Big mouth liberal promise to ‘crash the party’ fizzlies ignomiously

Big mouth liberal promise to ‘crash the party’ fizzlies ignomiously

Rick Moran

PJ Media, who aggregated dozens of tea party reports from across the country asking specifically for news regarding imposters and fakes at tea party protests, says that the effort by liberals to damage the movement came to absolutely nothing:

Our tipsy medical administrative assistant in Chicago aside, it appears that tea party crashers simply aren’t showing up in the numbers that Democrats hoped for … or for that matter, showing up as anything resembling competent crashers at all.

The self-conscious and smug hipsters profiled earlier and their erratic, pimply allies in the “pea party” movement (singing, with tedious predictability, “give peas a chance”) hung around the fringes of yesterday’s gathering in Boston, but were by no means infiltrators. If anything, Boston has provided us with something of a poster child for the failure of the “Crash the Tea Party” initiative, a man PJTV tipster Rick Lippencott captured cavorting around in an Uncle Sam costume with a red ball rubber nose, holding up a toy gun, and mocking the Second Amendment.

Here and there around the country, there was some idiot thinking he was funny (leftist’s are humorless twits, as a rule, and their sense of humor is based on little inside jokes that no one else gets), but by and large, most tea parties went off without a single counter protestor.

highlights what passes for humor at the DC rally while playing up the “angry righty” theme:

A small group of folks from CrashtheTeaParty were rumored to be in the crowd on the Mall Thursday night with a sign disparaging lower income people.And a group of five American University students, who were on average probably at least 25 years younger than most attendees at the FreedomWorks rally, waded through the crowd with signs ranging from the direct and challenging (“Embrace the state”) to the satirical (“I have a sign” and “Loud noises”) to the malapropically mocking (“No $ 4 educatoin. I don’t wnt it”).

“We’re really just more protesting for the sake of humor,” said Thomas Bollerman, 19, of Ridgefield, Conn., who identified himself and his cohorts as part of a Protest Club at American.

Plenty of rally attendees weren’t amused. The protest club was repeatedly photographed (per Kibbe’s instructions), but also peppered with shouts including “Grow up” and “Get out of here.” And one man wearing an Albany Tea Party shirt and a long braided gray ponytail, who identified himself only as “Spider,” menacingly followed them through the crowd.

“I have a problem with you pretending to be one of us,” he told Bollerman’s crew, his voice quivering with anger, after they made a beeline for a cluster of police vehicles.

That sign about money for education is just weird. Polls show tea partiers are better educated than that lout. Then again, maybe he’s the one having trouble spelling, given the state of our public school system.

Now that the rallies are over, watch the meme develop today on the left that the right is paranoid, that there was never a serious effort to disrupt the protests. No doubt they will make fun of efforts to counter the disrupters.

It is interesting to contemplate what their reaction would have been if the party crashers had succeeded.

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