Obama’s Greatest Crime

Obama’s Greatest Crime

Posted By Ralph Peters On April 2, 2010 @ 12:20 am In FrontPage | 23 Comments

President Barack Obama’s greatest crime against our flag and the republic for which it stands isn’t his administration’s health-care theft bill.  That’s mere shoplifting compared to what’s coming next.

Obama and the leftwing of the Democratic Party intend to turn ten to eleven million illegal immigrants into voters as expeditiously as possible, giving them a permanent national electoral majority based upon a beholden Lumpenproletariat.  If they succeed, our country will face mob rule.

No individual who broke the law to enter this country should ever be allowed to decide who becomes our president, governor, senator—or town council member.  If there is one message patriotic Americans must act upon during the remainder of Obama’s reign, it’s this: No voting rights for illegals.

No other issue of our time matters remotely as much—not our lukewarm struggle with Islamist terror or even our metastasizing deficits.  This isn’t about tax increases or where to hold terror trials.  It’s about preserving our democratic institutions for law-abiding citizens.

Inevitably, objections to handing immigration criminals the vote will be denounced as racist, anti-immigrant, inhumane and so on.  Unable to argue on logical grounds, the left will resort to savage name-calling.  And, of course, illegal immigrants will be compared to the legal immigrants of yesteryear, as if our laws are just burdensome annoyances that insist on silly distinctions.

As for the left’s all-purpose charge of racism, any illegal immigrant—Irish, Guatemalan or Nigerian—must never be granted the right to vote in a US election.  “Illegal” means “not legal.”  It means “criminal.”  This is not a matter of nuance, and it isn’t color-coded.

(The single exception I would make would be to grant full citizenship to illegal immigrants who serve honorably in our military for a minimum of five years—but the left would hate that, too.)

As for being anti-immigrant, that’s nonsense, too.  Legal immigration remains a great strength of our country (I’ve argued for years for more visas and a path to citizenship for hi-tech wonks and other highly skilled workers).  Any immigrant who plays by the rules to enter this country, adjusts to our public values and obeys our laws should be allowed to earn the full rights of citizenship on schedule.  But no phony waiting periods, or token fines, or pay-your-back-taxes scams can be allowed to buy voting rights for those who broke our laws to steal into our homeland.

And the “inhumane” charge is sheer hypocrisy.  If the Democratic leadership and its organized protest mobs (such as the hate-group La Raza) genuinely cared about the plight of illegal immigrants, they’d argue only for a form of residency.  Illegals themselves aren’t the ones demanding the vote.  They’d be delighted just to be able to stay here.  It’s political activists who claim to speak for them who make voting rights “a test of our nation’s sense of justice.”  Playing the pity card, they pretend that legalization is all about keeping families together.  It’s not.  It’s about eleven million bought-and-paid-for votes.  Anyway, millions of illegal immigrants weren’t worried about the unity of their families when they abandoned their homes for the USA.

But reason won’t matter.  Anyone who challenges the free gift of voting rights to illegal immigrants is going to be charged as a bigot by the left.  It’s an accusation that those who love our country will just have to shrug off.

Conservatives and independents are going to have to decide with precision what they’re going to fight for in this struggle.  That means starting out by recognizing that we’re not going to line up eleven million illegals in a column of fours and march them back across the border.  They’re here.  Most are going to stay.

The crucial fight ahead is over those voting rights.  Every other question arising from this issue is trivial in comparison.  Those who love this country must focus on that single mantra, repeating it until the votes-for-illegals snake is dead:  No voting rights for illegals, no voting rights for illegals, no voting rights for illegals.

The importance of this iron focus can’t be over-stressed, because left-wing activists in the administration and in Congress will try to lure our elected representatives into arguments over secondary issues, pretending to compromise on minor matters.  There’ll be discussions over the deportation of criminal aliens, back taxes, waiting periods, health-care liability, fines and fees, and any other distractions that can be tossed into the mix.  We must not let ourselves be drawn into debating such details as if the overall legalization process is a forgone conclusion.

What’s the right answer to the illegal-immigration crisis our government’s neglect has allowed to grow to such destructive proportions?  Congress needs to create a new class of US residency for those illegals with no further criminal records and who can document a  history of employment.  That residency would provide basic social and economic rights.  It would not give illegal immigrants the vote.

