I think EVERY state should have one along most major highways

I think EVERY state should have one along most major highways

The attached photo is of a billboard recently established on I-75 just south
of Lake City.

We gathered there today to celebrate its unveiling.  The cost
of 10 months rental of the billboard and doing the artwork was $6500.  We
feel that is a reasonable cost to reach out to 1,000,000 vehicles per month
and perhaps motivate their participation in the electoral process to get our
country on a sound footing.

Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

March 2nd, 2010


 Obama to crack down on the legal ownership of certain weapons

The Obama administration will seek to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 during the Bush administration, Attorney General Eric Holder said today.

“As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons,” Holder told reporters.

Holder said that putting the ban back in place would not only be a positive move by the United States, it would help cut down on the flow of guns going across the border into Mexico, which is struggling with heavy violence among drug cartels along the border.

“I think that will have a positive impact in Mexico, at a minimum.” Holder said at a news conference on the arrest of more than 700 people in a drug enforcement crackdown on Mexican drug cartels operating in the U.S.

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Warren Buffett would scrap health care bill

Warren Buffett would scrap health care bill

March 2nd, 2010

By ANDY BARR, Politico

 Obama’s friend and advisor Buffett says scrap the bill

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett advised President Barack Obama on Monday to scrap the health care bill and start over.

In an interview with CNBC, Buffett said the current bill does not focus on controlling costs, which he sees as the central problem that must be addressed to reform the system. He added that while he does not like the Senate bill, he’d vote for it in preference to doing nothing.

“What we have now is untenable over time,” said Buffett, an early supporter of Obama’s candidacy. “That kind of a cost compared to the rest of the world is really like a tapeworm eating, you know, at our economic body.”

“We have a health system that, in terms of costs, is really out of control,” he added. “And if you take this line and you project what has been happening into the future, we will get less and less competitive. So we need something else.”

But while Buffett, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, applauded Obama for taking up the reform effort, he said that “unfortunately, we came up with a bill that really doesn’t attack the cost situation that much.”

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Obama’s Government without Love

Obama’s Government without Love

By Stuart Schwartz

God made it official through Paul, the first century rabbi who dabbled in community organizing, that “love is more important than anything else.” The Doobie Brothers (neither rabbis nor community organizers) rephrased it for the modern age: “Without love, where would you be now, without love?”

