Obama: Ineligibility could prove costly

Obama: Ineligibility could prove costly

February 26th, 2010

By Bob Unruh,WorldNetDaily

 If Obama is found to have committed fraud

An attorney whose legal brief in a case challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility revealed a Supreme Court can remove an ineligible chief executive now has released an analysis confirming that if Obama isn’t eligible, he could be charged under a number of felony statutes.

And that’s just on the federal level; any state charges would be in addition, as would charges against individuals who may have helped him in the commission of any of the acts, according to Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation.

Kreep has been involved in several of the cases that have raised challenges to Obama’s occupancy of the Oval Office, including two in California. One is on appeal in the state court system and names California Secretary of State Debra Bowen as defendant. The other, in the federal court system, is on appeal before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Both make claims on behalf of individuals and political candidates in California over Obama’s presence on the 2008 election ballot.

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Excerpt of the Memo:

Barack Hussein Obama has come under much scrutiny ever since his rise to national prominence as the Democratic National Committee nominee, and his election in November of 2008, as to whether or not he is a naturally born citizen of the United States. He produced, in 2009, a certification of live birth issued by the state of Hawaii. This, however, is not definitive evidence of birth in Hawaii, nor of being a natural born citizen. This has done little to quiet those who question Mr. Obama’s eligibility for the office President of the United States of
America (herein after referred to as POTUS).

Currently, there are cases filed in both the federal courts and many state courts seeking to compel Barack Obama to produce evidence of his citizenship, and, in the case of his noncompliance of production of valid citizenship papers, to have the electoral votes in his favor

Assuming, for the purposes of this memo, that Mr. Obama is found to be ineligible, he could face a number of civil and criminal penalties.
Potential federal criminal charges are as follows:

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