Science Czar’ Admits the Big Green Lie

‘Science Czar’ Admits the Big Green Lie

Posted By Christopher C. Horner On April 14, 2010 @ 8:33 am In Environment, News, Politics | 89 Comments

The video vault has now provided us another glimpse [1] into the fever swamp occupied by President Obama’s moonbat science czar John Holdren. Holdren of course is the man brought in to put a scientific imprimatur on the Left’s latest excuse for much of its economic agenda, wrapped as it is in the cloak of averting environmental crisis.

First, the merely good news arising from Holdren’s odious openness: it floated to the surface just in time for my new book [2] coming out Monday (but available for pre-order now, before today’s ’s Ways and Means Committee “green jobs” hearing causes a run on them! Really.). In these pages Holdren, Carol Browner and a few others receive close inspection, particularly in Chapter 3 “Van Jones Was No Accident: Obama’s Radicals” (also relevant to this discussion is Chapter 6, “Green Eggs and Scam: The Wholesale Fraud of ‘Green Jobs’”).

More on all of that, including some pretty startling internal documents, in a few days.

Now for the even better news. As detailed in “Power Grab: How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America [2]“, Holdren is a longtime global-cooling-then-warming alarmist who’s also on record advocating the constitutionality of sterilizing [3] the public through the drinking water supply to address the “population crisis” when it reaches the point that his kind believe is just  too much to bear.

As is also detailed, he and his ilk like to see (and shriek) crisis pretty much everywhere they look, and transparently as an excuse for their real obsession with massive government usurpations of individual liberties — or, ahem, Power Grabs [2]. So to them that point where statist seizures are urgently required is always right…about…nnnow.

Which brings us to what is most important about this week’s news, Holdren’s implicit yet inescapable admission of the Big Lie: his thesis captured on tape is that energy use here in the good ol’ been-top-dog-too-long USA must be dramatically curbed, because “renewable” energy will not (gasp!) replace those conventional energy sources, and some serious sacrifice is therefore in order:

“I think ultimately that the rate of growth of material consumption is going to have to come down, and there’s going to have to be a degree of redistribution of how much we consume, in terms of energy and material resources, in order to leave room for people who are poor to become more prosperous.”

Got it. Spread the energy around. Even though they push an agenda on the promise that windmills, solar panels and as yet undiscovered but breakthrough pixie dust will carry the day, they know full well that there is not and will not be enough energy in the hydrocarbon-constrained world they are designing.

Now, energy poverty is a terrible, dirty, anti-environmental thing. But imposing it is a long-held fantasy of the Left. When you control power, you control an awful lot. So, as a fella Holdren knows is fond of saying, let me be perfectly clear: The “green energy” agenda, the latest label slapped on the global warming agenda, is precisely what we have long argued it is. It is energy rationing.

This means artificial, state-created energy scarcity. And Holdren’s comments admit it.

He acknowledges one nasty little side effect of his control freak, redistributionist philosophy when put into practice, which is that the old-fashioned energy sources onto which they seek to force you cannot and will not allow us to maintain our prosperity.

So much for that business about us all becoming millionaires from selling windmills to each other. Not so surprised are those among you who recall how the utopians’ little experiment in the last century showed that state control of resources produces so much prosperity you need to build a wall to contain it.

What Holdren admits is possibly a major reason that people have for a century and a half abandoned what Obama rather cluelessly calls the “new technology” — wind and solar energy — in favor of hydrocarbons or “fossil fuels” as soon as they can. Which ability, as my new book makes clear, Team Obama is working to ensure quickly comes to an end.

But at least we now agree on this. And since no free society would do to itself what the Holdrens (and Obamas) of the world demand, their agenda does indeed require the Power Grab [2] — in the name of staving off “crisis!” — because the sort of steely eyed discipline required to impose the rationing, or re-introduction of poverty to the masses in the name of progress, can only come from the state.

Sort of all makes sense now, in a twisted way. So let us praise this candor for also coming just in time for the Senate’s stab at re-branding cap-and-trade legislation, expected to be unveiled next week if, fortunately, led by the Dream Team of John Kerry and Lindsey Graham. I never thought I would say this, but thank you, John Holdren.

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