John McCain Makes BAD Decisions It’s Time to Question John McCain’s Judgment

John McCain Makes BAD Decisions
It’s Time to Question John McCain’s Judgment

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.” —Groucho Marx

By the definition above John McCain is a master politician.

Bad DecisionsJohn McCain at his Press Conference in February said, “I’m confident that the people of Arizona will judge me on not what I have done for them but what I can do for them” (See Video Here)

Well, at least that is John McCain’s hope.

Quite frankly, Senator McCain should be judged by what his MANY BAD DECISIONS have done to our country and to the citizens of Arizona. 
Let’s review some of Senator McCain’s worst decisions over the last decade:

  • In 2002, John McCain joined forces with liberal Senator, Russ Feingold, to write a campaign finance bill that violated our Constitutional liberties.  The Supreme Court said so on two separate occasions and overturned McCain’s bill this past year. Bad Decision!
  • In 2003, John McCain joined forces with LIBERAL SENATE DEMOCRATS to write a climate bill (CAP & TAX) that would limit your use of energy, and drive up the cost of energy for all consumers. To illustrate what a bad decision this is President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid think it’s a GREAT IDEA! Bad Decision!
  • In 2007, John McCain joined forces with ultra-liberal Ted Kennedy to write an amnesty bill for illegal aliens.  The bill included billions of our tax dollars for entitlements and welfare style programs for illegal aliens. Bad Decision!

Now think about this for a second–If John McCain was able to pass these bad decisions (Amnesty & CAP and TAX), our beloved country could be bankrupt and in a steep depression.

As it stands our debt is over 12 TRILLION dollars, unemployment is over 10%, and our tax burden is crushing American families and businesses. Could you imagine paying for MORE ENTITLEMENTS and HIGHER TAXES? (Click Here to Prevent More Bad Decisions on Your Behalf)

  • In 2008, when the stock market was crashing, John McCain suspended his Presidential campaign (BAD DECISION that many believe cost him the election). McCain claimed he was rushing back to the Senate to fix the economy. Instead, he joined forces with Barack Obama and signed onto the TARP BAILOUT scheme.

  • Just weeks after writing legislation orchestrating a federal takeover of the Vitamin and Nutritional Supplement industries,  punishing American small businesses and consumers, 28-year Washington Insider John McCain now says he made another BAD DECISION and claims he no longer supports his own legislation!

There is a common theme to the Maverick’s bad decisions. They are all concocted with Liberals and Democrats. John McCain’s decision-making ability must be questioned.

Look, John McCain has served for a long time, but as you can see, he makes bad decision after bad decision. Arizona and America deserve better.

We deserve a Consistent Conservative.

JD Hayworth for Senate

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