WHO SHARES YOUR VALUES? John McCain vs. J.D. Hayworth

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

John McCain vs. J.D. Hayworth

1. John McCain …..Opposed the Bush tax cuts. Voted against repealing the Death Tax. The Club for Growth says McCain’s overall record on taxes “is profoundly disturbing and anti-growth.”
J.D. Hayworth…..Taxes Helped to author the Bush tax cuts and supports repealing the Death Tax. JD has a higher lifetime rating from Citizens Against Government Waste than John McCain does.
2. John McCain…..Voted FOR the big bank bailouts and proposed an additional $300 Billion bailout of all bad debts, making the taxpayers responsible for the bad decisions of others.
J.D. Hayworth….Bailouts Opposed the big bank bailouts, opposed the Obama plan, and opposed the McCain plan to leave taxpayers holding the bag for the nation’s bad loans.
3. John McCain…..Wrote the bill granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. McCain’s bill was estimated to cost the taxpayers more than $2.6 Trillion.
J.D. Hayworth…..Amnesty Helped lead the fight against the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill. JD is a national leader in the fight to secure our borders and protect our nation.
4. John McCain……Opposed the Federal Marriage Amendment that would have protected and preserved marriage as between one man and one woman.
J.D. Hayworth…..Marriage Supported the Federal Amendment and believes it is critical that marriage be protected from those who would redefine it.
5. John McCain….Co-authored the McCain-Lieberman Cap and Trade bill.
J.D. Hayworth….Cap and Trade Opposes all Cap and Trade legislation and rejects phony climate change data.
6.John McCain……Authored the McCain-Feingold legislation that violated the First Amendment rights of every American and silenced conservative groups like Right to Life and the NRA.Free Speech
J.D. Hayworth….Opposed McCain-Feingold and believes that a free and vigorous debate is always in the best interests of our state and our nation.
7.John McCain…Opposes enhanced interrogation techniques, supports closing Guantanamo Bay, and supports treating terrorists like criminal defendants instead of enemy combatants. Terrorism
J.D. Hayworth…Supports our military and its use of enhanced interrogation techniques. Believes that Guantanamo Bay should remain open and that terrorists should be treated as such.
8. John McCain…..Voted to confirm this far-left activist  Eric Holder Attorney General of the United States.
J.D. Hayworth…Opposed the confirmation of Eric Holder as Attorney General of the United States.
 Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C.

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