There is no reason, constitutional or moral, why Congress can’t do this.  There are already multiple classes of non-citizen residents, from temporary workers to refugees.  Of course, the Democratic leadership will howl and claim that anything short of full citizenship is an unacceptable injustice.  But what would be unjust about allowing eleven million criminals (and yes, they are criminals, every one, by virtue of breaking the law to enter our home) to remain on our soil, with all of the daily privileges and protections accorded full citizens–except the right to choose those who govern the rest of us?  Families (except of those who broke additional laws) would remain united.  Workers could work openly (and pay taxes honestly).  Children could go to school and apply for scholarships.  They just couldn’t force their political prejudices on us—although their American-born children would acquire full voting rights, when of age.

This is a practical, ethical, patriotic and sensible approach.  It will be attacked savagely by those who care more about blocks of votes than about the quality of human lives.

Born in 1952, I’ve lived through many national crises—more than a few of them exaggerated in their proclaimed importance at the time.  But I view the question of voting rights for illegal immigrants as the most critical issue of my lifetime, as regards the protection of our republic.  We had the American Revolution, not the French Revolution.  We never have been, and never should be, ruled by mobs.  But mob rule is the goal of today’s corrupt Democratic Party leadership.  They view power as an end in itself.  And they will do virtually anything to sustain, deepen and guarantee that power.

After a recent interview on security issues with talk-show host Laura Ingraham, we discussed this issue off-mike.  When I said, “No votes for illegal immigrants,” Laura gave me that piercing look of hers and completed the line for me: “No votes for illegal immigrants—ever.”

This is the crucial battle of the Obama era.  Independents, Republicans and Democrats of conscience must set aside all personal hobby horses and secondary issues, and avoid seductive compromises.  To preserve the United States we love and revere, we must concentrate ferociously on one clear goal as the left attempts to subvert our future elections through the gift of votes to eleven million illegal immigrants: No vote for illegals—ever!

Ralph Peters is the author of the new book Endless War: Middle-Eastern Islam vs. Western Civilization.