This question was answered by Barack Obama and Democratic Party leadership as they sat around the Blair House banquet table at the health care summit this past Thursday, determined to push and pull a protesting citizenry into a loveless future.
Welcome to the United States of Obama. Without love, this is where we are now.
Gone is the love of the founders for individuals “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” It has been replaced by the derision of a political and media elite — David Brooks of the New York Times proudly calls this the “intellectual class” — determined to control every part of the lives of those they judge “too dumb” (Time magazine) to be allowed choice.
Forget the God talk and the founder mumbo-jumbo about individual worth, Obama and friends say. We need to take charge of the “dodos.” The Communist Chinese have it right, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman writes wistfully, in ruling “from the top down.”
Obama and the Democrats must take control of our citizens, the Times urged after the summit, and ignore widespread opposition. Citizens need to know their place, and their place is to do what the intellectual class says.
Arrogance? No, it is just an emerging order of privilege, largely liberal and Democratic, in which elites live by a different set of rules. Case in point: Federal and city tax dollars went to build a New York Times headquarters that had a restrictive lease that the Village Voice described as “‘Times’ to Commoners: Go Elsewhere.” Meanwhile, Congress exempts its own from Obamacare.
And so choice is no longer to be an option in health and medical services. As the Blair House summit showed, Obama and congressional leaders relentlessly continue to push government control over individuals, all the while adding to their personal power and wealth through confiscatory taxes and regulation.
Without love, the average citizen is biodegradable fuel for the lifestyles of the elite and powerful. And it is why an 86-year-old New Jersey senator gets life-saving cancer surgery to be denied under the proposed Obamacare rules for the rest of us. And once Obamacare is established, he would still get the surgery — while a senior not in Congress will not.
Listen up, people, they say: The senator may be old, but he is one of us. And you — you’re just old, of no “instrumental value,” as the president’s Ivy League social engineers put it. Don’t let the coffin lid hit you on the way out.
No love for the sheep. Our elite shepherds have developed a taste for rack of lamb and use our taxes to buy the mint jelly. The Democratic contribution to the Ritual Decalogue of Judeo-Christian tradition: Thou shalt cook a goat in the mother’s milk.
The Obamacare summit showcased rationing for those officially proclaimed less desirable, increased taxes, and vast new federal bureaucracies. Obamacare will create 400,000 new jobs “almost immediately,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi crowed.
And buried in the 2,400 pages a Virginia Republican put on the banquet table are the details: thousands of new clinical and abortion centers staffed by ACORN-like community and union activists hired by Democrat-affiliated groups to stand between patients and doctors. Health care, brought to you by some of the same folks who gave you taxpayer-funded child prostitution.
And so the nine-year-old son of the golfing partner of President Obama is cut while surfing in Hawaii and is immediately rushed to the hospital at taxpayer expense. But in Chicago, low-income children are turned away from the University of Chicago hospitals. They are forced to take public transportation to other hospitals as the result of a scheme by hospital executives to “cherry-pick wealthy patients over poor,” as the the American College of Emergency Physicians put it.
The executives behind the scheme to “redirect” the poor and unconnected: Michelle Obama and Obama senior adviser David Axelrod during their pre-White House years. Don’t let the emergency room door hit you on the way out.
Love is a great affection and liking displayed in respect for the God-given rights of individuals, said the nation’s founders. But without love, the Boston Herald noted, the Blair House was a “summit of arrogance.” We love us, not you. Consequently, there is one set of rules for us, another for you.
Without love…Nancy Pelosi takes the hard-earned dollars of citizens and uses the military “as a multi-billion dollar chauffeur- and baby-sitting service.” At the same time, she pushes through environmental exemptions for the California wineries owned by her wealthy family and friends while leaving 35,000 farmers and laborers in central California out of work because the federal government has restricted the water for farming at the request of wealthy environmental groups.
There is no love in Washington for ordinary citizens. Barack Obama tells Americans to “prioritize, make tough choices” about what to spend in these hard economic times. Meanwhile, he is the first president to have the taxpayers fund a “steady stream” of celebrity chefs to satisfy the first couple’s “well-documented high-end appetites” and serve $100-a-pound gourmet beef at casual dinners and parties.
This is a government that believes it has outgrown the vision of Jefferson and Madison and the other founders of a nation based upon a love of individuals “endowed by their Creator.” It is a government of privilege, bolstered by media elites — on both the right and left — convinced that the average American is “Too Dumb to Thrive,” as the Time headline put it.
The New York Times puts it this way: “Dumb and Dumber: Are Americans Hostile to Knowledge?” And then its reporter answered, of course — citizens “are ignorant.”
Tea party, anyone?
Stuart H. Schwartz is on the faculty at Liberty University in Virginia.

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“Even a moderate Muslim who reads the Koran must read that the Jews are the sons of apes and that the infidels must be killed


“Even a moderate Muslim who reads the Koran must read that the Jews are the sons of apes and that the infidels must be killed”

Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a West Bank Hamas leader. Mosab Hassan Yousef is a convert to Christianity. In this interview he speaks about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as not being one over land, but over Islamic doctrine, which is intransigent and can never allow for the existence of an Infidel polity, much less a Jewish State, on what Muslims consider to be Islamic land. He speaks about the problem being rooted in the Qur’an.

This is what we have said here many, many times, and so it should come as no surprise to longtime Jihad Watch readers, or to anyone who is fully informed about the motives and goals and beliefs of the jihadis. But it will come as a total surprise to the learned analysts who dominate the discourse in Washington, and they will dismiss it out of hand. “Israel’s spy in Hamas (Part II),” by Avi Issacharoff for Haaretz, February 26 (thanks to Mladen Andrijasevic):

[…] “Many people think the terrorists’ motivation is the Israeli occupation, the corruption, but all that is just the backdrop. It is not the root of the problem. The occupation is like the rain that falls on the soil in which the seed has been planted, but it is not the seed itself. The root of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does not lie in security or politics: It is a war between two gods, two religions. Between the God of the Torah and the God of the Koran. The Koran teaches that this is Waqf land – a sacred endowment which must not be given up. The Torah taught the Jews that this is their land and must not be given up.”It follows that there will be no peace in the Middle East. Israel’s problem is not with Hamas or with any other organization, nor with the interpretation Hamas reads into the Koran. It is with the god of the Koran. After all, even a moderate Muslim who reads the Koran must read that the Jews are the sons of apes and that the infidels must be killed. The Palestinians must stop blaming Israel, or the West, for all their problems. If they want true freedom, they must free themselves from their God.”

You sound completely pessimistic. What about a Palestinian state?

“That is not a solution. Today we do not have a leadership worthy of ruling, not Hamas and not Fatah. The Palestinians move between the corrupt leadership of Fatah, and the Hamas leadership, which sends them all to die. Besides, Hamas cannot make peace with the Israelis. That is against what their God tells them. It is impossible to make peace with infidels, only a cease-fire, and no one knows that better than I.

