The Tides Foundation’s inept voter drive

The Tides Foundation’s inept voter drive

Rosslyn Smith

The Tides Foundation, which seems to exist to launder the source of funding for left wing operations, does not seem too strong when it comes to implementation.

In 2004 I received two mailing from part of the Tides Foundation effort to get out the vote aimed at women. They were laughably inept in both concept and execution.  The encouraged me to make noise, as if I was a petulant child.  Then they directed me almost a hundred miles in the opposite direction of the county seat where I would register to vote, ask for an absentee ballot or participate in early voting.  My county seat is in Marshall, NC and their mailing direct me to Franklin.  Franklin isn’t even in an adjacent county.
I remember thinking that with all their money they didn’t have a competent mail merge program to assign a zip code to the correct county. 

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