ObamaCare’s Economic Dominoes

ObamaCare’s Economic Dominoes

By C. MacLeod Fuller

Now that health care reform in the shabby disguise of ObamaCare has been crammed through Congress, a peek at the president’s precariously stacked dominoes confirms that sooner than you may suppose, there won’t be any private companies selling health insurance in America. Consider:
There are approximately 1,300 insurance companies in America today. 
Beginning January 1, 2011, these companies will be required to pay out 85% of all premiums collected as direct medical care, leaving 15% of corporate income to fund operations and yield any potential profit. 
The health care industry has a profit margin of about 3%. Most American businesses rely on securing annual profits of 8% to 10%. American oil companies operate on about 4% profit. Alcoholic beverage sales net annual profits of 26%.
To maintain even slim profitability or cash reserves, insurers will be compelled to run austerely. 
Among numerous regulations implemented immediately, ObamaCare cannot deny children with preexisting illnesses coverage, no matter the illness, no matter the long-term cost — and children are now “children” until age 26. It is irrelevant there may never have been any contribution for such children into an aggregated “risk pool” of insurance policy purchasers — the very idea of which is to “spread the risk” around. They will be able to have all their medical costs paid for by the responsibility and forethought of unrelated others. 
Adults currently uninsured due either to preexisting illness or choice can now buy into government-run and guaranteed plans which insurance companies will in essence be required to assume beginning 2014, when they will no longer be allowed to exclude anyone based on actuarial or other rational data standards. 
Costs for insurers will further increase as they pay more and larger amounts in claims that have no dollar ceiling — they are immediately banned from implementing lifetime caps on coverage. 
Under ObamaCare, once subsidized purchases begin no later than 2014, millions of formerly uninsured will be eligible for federal subsidies to help purchase coverage they can already afford but choose not to buy. There are currently eight million uninsured Americans earning over $50,000 a year and another nine million uninsured Americans earning in excess of $75,000 a year who willfully play medical roulette by refusing to purchase health care insurance for their dependents. Nevertheless, a family of four with an income of $88,000 a year will be eligible for financial aid.   
Healthy, and especially young, people will predictably opt to pay the $750 ObamaCare fine assessed for failure to purchase coverage since it is less than the yearly cost of insurance premiums. Quite literally, there will be no need to purchase “insurance.” One can simply wait until illness or accident strike, but in the meantime spend money in other ways.
More and more workers and families who previously sustained the business of insurance companies will weary of witnessing millions of Americans game the system and take a free ride. Formerly responsible citizens will allow their health care coverage to lapse and adopt the same wait-and-see attitude. If an emergency occurs, they too will have failed to pay into a health care risk pool for months or years, but their medical bills will be paid — by insurance companies who received nothing from them or millions of others who made similar self-referential decisions. 
As payouts broaden and escalate, insurers will not have sufficient financial resources to operate within the allowable 15% of gross income. Forced to meet the 85% mandatory payout threshold, they will do one of two things — raise premiums on those diminishing customers actually purchasing insurance or cut costs. 
Business operating expenses include a vast array of liabilities, from buildings and taxes to furniture and computers, but after medical care payouts are made, insurance companies’ biggest cost center is personnel — which is where cuts have already begun.
As staff reductions continue, tens of thousands of insurance industry employees will be thrown out of work — estimates run as high as 690,000. These are American workers with spouses and children, mortgages and car notes, food bills, utility bills, and hundreds of other financial responsibilities. Unemployed, they will add to the worsening overall economic situation and be remanded into the ranks of the fully subsidized health “insured.”  
The dominoes won’t stop falling there. 
Many more than just direct insurance personnel will be affected. As cutbacks intensify, reliance by insurers upon various vendors and suppliers will be curtailed and terminated. Independent brokers will no longer receive business as insurance companies take direct sales and other functions back in-house. Hundreds of related external service providers will be cut or canceled, as will their employees when work supply exceeds demand. 
Massive increases in the use of medical services will overload doctors’ and hospitals’ ability to provide adequate care. It will become rationed as too many people chase too few services too much of the time at too great a tab because too few people contributed too little money to its actual cost. Physicians and pharmacists who accept Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements will continue to see earnings both diminish and become more government-controlled. At the same time, medical innovation will slow if not cease because ObamaCare levies a massive new excise tax on medical device manufacturers. They will stop “innovating,” and many go out of business, unable to pay the cost of business in a nationalized industry — literally taxed to death. The inevitable result will be fewer doctors, fewer specialists, and greatly reduced and rationed care. 
Add to this statist medical assurance the fact that incrementalist Democrats fully intend, eventually, to provide universal care to over 12 million illegal foreign aliens, and the rising price of medical care defies comprehension. Illegal aliens, like millions of freeloading citizens, will have paid little or nothing for benefits parasitically leeched from the insurance industry, the economy, and the American ideal — which until the past few decades didn’t include an ever-enlarging entitlement appetite of something for nothing.
Finally, “risk pools” will have filled — overpopulated with people who have rarely or never paid into the health care system before and who, even if not extremely or expensively ill, will contribute to the crisis of underfunded overutilization. Insurance companies will run out of costs to cut and people to lay off. They will cease to do business, existing only as collection points for government oversight. Taxes will rise exorbitantly to pay for “free” universal health care. Socialized medicine will reign. 
Americans will have the single-payer health care system President Obama and the extreme Left-dominated Democrat Party and Congress have explicitly schemed towards for seven decades: the federal government. And the system will no doubt be underwritten by confiscatory taxation.
One-sixth of the United States economy will transform into an even larger percentage due to the complete destruction of an industry, hugely magnified unemployment, and overutilization of underfunded, mandated medical care and resources.
The economic chaos resulting from ObamaCare will trigger the collapse of one economic domino after another. As it does, America will become a statist’s Socialist’s dream, but an unqualified socialized nightmare. The human cost in this is incalculable, but quite easy to imagine. 
Thank an Obama voter today.

‘Impressive!’ Couric Coos After Obama Sinks a Jump Shot, Smith Frets Over ‘Enmity’ from Talk Radio

‘Impressive!’ Couric Coos After Obama Sinks a Jump Shot, Smith Frets Over ‘Enmity’ from Talk Radio

Looks like — hardly a surprise — CBS’s Early Show on Friday morning will deliver a jovial and empathetic session with President Barack Obama just three days after NBC’s Today show had a friendly sit-down with the President. Thursday’s CBS Evening News previewed Harry Smith’s time with Obama on the White House basketball court, a segment which ended with Obama successfully hitting a jump shot, to which Katie Couric reacted: “Impressive!”

CBSNews.com features a video excerpt in which Smith despairs over the “enmity” toward Obama from talk radio where he’s supposedly called a Nazi:

After spending time, out and about, listening to talk radio, the kindest of terms you’re sometimes referred to out in America is a “socialist,” the worst of which I’ve heard is called a “Nazi.” Are you aware of the level of enmity that crosses the airwaves and that people have made part of their daily conversation about you?

Back to the CBS Evening News, “Mr. Smith went to Washington today, Mr. Harry Smith of the Early Show,” Couric cutely set up the preview, “for a couple of one-on-ones with the President. An interview and basketball.” Viewers were soon treated to Smith’s double-meaning query: “The question that everybody wants to know. Can you go to your right?” As he bounced the ball, Obama maintained: “I can go to my right, but I prefer my left.”

Over video of Obama missing the basket, Smith noted “he doesn’t always sink his famous jump shot,” and Obama rationalized: “I’ve got a few other things on my mind.” Then, after he tried again and succeeded, leading into Couric’s “impressive” assessment, Obama proclaimed: “It’s like health care. I always come from behind. I finish strong.”

