Bible verse for Obama

Bible verse for Obama

Leave it to the Bible

Please pray that the Psalm is true to its word.

 From the minister:
We were in slow-moving traffic the other day and the car in front of us

had an Obama bumper sticker on it.  It read: “Pray for Obama.  Psalm 109:8”.

Psalm 109:8 (New International Version)

 8 May his days be few;
       may another take his place of leadership 

My husband’s Bible was lying on the dash board & he got it & opened it up

to the scripture & read it.  He started laughing & laughing.  Then he read it

to me.  I couldn’t believe what it said.  I had a good laugh, too.

 Psalm 109:8 “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.”

 At last – I can voice a Biblical prayer for our president!

 Look it up – it is word for word!  Let us all bow our heads and pray.


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