Who paid for Obama to attend Harvard Law School ????? Also read the Obama file and Obama’s education

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Who paid for Obama to attend Harvard Law School

…Donald Warden (aka Dr. Khalid Al Mansour) confirm

ed he frequently spoke on university campuses, including Columbia, where Percy Sutton suggested he (Mansour ?) met Obama in the late 1980s…

who is Donald Warden (aka Dr. Khalid Al Mansour), at the bottom of:

Khalid al-Mansour a.k.a. Don Warden
…in the lengthy interview, al-Mansour confirmed that he frequently spoke on university campuses, including Columbia, where Percy Sutton suggested he met Obama in the late 1980s, and confirmed his close relationship with Prince Alwaleed….
…Although many Americans have never heard of Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour (his full name), he is well known within the black community as a lawyer, an orthodox Muslim, a black nationalist, an author, an international deal-maker, an educator, and an outspoken enemy of Israel….
…his writings and books are packed with anti-American rhetoric reminiscent of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s disgraced former pastor…. In a 1995 book, “The Lost Books of Africa Rediscovered,” he alleged that the United States was plotting genocide against black Americans…. The first “genocide against the black man began 300 years ago,” … while a second “genocide” was on the way “to remove 15 million Black people, considered disposable, of no relevance, value or benefit to the American society.”..
In the 1960s,
…he was known as Donald Warden,when he founded the African American Association in the San Francisco Bay area,… According to the Social Activism Project at the University of California at Berkley, Warden, a.k.a. Khalid al-Mansour, was the mentor of Black Panther Party founder Huey Newton and his cohort, Bobby Seale….
Percy Sutton, a former lawyer for Malcolm X and a former business partner of al-Mansour,
…says he was raising money for Obama’s graduate school education, al-Mansour was representing top members of the Saudi Royal family seeking to do business and exert influence in the United States. In 1989, for example — just one year after Obama entered Harvard Law School — The Los Angeles Times revealed that al-Mansour had been advising Saudi billionaires Abdul Aziz and Khalid al-Ibrahim in their secret effort to acquire a major stake in prime oceanfront property in Marina del Rey, Calif., through “an elaborate network of corporate shells in California, the Caribbean and Europe.” …

Video at the bottom : Percy Sutton Reveals Association Between Khalid al-Mansour and Obama at Age 25
Or you can see it here:
…”I was introduced to [Obama] by a friend,” Sutton told the interviewer. Sutton named the friend as “Dr. Khalid al-Mansour.” Sutton described al-Mansour as “the principle adviser to one of the world’s richest men.” The billionaire in question is Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal….

Both Obama campaign & Mansour deny Sutton’s claim
…Sutton, now in his late 80s and mostly off the public stage, told NY1’s Dominic Carter that he was asked to write a letter of recommendation to Harvard Law School on Obama’s behalf by a man named Khalid al-Mansour of Texas, “the principle adviser to one of the world’s richest men” who was also “raising money for [Obama].”…
Obama campaign said:
…”Obama did not know and does not know Khalid al-Mansour.”…
Mansour said
…he’d avoided directly contradicting the story out of respect for Sutton, “a dear friend, his health is not good.”But pressed, he denied all the details of Sutton’s story. “The scenario as it related to me did not happen,” he said. “I’m sure he’s written a letter [to someone else] and he got it confused somehow,” he said of Sutton, adding that he’d never asked Sutton to write a letter to any university supporting anyone’s admission. Mansour said he admires Obama, but first heard of him when a relative sent him a copy of Obama’s 2004 convention speech. “I’ve never met him,” he said….

Social Activism Project at the University of California at Berkley
August 1965 —
… Huey Newton’s (in 1961,a black militant activist student) mentor, Donald Warden, creates Economic Night in a storefront located next door to the future Black Panther Party office on Grove Street, Oakland. …

Donald Warden (aka Dr. Khalid Al Mansour) the international front man for Saudi Royalty?

and why has he been grooming Obama for more than twenty years?
In Percy Sutton interview, he was not negative. Percy Sutton had many positive things to say about Obama … including Obama had passed tests, etc to be admitted to Harvard and become head of the Harvard Law Review, etc…. along with saying it was Al Mansour who requested Sutton write to some of Sutton’s friends still associated with Harvard regarding Obama

February 6, 1990 : First Black Elected to Head Harvard’s Law Review
…The new president of the Review is Barack Obama, a 28-year-old graduate of Columbia University who spent four years heading a community development program for poor blacks on Chicago’s South Side before enrolling in law school….
Obama said:
…”I personally am interested in pushing a strong minority perspective. I’m fairly opinionated about this. But as president of the law review, I have a limited role as only first among equals.” Therefore, Mr. Obama said, he would concentrate on making the review a ”forum for debate,”…
Change in Selection System —
…Mr. Obama was elected after a meeting of the review’s 80 editors..
Until the 1970’s
.. the editors were picked on the basis of grades, and the president of the Law Review was the student with the highest academic rank….
That system came under attack in the 1970’s
… and was replaced by a program in which about half the editors are chosen for their grades and the other half are chosen by fellow students after a special writing competition. The new system, disputed when it began, was meant to help insure that minority students became editors of The Law Review….
Harvard, like a number of other top law schools,
…no longer ranks its law students for any purpose including a guide to recruiters….