Morning Bell: Welcome to the Obama Dependency Economy

Morning Bell: Welcome to the Obama Dependency Economy

Posted By Conn Carroll On April 2, 2010 @ 9:49 am In Enterprise and Free Markets | No Comments

Today the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor and Statistics released its monthly jobs report [1] showing that the nation’s unemployment is 9.7% for the third month in a row. While the jobs report does indicate that 162,000 net jobs were created in March, almost 50,000 of those jobs were temporary government Census jobs that do not reflect any real economic progress. In total, the U.S. economy has now lost a total of 3.8 million jobs since President Barack Obama signed his $862 billion stimulus plan. We are 8.1 million jobs short of the 138.6 million he promised the American people.

It is good to see the American economy finally recovering again. It demonstrates the resilience of the American entrepreneur in the face a punishing job killing agenda from Washington. And don’t fall for any White House claims that this belated recovery is due to the stimulus. As the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) admitted [2] last month, its analysis of the stimulus’ job creating record was simply “essentially repeating the same exercise” as the initial projections. In other words, the CBO numbers on the stimulus don’t take any actual new real world data into account. Working with actual data, Veronique de Rugy of George Mason University’s Mercatus Center has found [3]: 1) no statistical correlation between unemployment and how the $862 billion was spent; 2) that Democratic districts received one-and-a-half times as many awards as Republican ones; and 3) an average cost of $286,000 was awarded per job created. $286,000 per job created. That is simply a bad investment.

And President Obama’s future agenda is full bad investments. His recently released budget [4] would raise taxes on all Americans by nearly $3 trillion over the next decade; borrow 42 cents for each dollar spent in 2010; and double the publicly held national debt to more than $18 trillion. This is simply unsustainable. As Thomas Edsall writes in The Atlantic: “Net annual interest on the debt will more than triple during the next ten years, according to the CBO, shooting from $207 billion in 2010, to $723 billion in 2020, more than doubling as a share of GDP, from 1.4 percent to 3.2 percent.” The cause of these exploding deficits is spending and that spending is making the American public more and more dependent on the federal government Edsall continues: “According to the Federal Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), the share of total personal income in the United States that comes from government transfer programs – Social Security, Medicare, veterans’ benefits, unemployment compensation, etc. – has grown rapidly over the past six decades, from 5.9 cents of every dollar in 1950 … to 17.3 cents in 2009. In addition, according to BEA, another 9.8 cents of every dollar went, in 2009, to salaries for state, local and federal government employees, a figure that does not include costs of fringe benefits. In other words, more than a quarter of all personal income in the United States is paid for with tax dollars.”

Heritage’s own Index of Dependence on Government [5] shows a steep rise in American reliance on government: “The burgeoning of flagship entitlement programs and the shrinking number of taxpayers who have any financial stake in the government threaten to bankrupt the government–which has led to an increasing interest across the political spectrum in the growth of dependency-creating initiatives.” And one of the strongest dependency-creating special interests, government unions, reached a key tipping this year. As Heritage’s own James Sherk was the first to document [6], government union workers now out number those in the private sector. Edsall explains what this means for the American people: “The consequences of this shift are profound. A majority of the American labor movement is now directly dependent on tax dollars. In terms of political orientation, these workers can now be described as tax consumers as well as tax payers. For these workers, a tax increase may result in a slightly smaller paycheck but, more importantly, the hike means more money is available to pay for raises and new benefits.”

There is an alternative to the Obama dependency economy. We do not have to subject ourselves to chronically high unemployment and an ever-increasing government workforce. As bad as the media makes this recession seem, job losses were actually far worse in the 2001 recession [7]. The difference this time around is that the private sector has not created new jobs to replace the lost ones as fast as it did the last time around [7]. Reduced hiring is particularly acute among small businesses: they account for 36% of the net job losses in this recession compared to just 12% in 2001 [7].

What small businesses need to start hiring is less government intervention in the economy, not more. To promote entrepreneurship Congress could [7]: Freeze all proposed tax hikes and costly regula­tions until unemployment falls below 7 percent; Freeze spending and rescind unspent stimulus funds; Reform business regulations, such as repealing Section 404 of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act in order to reduce excessive auditing costs; Reform the tort system to lower costs and uncer­tainty facing businesses; Remove barriers to domestic energy production in Alaska and the Outer Continental Shelf; Repeal the job-killing Davis–Bacon Act; Pass pending free-trade agreements; and Reduce taxes on companies’ foreign earnings if they repatriate those earnings to the United States.