The weatherization boondoggle, redux

Michelle Malkin 

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The weatherization boondoggle, redux

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 8, 2010 08:51 AM

I’ve covered the Green Jobs boondoggle many times here over the past year (see, for example, 4/13/09 “Spain’s green jobs boondoggle;” 12/15/09, “Here comes Cash for Caulkers (again!); Update: Obama: “Insulation is sexy”; 1/7/10 “Green Jobs” = SEIU/Union Jobs;” 1/8/10, “Here comes another multi-billion-dollar Green Jobs boondoggle,” 3/2/10, “A wind power cautionary tale”). Here’s yet more evidence of the federal weatherization scam, via the Associated Press:

After a year of crippling delays, President Barack Obama’s $5 billion program to install weather-tight windows and doors has retrofitted a fraction of homes and created far fewer construction jobs than expected.

In Indiana, state-trained workers flubbed insulation jobs. In Alaska, Wyoming and the District of Columbia, the program has yet to produce a single job or retrofit one home. And in California, a state with nearly 37 million residents, the program at last count had created 84 jobs…

…”This is the beginning of the next industrial revolution with the explosion of clean energy investments,” said assistant U.S. Energy Secretary Cathy Zoi. “These are good jobs that are here to stay.”

But after a year, the stimulus program has retrofitted 30,250 homes — about 5 percent of the overall goal — and fallen well short of the 87,000 jobs that the department planned, according to the latest available figures.

As the Obama administration promotes a second home energy-savings program — a $6 billion rebate plan — some experts are asking whether that will pay off for homeowners or for the planet.

Shhhh. Don’t speak too loudly about the actual consequences of Democrat spending bonanzas.

Remember: Henry “Chief Inquisitor” Waxman is listening…


Related: Your Stimulus Dollars at Work- Going to the Same ‘Ol “Community Action Groups.” (hat tip – reader Tom)

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