Obama’ Muddled Logic

Obama’ Muddled Logic

November 25th, 2009

by Tom Bevan, RealClear Politics

 Obama is rushing on every issue except the one where decisive leadership is needed

Question: why is it that on every issue save one, the Obama administration has had its foot on the gas, pressing ahead with all manner of speed and urgency?

Eight hundred billion worth of tax payer money had to be rammed through Congress to avoid an economic apocalypse, we were told. No delay could be tolerated in revamping one sixth of the American economy with health care reform. It needed to be done by August, the President initially said, before letting his self imposed deadline slip to the end of the year.

But on Afghanistan, the administration has said just the opposite: things must be taken slow; the problem must be studied from every angle; and all possible deliberations must be made before coming to any conclusion.

Why hasn’t the same logic applied to the administration’s approach to health care, for example?

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