About that spending ‘freeze’ Mr. President

About that spending ‘freeze’ Mr. President

Yossi Gestetner

Obama is putting up some “conservatism” by announcing that he wants to “freeze” non-defense discretionary spending (NDDS). Meaning, non-defense spending that the federal government can spend according to its discretion, should not get an increase during a three-year period, starting with FY 2011.Before Conservatives get excited with this, and before the media makes everyone fall for Obama’s “raining in spending”, please note the following few things:

– NDDS is approximately only 1/6 of the total budget. Therefore – while it may be a good start – the freeze will not make too big of a difference on the federal budget which went totally out of control since Bam came into office.

– NDDS within the regular budget, ski-rocketed in the last few budgets which Obama helped put in place – as a member of the Dem majority in the Senate, and as POTUS. So, his freeze merely corrects only partially the wrong he did.

– the American Recovery Act, better known as the “Stimulus,” is basically an off-budget, NDDS bill of $450 billion-plus spread mostly through 2009 and 2010, which wipes out any ‘savings’ the country will have by Obama’s in-budget NDDS freeze of the following three years.

All in all, the freeze that Obama proposed is only a way to fool people that he is moving to the center, etc. when in fact, his record on NDDS, is worse than what Bush-43 together with the Republican majorities ever gave to this country.

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