Training the next generation of terrorists

Training the next generation of terrorists

Ann Kane
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 The title of a post on Brietbart’s new website Big Journalism is Why Won’t MSM Cover Islam?  What Are They Afraid Of?  After accidentally viewing the video placed in the center of the article, I know the answer to the question.

I didn’t read any disclaimer like, Warning: Graphic Content.  So, I jumped right in and viewed the video used by radical Muslims to train their pre-pubescent boys in the art of beheading.

I stopped watching after the first seconds.  I asked myself, how anyone, much less a child, could perform this demonic act.  I couldn’t find any words to describe the horrific scene, and I’m sure I will have nightmares about it. 

The article addresses the MSM’s tacit approval of radical Islam by their reluctance to report what really goes on in the world of terrorism.  Alicia Colon writes:

The video of Daniel Pearl’s beheading could not be shown on the public airwaves but was easily available on the web. Gruesome as it was it cannot compare with this video  [my warning:  graphic evil] of children training for Jihad beheading a man all the while praising Allah.

This video is shown on a site that monitors the growing influence of the radicals and frankly I had no stomach to watch more than a second of the film. As is noted here:  “It’s the next generation of mujahideen who are expected to fight and kill infidels to establish global Islamic rule.”

In order to fight the enemy, one must know the enemy.  The MSM along with the rest of the world would rather not look at the bloody side of Islam.  Instead they look the other way while a religion based on murder and lying as acceptable means to an end continues spreading its errors across the globe.  The world must see Islam for what it is.

Needlesss to say, there are few of us who have had to deal with the type of tragedy exhibited in the video, and that is what makes it so difficult to accept as reality.  Yet, survivors of genocide in Rwanda and Sudan—both due to Muslim factions attempting to wipe out infidels and Christians—have watched the bloodshed of their countrymen.  War veterans have witnessed heinous human behavior not fit for the common man to see. 

These are the truths that must come out.  For it is only by exposing evil to the light of the truth that we can stop atrocities like the mujahideen training their children to murder in the name of Allah.
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