Harvard Law Review : selection process
…Using a competitive process that takes into account first-year grades, an editing exercise, and a written commentary on a court decision, The Harvard Law Review selects between 41 and 43 editors annually from the second-year Law School class, which numbers 560….
…Two editors from each of first-year class’s seven sections (fourteen in all) are selected half by their first year grades and half by their scores on the writing competition….
…Another twenty are selected solely on their scores on the writing competition….
…The other seven to nine are selected by a discretionary committee, either to fulfill the review’s race-based affirmative action program, to select students who just missed the cut by either of the other two processes, or by some other criteria as the committee sees fit….

From the NYTs article, it appears Obama did well serving as head of the Harvard Law Review, but some question whether his style of leadership will translate to the presidency.
at the bottom of the NYTs article
…”Instead, they wonder how the style of leadership they observed on campus could translate to another kind of historic presidency. …
Ron Klain, who preceded Obama at the law review and later served as VP Al Gore’s chief of staff, watched Obama’s rise and said
…“The things that make law school politics fractious are different from the things that make American politics fractious,” … “The interesting caveat,” he said, “is that is a style of leadership more effective running a law review than running a country.”…

Stimulus 2: $300 Billion More

Stimulus 2: $300 Billion More

December 4th, 2009

By Walter Alarkon, The Hill

 Obama is ready to throw some more money at the problem

The cost of a new jobs bill Democrats hope to move early next year runs to nearly $300 billion when major proposals under serious consideration are added up.

Lawmakers are calling for extending aid to the unemployed, infrastructure spending, a hiring tax credit and increased small business loans.

A number of the  jobs proposals backed by Democrats make up a $230 billion package proposed by Mark Zandi of  Moody’s Economy.com, who made a presentation to  Senate Democrats Wednesday. The provisions

supported by Zandi along with new spending on infrastructure, a favored approach of top House Democrats, would cost between $291 billion and $299 billion, according to estimates by lawmakers and economists.
Aides cautioned that Democratic leaders in both chambers are just beginning to consider what will go into the bill, and that estimates based on standalone bills may not mesh with the final jobs legislation.

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Obama Holiday Party Season Kicking Off: 50,000 Guests, 28 Events; Social Office More Vigilant

Obama Holiday Party Season Kicking Off: 50,000 Guests, 28 Events; Social Office More Vigilant

December 4th, 2009

By Lynn Sweet, Politics Daily

 Obama is ready to party this holiday season

The Obama White House kicks off a giant holiday social season this week, I’ve learned: 28 parties and open houses planned for December, with more than 50,000 people expected.

The mega-entertaining sprint, overseen by First Lady Michelle Obama’s East Wing Social Office, comes in the wake of a security breach at the Obamas’ Nov. 24 state dinner where Tareq and Michaele Salahi, TV reality-show aspirants, whizzed through security checkpoints even though they were not on the 320-person guest list. The Social Office will be more vigilent now, the East Wing said Tuesday.

The Salahis told NBC Tuesday they were not party crashers, but they did not explain why they had the impression they were welcome at the dinner.

I asked Camille Y. Johnston, communications chief for Michelle Obama, for details about the upcoming party season. “This holiday season, more than 50,000 people will visit the White House’s 17 holiday parties and 11 open houses,” she said.

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So Many Summits, So Little Time

So Many Summits, So Little Time

December 4th, 2009

By Jason Zengerle, The New Republic

 Lots of talk: No Jobs

Barack Obama convened his first official summit before he was even elected president. In October 2008, then-candidate Obama gathered a gaggle of business and political heavyweights–Paul Volcker, Eric Schmidt, Jennifer Granholm, Bill Richardson, etc.–in a Florida community college gymnasium for what his campaign billed as the “Growing American Jobs Summit.” “No cheerleading,” Obama admonished the 1,700 people who packed into the sweltering gym expecting a campaign rally. “We’ve got serious work to be done.” And then, for the next 90 minutes, Obama and the assembled worthies engaged in a wonky discussion that ranged from ideas for fixing the country’s electrical grid to calls for reforming its banking system.

It should hardly have been a surprise, then, that Obama would go a bit summit-crazy once he was actually in the White House. Little more than a month after taking office, he held a “Fiscal Responsibility Summit” where he solicited ideas for battling the deficit; a few weeks after that he hosted a “Health Care Summit” to kick off his drive for health care reform; and later still came the “H1N1 Preparedness Summit” and the “Distracted Driving Summit.”

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