Who is in McCain’s Inner Circle?

John McCain claims his many years in the Inner Circle of the Washington elite make him qualified candidate to be the Senator from Arizona.

Who is in McCain’s Inner Circle?

When it comes to Illegal Immigration, La Raza and the Democrats are part of the McCain inner sanctum. McCain, LaRaza and the Democrats are all in when it comes to the quest to grant Illegals Amnesty

Who is LaRaza? The Amnesty Lobby! (So much for curbing special interests, Senator McCain!)

Do you remember the McCain-Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill? Do you remember the last time John McCain tried to force Amnesty on America? That was back in 2007…

  • …After 12 to 40 million illegal aliens had invaded the U.S. from across the Mexican border, John McCain proposed Amnesty!
  • …When the economy crashed, causing the largest recession and loss of jobs since the Great Depression, John McCain proposed Amnesty (and is still pushing for illegals to come to America and take the jobs that U.S. citizens desperately need.)!
  • …And as the flow of drugs from South America and Mexico across the U.S. border increased to record levels, John McCain proposed Amnesty!

McCain’s record of National and “Border INsecurity” continues even today. According to Homeland Security’s own reports, thousands of people from 14 “special interest” countries with links to terrorism have already come into the United States illegally.

Do you still doubt what John McCain will do if given another term in the U.S. Senate?(Click here to contribute to the Campaign to make certain that McCain doesn’t get another term)

…The REAL John McCain is clear on his Amnesty position.

When John McCain proposed S1433, the McCain-Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill, he promised America: “Amnesty has to be an important part.

…and John McCain hasn’t backed down from that position. After losing his presidential campaign to Barack Obama, he immediately tried to broker a new peace with the Obama White House by pledging to work with the president to pass Amnesty.

And, just days ago, John McCain badly pretended to be surprised when he questioned Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in a committee hearing: “…People could come up through our southern border?” and she truthfully responded, “Potentially, yes.”

It is outrageous that McCain could even pretend to be surprised when Napolitano continued and said of illegals crossing the border, “On the human trafficking side, it’s not solely illegal immigrants coming to work, but the ability of people from countries of special interest to immigrate into Central America and be ferried up to the border and over into the United States.”

The bottom line is we just can’t trust John McCain on Amnesty. We just can’t take another chance!

As long as John McCain is determined to be La Raza’s voice in Washington for Amnesty and open borders, he can never be our voice!

BUT… No one questions the Consistent Conservative, JD Hayworth, because his position on Illegal Immigration is, well, consistent.

  • J.D. Hayworth is a national leader in the fight to secure our borders
  • J.D. Hayworth has actually “written the book” on the subject, “Whatever It Takes”.
  • When John McCain proposed his Amnesty Plan-the Heritage Foundation said it would cost taxpayers $2.6 Trillion-J.D. Hayworth stood up and fought against it.

Taking on a U.S. Senator with nearly 30 years of seniority took courage, but J.D. understood that our economy could not survive the long-term effects of the McCain-Kennedy plan, and that encouraging millions of illegals by granting amnesty to break our laws was a recipe for disaster.

J.D. has led the fight for real border security, interior enforcement, requiring that law our current laws need to be enforced to protect our citizens.

It is no surprise that he has been endorsed by great leaders like Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio whose efforts have captured and detained 25% of all illegals in the US that are returned to Mexico or their home countries.

We believe we have had enough of the kind of experience that John McCain brings to Washington. It is time to Secure the Southern Border of the United States.

The choice is clear. The choice is yours. Choose to help JD restore consistent conservative ideals to America. Make your choice today by Selecting here and donating $10, $20, $50 or even $100.P.S. J.D. Hayworth is the consistent conservative running against John McCain for Senate. As a friend of conservatism, we ask you to select here and join our Million Dollar March Money Bomb. It is time to send a message to Democrats and Republican establishment!

Please make checks payable to:
JD Hayworth 2010
Dept Code 3786
PO Box 28604
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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