Republican returns GOLDMAN donations…

US lawmaker returns Goldman campaign donations

39 mins ago


WASHINGTON (AFP) – A Republican US lawmaker vying for President Barack Obama’s old Senate seat said Monday he would return campaign donations from Goldman Sachs amid fraud charges against the Wall Street titan.

Representative Mark Kirk of Illinois’s campaign spokeswoman, Kirsten Kukowksi, said he would voluntarily return campaign contributions made by Goldman employees not accused of wrongdoing.

“We will voluntarily return this cycle?s campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs employees until we get to the bottom of what happened,” she said in a statement.

Kukowski said Kirk “did not receive contributions from Goldman Sachs’ Political Action Committee or the executives accused of wrongdoing,” and “made a personal decision to go above and beyond the reasonable ethics standard and err on the side of caution.”

The US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a civil suit Friday accusing Goldman of “defrauding investors by misstating and omitting key facts” about a financial product based on subprime mortgage-backed securities.

The securities were a key contributor to the financial crisis that peaked in 2008 because many contained risky mortgages

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