“The Hamas leadership is responsible for the killing of Palestinians, not Israelis. Palestinians! They do not hesitate to massacre people in a mosque or to throw people from the 15th or 17th floor of a building, as they did during the coup in Gaza. The Israelis would never do such things. I tell you with certainty that the Israelis care about the Palestinians far more than the Hamas or Fatah leadership does. Israel withdrew from Gaza, and instead of the place being built up and cultivated, look what happened there. We need to take a break from these leaders. And I call on the government of Israel: Never accede to Hamas demands, not even about Gilad Shalit. They will not hurt him – he is too important to them. Even if it goes on for 10 years, Israel must not give in and release all those people from prison.”

White House to push ACORN pet project

White House to push ACORN pet project

March 2nd, 2010

By Aaron Klein, WorldNetDaily

 Obama is rewarding his friends

The White House is considering a new policy that would give an advantage in bids for billions in government contracts to companies that pay workers “living wages” and offer generous benefits.

WND has learned the “living wage” campaign has long been pushed by the radical Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, and was largely initiated on a local level in the 1990s with the help of a socialist party of which evidence suggests Barack Obama was a member.

Critics warn a living wage advantage for more than $500 billion in government contracts could harm small companies, with case studies showing cities that enacted similar policies in the 1990s faced major financial losses. Business groups who oppose the plan say also it would increase government procurement costs.

The Associated Press obtained documents outlining the White House plan. The documents reportedly show the government would examine the wages and benefits – such as health insurance, retirement benefits and paid leave – a firm pays its employees as a factor in the process of awarding government contracts. Another factor would be whether a contract bidder is a repeat violator of labor and employment laws.

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Barack Obama should drink less alcohol and try harder to kick his smoking habit, doctors say

Barack Obama should drink less alcohol and try harder to kick his smoking habit, doctors say

By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 9:10 AM on 02nd March 2010


Fit for duty: Barack Obama signals a thumbs-up when asked about his health as he returns to the White House from the National Naval Medical Centre after his check-upFit for duty: Barack Obama signals a thumbs-up when asked about his health as he returns to the White House after his check-up

Barack Obama should not only try harder to kick his smoking habit, his team of doctors warned, but they also recommended ‘moderation of alcohol intake’.

It would seem the pressure of the U.S. presidency – and all those White House receptions – are taking their toll after the 48-year-old’s first medical checkup since winning the race to the White House.

The chief executive, who has endured an exhausting first year in the White House and year-long battles with congressional Republicans, should also eat better to lower his cholesterol, but was otherwise declared in excellent health and fit for duty.

The White House physician, Navy Capt Jeffrey Kuhlman, said Obama should stick with ‘moderation in alcohol intake’ and ‘smoking cessation efforts’, the use of nicotine gum, and come back in August 2011 after he turns 50.

Obama’s cholesterol levels have crept up to borderline high and he should alter his diet accordingly, according to a report the White House released after the 90-minute examination at the National Naval Medical Centre in Bethesda, Maryland.

While at the facility, he visited 12 military service members receiving treatment and rehabilitation for injuries suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The president is the picture of health, eats modest portions and exercises regularly. He is an avid basketball player and golfer.

The slightly elevated cholesterol levels, occasional smoking and tendinitis in his left knee were the only negatives noted.

Obama said at a June news conference that he still had an occasional cigarette. It was his first public acknowledgment that he hadn’t kicked the habit.

He chews nicotine gum to avoid regular smoking, and his doctor said that should continue.

Obama (right) at the so-called 'Beer Summit' with (from left) Harvard Professor Henry Gates, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Police Sgt James Crowley. The summit was called after Crowley arrested Gates at his home on July 16, sparking racial tensionsOccupational hazard: Obama (right) at the so-called ‘Beer Summit’ with (from left) Harvard Professor Henry Gates, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Police Sgt James Crowley. The summit was called after Crowley arrested Gates at his home on July 16, sparking racial tensions

On a previous occasion he said quitting smoking didn’t create ‘huge withdrawal symptoms’, partly because he smoked only seven or eight cigarettes a day at the most.

The then senator first announced his decision to quit in 2007, in order to please his wife Michelle, while on the David Letterman Show.

Kuhlman also said the president should modify his diet to bring his LDL, or bad cholesterol, below 130.

At the time of his last exam, Obama’s total cholesterol was 173, while his LDL was 96 and HDL, or good cholesterol, was 68.

This time, total cholesterol was up to 209, with HDL down slightly at 62. LDL was up to 138. Borderline high cholesterol starts at 200, with LDL considered in the same category at 130.

