The American Revolution…REBOOTED!

The American Revolution…REBOOTED!

by Leigh Scott

If I had a dollar for every time some tool during the health care debate brought up how “we’re the only industrialized” nation in the world without socialized health care I’d have a lot of money. Why, I could even retire from my current job of poisoning the environment and taking advantage of the working man. I could, you know, relax.


Even the U.K., the drones blather, has government run health care. I guess they think we can identify better with the U.K. because they’re mostly white and speak English. I don’t know. I won’t waste any time trying to figure out the left’s thought process. Doing so would be as dangerous and pointless as trying to decipher the Necronomicon.

Invoking the U.K. as a model should, naturally, have the opposite effect on the American psyche. I hate to bring it up, but we kinda fought a war a couple hundred years ago to insure that we were NOT just like England. We already had the English life. We were right there and we rejected it.

Think of all the things we missed out on, only to aspire to end up in the same place. Our fish and chips are inferior. Guinness served over here is never quite as fresh. We don’t have tea time. I really like tea. We also ditched the cool accents. I mean seriously, I could have sounded like Ian McKellan or Sean Connery if it wasn’t for those clowns Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

Thanks to the American Revolution we can’t claim Led Zepplin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Arctic Monkeys, The Smiths, Blur or the Spice Girls as our own. James Bond is not our brother. Neither is Dr. Who. On top of it, I would probably be a Lord or Earl or something. Damn it, Lord Leigh Scott of Wauwatosa sounds freaking awesome! Thanks a lot Thomas Paine.


The second half to the whole “we’re the only nation to not have” nonsense is that we are the “richest” nation. To that, I would like to affirm the obvious. We are the richest nation precisely because we DON’T have bloated, intrusive, nanny state government.

But Leigh, they say, it’s over. They passed it. Elections have consequences. Just deal with it.

I think that’s a dangerous idea. Accepting defeat when it is so far on the horizon for our great nation would be a huge mistake. I quote my almost countryman Winston Churchill when I say “Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what is left of the old”.

No matter how you want to spin it, what happened at the end of March was indeed historic. Circumventing the “spirit” of the law to force a massive expansion of government has never happened before. Both the Social Security Acts of 1935 and 1965 passed with healthy bipartisan majorities. They weren’t “squeakers” voted late on a Sunday night after months of back room deals and shady pay-offs.

The process that just gave us the Obamacare more closely resembles the power grabs in Central America than it does anything Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton wasted their time writing about.

Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention Lily Allen and Oasis. Great, we can claim Lady Gaga and Avril Lavigne. Wait, Avril Lavigne is Canadian? Damn it. Thanks again Alexander Hamilton.

Back to the point. The Left has made a critical error here. My Dad used to say “never make a threat unless you’re willing to follow through”. He was talking about fights on the playground, and later in business about suing people, but I think it’s true here. When you try to rig the system, ignore the will of the people, and rely on a favorable press to push a socialist agenda you better have the other toys that usually come in the evil dictator/commie/socialist toolkit. The American Left doesn’t.

Do you really think that any of this stuff is enforceable? What are they going to do when we all just stop paying taxes? What if we simply say “no thanks” to signing up with Blue Cross/Blue Shield? There aren’t enough jails. How long before the local police refuse to arrest people? The new bill calls for 15,000 new IRS agents, not 15 million.

Do you think that the 101st Airborne is going to accept an order to invade Arlington, TX?

The only way socialism overtakes America is if we accept it. If we simply mope around and complain about our taxes and the government like we always have. The only way this becomes the nightmare we all fear is if we let it.

And that is exactly what they expect us to do.

Unlike their heroes in Venezuela and Cuba, the left doesn’t have the muscle. I’ve gone head to head with union thugs. Not that scary. Sorry Nancy Pelosi, but I don’t see a Che Guevara in your future who can force social justice with the barrel of a gun.

It’s going to take more than Nancy Pelosi’s over-sized gavel, MSNBC, and presidential double talk to drive this country into the same recycle bin that the EU finds itself. It would take guns. And thanks to George Washington and Co., we have those too.

The Second American Revolution will be bloodless. It will amount to rank and file citizens sitting on their hands and on their wallets. Remember what our almost countrywoman Margaret Thatcher said; “the problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”. Agreed Maggie. I say we cut it the purse strings early.

The ultimate genius of the Founding Fathers wasn’t simply the Constitution. We saw how malleable that piece of paper was Sunday night. No, their genius is the political philosophy behind it. It’s in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers, and Paine’s Common Sense. It’s now part of our DNA, our national identity. The government works for us, we don’t work for it. When the government forgets that and oversteps its bounds…time for a new government.

And that idea, my friends, it tougher to beat than a few parliamentary procedures or stubborn representatives.

So I take back what I said. Who wants to be an Earl anyway? The American Revolution insured that we have what no one else has: true liberty and freedom. Millions of our countrymen did not sacrifice their lives to allow us to slip into the same wretched trap that the rest of the world has. Our countrymen stared down legions of Redcoats, and we can’t stare down a botoxed illiterate like Nancy Pelosi? Our countrymen endured hand to hand combat with Nazi SS soldiers and we can’t put a moron like Paul Krugman in his place? Right now our brave brothers and sisters battle crazed Islamic militants who dream of death, and we can’t tell the goon at Starbucks with three earrings who lives in his parent’s basement, working on his “band”, where to stick it? Please.

Outside of our fondness for scotch and red meat, we are now nothing like our cousins in jolly old England. Thank God for that. Sure, the U.K. can claim Duran Duran, but we have Nirvana. And Prince. And The Doors. Plus, we have MGD and PBR. Guinness is good, but it’s a bit filling, like a milkshake. I’d like to insert a Daniel Day Lewis “milkshake” joke here, but I don’t think enough people will get it.

Anyway, I still kinda wish I had the cool accent.

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