How Obama’s party works

How Obama’s party works

Phil Boehmke

Many of us, myself included are incredulous that our elected officials could have defied the will of the people and passed such a fundamentally un-American piece of legislation as ObamaCare. Clearly the American people have been betrayed by Mr. Obama and his party. The question here is how could a majority of our representatives conspire to abandon their constituents, violate their oath of office, debase the rule of law, surrender even the pretense of ethical conduct and sacrifice the future of our republic?

Perhaps a long forgotten book entitled The Whole Of Their Lives by Benjamin Gitlow can offer us a clue. From 1917 until his disillusionment during the Stalin regime Benjamin Gitlow was a leading light of the Communist Party in America. Gitlow gave us a first hand account of communism in America and much more importantly he provided us with remarkable insight into the communist psyche.

Human conduct, the comrades were told, must not be based on ethical or religious abstractions but on concrete tangible objectives. The leaders kept pounding into the heads of their followers that communist loyalty consisted not in loyalty to one’s wife, family, children or one’s country but to the organization to which the communist belonged-The Party. They pictured the Communist party as the final, the highest form of the collective will of the toiling masses who compose the working class. Hence they claimed everything the Party willed was justified, that the Party could do no wrong. Hammered home was the idea that communist morality consisted in completely suborning oneself to the Party. Thus were the men and women of the Communist party transformed into beings devoid of all spiritual idealism, without a sense of right or wrong, to be used as the communist machine saw fit. (1)

When put in those terms we can see how devout Roman Catholics like Nancy Pelosi, Patrick Kennedy or John Kerry can easily support abortion. It was clear that Bart Stupac was never going to violate his highest loyalty, to The Party. Public opinion be damned, the ends justify the means. Mr. Obama, The Party and their fellow travelers in the MSM are now busy selling the proletariat on the redistributionist healthcare miracle that they have wrought in the name of the working class.

Will Obama and The Party assure their base that single payer is now inevitable? Will they tell the masses that in the new America their will be social justice? “From each according to their ability to each according to their need.”

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