. At 2:30PM Senator Russell Pearce has called a special committee hearing to discuss the criminal activities along the border. The committee will discuss the Restore Our Border plan and take testimony from southern Arizona Ranch Families.

Restore Our Border (ROB) Plan is a plan of action, not discussion points. For far too long these American Citizens have lived in fear for their lives and the lives of their family, we need to secure the border now!

More info on the protest and hearing here.

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Via Teri Christoph: Arizona’s Smart Girl Politics chapter is organizing a citizen border clean-up event in honor of Robert Krentz on 4/24 in Bisbee, AZ. More info on Facebook here.

Ban the Income Tax

Ban the Income Tax

By Vasko Kohlmayer

It is a truly tragic development that in America — a country founded on the principle of the inviolability of private property — half of us prey on the substance of our neighbors.

A striking 37-second video moment made it to the internet last week.
It was taken at a demonstration of public-sector unions in Springfield, Illinois marching in support of the proposed tax increases in that state. The clip features a public school teacher, an African-American lady, who carries a couple of placards while shouting: “Where is the money? Where is the money? … Give up the bucks! Where is the cash? We need it fast!”
The video is an eye-opening illustration of what taxes are ultimately about: Americans helping themselves to the property of other Americans.
According to the latest data, almost half of all Americans pay no federal income tax. Commenting on this fact, nationally syndicated columnist Phyllis Schlafly recently observed that April 15 “now divides Americans into two almost equal classes: those who pay for the services provided by government and the freeloaders.”
“Freeloaders” is not, however, an altogether fitting term, since freeloaders merely take advantage of propitious circumstances. In a free-for-all democracy, on the other hand, many non-payers or net tax-consumers purposefully vote for those who promise to give them of their neighbors’ substance. What these people do is, in effect, stealing. They are thieves, and it matters not that the theft in which they participate is state-sanctioned. After all, what name other than “thieves” can describe those who forcefully deprive others of their money in order to enrich themselves?
If the lady in the video wants to enrich herself at others’ expense, she should be forced to do it the old fashioned way: by breaking into someone’s house. Sadly, these days, she does not have to summon even that much initiative. She can simply vote for a politician who will do the dirty deed for her. If a thief gets caught with a couple of thousand dollars’ worth of stolen goods, the chances are that he will end up in jail, humiliated and despised. Those, however, who vote for politicians who deprive productive citizens of tens of thousands of dollars every year never despise themselves. Quite the contrary: They consider themselves progressive, socially conscious, or enlightened. 
The income tax brings out the worst in human nature. Anyone watching the video can get a strong sense of this truth. And even though most of those pushing for higher taxes are not as crass and guileless as the featured lady, their sentiments and views are essentially the same. It is part and parcel of our fallen nature that we often covet the wealth and good things of others. This is why it has always been necessary for people in every society to guard and protect their possessions from the rapacity of their fellows. Income tax not only gives this ugly aspect of human character a free hand, but it passes it off as something good and noble. In a perverse twist of mass democracy, the thieves and their elected abettors are lauded as just crusaders for social and economic justice while their victims are condemned as selfish, uncaring, and despicable.

Upon watching the video, most people will think that the way to deal with this problem is to clip the wings of the unions, or perhaps to reform the tax code. Those of a more radical bent may even call for adjustments to the electoral process. The incisive Walter Williams, for example, recommends that people should have voting power in proportion to the amount of taxes they pay. Here is how he puts it:
I’m suggesting is that every American gets one vote in every federal election, plus another vote for each $20,000 he pays in federal taxes. With such a system, there’d be a modicum of linkage between one’s financial stake in our country and his decision-making right.
Well-intentioned and ingenious though they may be, such reforms would be very difficult to implement in practice. Fortunately, it is not necessary to get involved in complicated schemes to combat the evils and injustice inherent in income tax. There is a far simpler and better way. Moral abomination that it is, the income tax should be done away with altogether.
The fact that this notion may seem radical, even to those who consider themselves constitutional conservatives, shows the depth to which we have fallen. Most of us do not realize that the Constitution was written in such a way as to exclude the possibility of imposing direct taxes. The Founders in their wisdom were all too aware of the dangers inherent in such revenue-raising measures. The federal income tax is thus a relatively new phenomenon. It was instituted only in 1913 by the Sixteenth Amendment. Almost immediately after its ratification, however, it began spawning the very evils the Founders had sought to keep in check. Bestselling author Thomas DiLorenzo observes that together with the Federal Reserve, which was established in the same year, income tax
centralized all political power in Washington, as it became trivially easy for the central state to conscript millions of men for its wars, spend mind-boggling sums on things like a welfare state and the nationalization of education that have no constitutional authority whatsoever, and to easily bribe any state government that voices the least bit of dissent by threatening to withdraw federal grants to the state. More than half of the American population is bribed and manipulated in a similar manner today as recipients of myriad federal subsidies.
The income tax is an odious institution that subverts the moral underpinning of our society. It does so by inflaming rapaciousness in the American people and by turning us into a band of sanctimonious thieves. Income tax is also the main source of sustenance for Federal Leviathan and the mainspring of power for redistributionist politicians. Income tax violates the founding principles of this nation as well as our transcendent sense of what is right and fair. There can be no just and equitable society where income tax is in operation. We Americans must stop robbing each other. We must ban the federal inco

Obama’s Tea Party Straw Man

Obama’s Tea Party Straw Man

By Sean Parr

Why does it seem that the public is being told that the only demand the Tea Party activists have is that their taxes be lowered? Though the activists would doubtless welcome such an outcome, it is by no means the sole impetus of their objections. In fact, the demand is explicitly absent from their “Contract from America.”

