Obama’s frightening new attack on the Constitution

Obama’s frightening new attack on the Constitution

April 21st, 2010

By Robert Moon, Examiner

 Obama is seeking to increase his Executive powers

Imagine how people would have reacted if President Bush had been caught trying to sneak through legislation that would have illegally given him the power to take over and destroy any financial institution he pleased, on a whim, with zero checks and balances.

That is what Democrats are quietly rushing through Congress for Obama.

It’s called H.R. 4173 and it is already through the House. If it is signed into law, Obama will literally gain the kind of terrifying, un-checked power usually reserved for fascists and Third World dictators–the power to strong-arm, intimidate and crush any business that gets in his way. There will not even be judicial oversight.

What’s that? Your company refuses to go “green?” Expect a knock at your door. Your business donated to the wrong party? You will be receiving a letter. Your company resists union takeovers? There will be consequences.

If Obama doesn’t like what your business is doing, Obama simply gets to take it over, fire the executives, sell off all its stocks, and basically burn it to the ground.

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