Obama smoking with a relative in front his family's hut in Kenya, Africa. He first announced his decision to quit in 2007, in order to please his wife Michelle, while on the David Letterman ShowBad habits: Obama smoking with a relative in front his family’s hut in Kenya, Africa. He first announced his decision to quit in 2007, in order to please his wife Michelle, while on the David Letterman Show

In the U.S., the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says that for healthy men, drinking more than four drinks on any day or 14 per week is considered ‘at-risk’ or ‘heavy’ drinking.

Last year Obama signed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.
The law allows the Food and Drug Administration to reduce nicotine in tobacco products, ban sweet flavourings and block labels such ‘low tar’ and ‘light.’

Tobacco companies are now also required to cover their cartons with large graphic warnings.



The law didn’t let the FDA ban nicotine or tobacco, but the agency is now able to regulate the contents of tobacco products, make public their ingredients and prohibit marketing campaigns, especially those geared toward children. 

Kuhlman said Obama’s last checkup was in July 2008 when he was seen by the attending physician to Congress when Obama was an Illinois senator.

During the 2008 White House race, his campaign released a statement from his longtime Chicago doctor saying Obama was in excellent health when examined in January 2007.

Sunday’s report said Obama is 6ft 1in and weighs 180lb (82kg) in shoes and exercise clothing. His pulse rate is 56, which is very good, as is his blood pressure – 105 over 62.

The doctor recommended that Obama should:

● Have another exam for colon cancer in five years

● Continue smoking cessation efforts, a daily exercise programme, a healthy diet, moderation in alcohol intake, periodic dental care and remain up to date with recommended immunisations

● Keep up a modified exercise regimen to strengthen his legs to ward off more difficulties with his knee

● Modify his diet to lower his LDL cholesterol below 130

The doctor said Obama’s vision was 20/20 in both eyes for both distance and near vision.

The president was checked for and found free of colon cancer with a virtual colonoscopy, a scan that avoids the more invasive visual inspection with a camera device that is passed into the large intestine.

The tendinitis that Obama suffers in his left leg could be the result of his regular basketball playing.

Kuhlman said that there was mild popping and grinding in Obama’s left knee and ‘some weakness’ in his left hip, also possibly a result of rigorous and extended periods on the basketball court.



Head of ‘Climategate’ research unit admits sending ‘pretty awful emails’ to hide data

Head of ‘Climategate’ research unit admits sending ‘pretty awful emails’ to hide data

By David Derbyshire
Last updated at 8:34 AM on 02nd March 2010


Scientists at the heart of the Climategate row were yesterday accused by a leading academic body of undermining science’s credibility.

The Institute of Physics said ‘worrying implications’ had been raised after it was revealed the University of East Anglia had manipulated data on global warming.

The rebuke – the strongest yet from the scientific community – came as Professor Phil Jones, the researcher at the heart of the scandal, told MPs he had written ‘some pretty awful emails’ – but denied trying to suppress data. 

Professor Phil JonesOn the spot: Professor Phil Jones being grilled by the Science and Technology committee in the Commons yesterday

The Climategate row, which was first revealed by the Daily Mail in November, was triggered when a hacker stole hundreds of emails sent from East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit.

They revealed scientists plotting how to avoid responding to Freedom of Information requests from climate change sceptics.

Some even appeared to show the researchers discussing how to manipulate raw data from tree rings about historical temperatures.

In one, Professor Jones talks about using a ‘trick’ to massage figures and ‘hide the decline’. 



Giving evidence to a Science and Technology Committee inquiry, the Institute of Physics said: ‘Unless the disclosed emails are proved to be forgeries or adaptations, worrying implications arise for the integrity of scientific research and for the credibility of the scientific method.

‘The principle that scientists should be willing to expose their results to independent testing and replication by others, which requires the open exchange of data, procedures and materials, is vital.’

Last month, the Information Commissioner ruled the CRU had broken Freedom of Information rules by refusing to hand over raw data.

But yesterday Professor Jones – in his first public appearance since the scandal broke – denied manipulating the figures.

Looking pale and clasping his shaking hands in front of him, he told MPs: ‘I have obviously written some pretty awful emails.’

He admitted withholding data about global temperatures but said the information was publicly available from American websites.

And he claimed it was not ‘standard practice’ to release data and computer models so other scientists could check and challenge research.

‘I don’t think there is anything in those emails that really supports any view that I, or the CRU, have been trying to pervert the peer review process in any way,’ he said.

Professor Jones, who was forced to stand down as head of the CRU last year, also insisted the scientific findings on climate change were robust.