The contract — a written expression of the will of those like-minded Americans who would sign it — serves to convey to U.S. public officials a consensus outcry for a policy agenda of individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom.
Interestingly, only two of the ten recommendations from the Tea Party’s contract involve the topic of taxation, and contrary to what the public has been presented from both the White House and the news media, each of these recommendations is devoid of any mention of protest in response to cripplingly high taxes. The movement’s members request, and the contract stipulates, that the U.S. government ought to:  
Adopt a simple and fair single-rate tax system by scrapping the internal revenue code and … permanently repeal all tax hikes, including those to the income, capital gains, and death taxes, currently scheduled to begin in 2011.
It should be evident from this declaration that rather than concerning itself with tax rates, the Tea Party pines for the upheaval of the current tax code. The distinction is an important one, and the fact that it has not been recognized by the administration is seriously troubling.
This mischaracterization of the Tea Party’s view reigns broadly. We hear it, most conspicuously, from President Obama:
In all, we passed 25 different tax cuts last year. And one thing we haven’t done is raise income taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year … so I’ve been a little amused over the last couple of days where people have been having these rallies about taxes. You would think they would be saying thank you.
The same straw man argument was presented last week by intellectual powerhouse Bill Maher. On his absurd cable television show (just before — in absolute defiance of history — he accused all staunch conservatives of being Ku Klux Klan members), Maher offered that the Tea Party people “were venting their anger, their rage, at taxes. Which of course, in most cases, for them went down.”
But if a brief look at the Tea Party contract could aptly elicit the truth of the matter — that tax rates are so obviously not the issue — then why the misunderstanding?
The answer is that there is no misunderstanding; we are witnessing a deliberate misclassification. The administration and the media are, at all times, intentionally misrepresenting the goals of their opponents.
Is it not reasonable to accept the sorry conclusion that those who pursue tangents rather than facts perhaps have as their aim diversion rather than solutions?
And if it is agreed that this administration’s most vocal and sincere conservative opposition is purposefully misidentified (though their goals have been expressly documented), then the question inescapably arises:
To what end?
It indeed seems the case that without first attempting to correctly identify a problem, the chances of encountering a solution grow increasingly slim. And because it seems to me impossible that such an uncomplicated concept could slip so effortlessly over the heads of our nation’s leaders and opinion-makers, I believe that there is something much more sinister at work
The public is being misinformed plainly because the Obama administration wishes to redirect the public away from a recognition and understanding of a political philosophy that desires to implement a redistributive social system.
In its call for individual liberty and economic freedom, the Tea Party expresses an understanding that the redistribution of wealth presently desired by Washington, the media, and liberals at large would be best guaranteed by the continuation of the current tax code — a tax code perceived by its critics as perpetuating a gross injustice by utilizing the coercive income tax to negotiate the satisfaction of ends to which those fleeced have not consented.
Ought an injustice be permitted to endure so long as some class or constituency benefit from its presence? Signers of the contract, liberty-oriented people from across the growingly constrained nation, all rightly reason, “No!”
There is a danger in the Obama White House honestly appraising the Tea Party’s criticisms: It may bring illumination to the consequences of their policies. And because, as poll after poll suggest, an enlightened citizenry would reject absolutely the continuation of said policies, such honesty would be politically suicidal.
Where the Tea Party openly provides its recommendations and cites its complaints, the Obama White House and its allies in the media take quite a separate approach. It is difficult to tell behind which goal they place the stronger thrust of their efforts: concealing their own agenda or wrongfully portraying the intentions of their critics.
On the campaign trail, Barack Obama sold a bill of goods (to those interested in his product): the possibility that this nation might finally be presented with the opportunity to rip through the ever-present and seemingly insurmountable partisan divide to achieve the Holy Grail of political discourse more commonly known as the civil debate of issues. However, now it is evident that he is actively pursuing an attitude of the very dissension which it was his stated goal to diminish.
Candidate Obama once said, “Let’s debate our genuine differences on the issues that matter.”
Hear, hear, Mr. President!
Hear, hear.

Remember November

Remember November

Ethel C. Fenig

With apologies to The Fantasticks

Try to remember
The time before 2008, November
When life was free
For you and me.

Well, the Republican Governors Association certainly does remember Novembers past and is working on the November in the immediate future – November 2010. Under the guiding hand of Karl Rove, they have launched Remember November for the next midterm Congressional elections.

Remember November so that we can return America to its founding principles of freedom, personal responsibility and economic liberty. We Remember November so we, our children, and grandchildren can live with the freedoms our founding fathers intended.

Backed by a vivid video, Remember November plans to


We “Remember November” so that we can prevent the fiscal disaster waiting for our children and grandchildren.



America was never intended to be a country recklessly ruled by a partisan national government that ignored the will of the states. Partisan leaders have rammed through massive, job-killing legislation without working across party lines on common sense reforms.



Sweetheart deals, vote buying, and lavish taxpayer-funded lifestyles. These are all too common among our current Washington politicians.

The Democrats are also planning for the forthcoming November elections. President Barack Hussein Obama’s (D) political committee, Organizing for America has created 

a bold plan to reconnect with first time 2008 voters to make sure they get to the polls again this year and stay involved in the political process.

And who are these first time voters and why does Obama want to “make sure they get to the polls again”? Demonstrating why his political committee should be more accurately called Organizing for Some Americans, Obama specifically makes use of identity politics , urging

It will be up to each of you to make sure that young people, African Americans, Latinos and women who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again.

Come November, the choices couldn’t be clearer.