Phoenix, AZ (April 10) – He’s far from alone in his feelings, but even Senator John McCain feels like he has failed Arizona and the American people when it comes to securing our border with Mexico.
Senator McCain admitted to the Arizona Daily Star editorial board on April 1st that in losing the presidential election, he lost the battle for protecting Arizonans and the American people starting at the U.S.-Mexican border.
In an interview published today, the Star questioned John McCain on his plan to secure the border. McCain’s response was, “If I were President, I would have come forward with a proposal. And people keep coming to me and saying ‘what’s your proposal?’ And I say, ‘look, I lost the election.'”
McCain has criticized Congress for failing to secure the border which prompted the Star to ask the senator, “What have you done to secure the border?”
McCain’s response? “Not enough.”
JD Hayworth, who is mounting a conservative challenge to McCain in the August 24th Republican Primary, feels the same as McCain. John McCain hasn’t done enough.
“As a Senator he holds the power to introduce bills, to bring solutions to problems, and to rally support,” said Hayworth. “With 28 years in Washington – and most of that time as the darling of mainstream media – I don’t think he’s powerless to get anything done, I think he’s unwilling. He doesn’t want to lose that darling status.”
“That’s the primary difference between John McCain and me,” Hayworth continued. “Not only am I ready, willing and able to fight for securing the border, my “Enforcement First Act” that I introduced when I was in the House is out there for everyone to read. Unfortunately, less conservative members of Congress – like Senator McCain – weren’t willing to do what it takes to finally stop the flow of people, drugs and crime across our border.”

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