Decimating the Left: Plan of Attack*

Decimating the Left: Plan of Attack*

There are some promising signs for an opportunity to double decimate the left-wing in November. With any luck, Congressional Democrats might even be triple decimated in the next election. That’s the potential good news.
Now the bad news: It’s time to come to terms with the fact that we’re not just fighting leftists and Democrats.
We’re fighting lazy, cowardly Republicans who see how unpopular the Obama agenda is, but who are afraid do anything about it.
We’re fighting Republicans who think that conservatism means conserving Obamacare.
We’re fighting Big Pharma, the AMA, the American Hospital Association, the AARP, the Business Roundtable and individual companies such as Wal-Mart.
American Thinker has some good suggestions for the fight ahead. These suggestions were designed for Tea Partiers, but they apply to all conservatives:

1. To paraphrase Bill Clinton advisor James Carville, “It’s the primaries, Stupid.” Tea Partiers should focus only on primaries now, and not focus on the upcoming November elections just yet. In the primaries, challenge every establishment, big-government incumbent. Conservatives winning in primaries will make the November elections a more significant chance for meaningful, long-term change. Over half of the filing deadlines have not yet passed.
2. Support candidates who will vote to fire their party leaders.
3. Withhold support from all national committees, and give your donations directly to principled conservative candidates.
4. In addition to running and supporting candidates for public office, run for every possible party office. The best way to get a political party to change is to take it over.
5. Read and study the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and other writings of the Founders, as well as the writings of great but more recent conservative thinker-activists such as Mark Levin…and others. Tea Partiers will then better know who they are politically, will better understand what they believe, and will possess even better clarity about why they believe it. By reading conservative thinker-activist writings from the past half-century, Tea Partiers will be better able to educate, enlist, convert, and successfully debate others.
6. See where politicians stand on key issues (remember, though, that politicians will tell you what you want to hear)
7. Get ten to twenty-five other people involved; and
8. Make sure that the ten to twenty-five are registered and vote.
9. Be sure to vote on November 2.

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