Largest Muslim community in US only musters 50 to protest Islamic terrorism

Largest Muslim community in US only musters 50 to protest Islamic terrorism

The Associated Press reported Saturday that only 50 Muslims showed up at a “Muslims Against Terrorism” protest at the federal court in Detroit on Friday while Flight 253 bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was being arraigned inside. The local Detroit press were more generous with their estimates, putting the number of protesters at 150. That the largest Muslim community in the United States (aka Dearbornistan) could only muster such a tiny number to protest Islamic terrorism is an indication of how great a problem our country faces concerning the sentiments of the Muslim-American community.

From the AP report:

Outside the courthouse, authorities set up metal barricades and limited foot traffic. One demonstrator held a sign that read: ”No U.S. Rights For Terrorists.”About 50 men and women identifying themselves as Detroit-area Muslims chanted ”We are Americans” as they marched behind the barricades to denounce terrorism. About a dozen of them carried U.S. flags or signs with messages such as ”Not in the name of Islam.”

Four Muslims who were part of the protest performed Friday prayers in the court’s small museum on the first floor.

”We have prayer rugs outside in the car. We could have done a show for the media,” protest organizer Majed Moughni said. ”We’re doing this for God.”

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