As American Men Chickify, Obama Tells Chinese We’re Chauvinists

As American Men Chickify, Obama Tells Chinese We’re Chauvinists

November 19th, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Transcript

 Obama tells the Chinese America isn’t that great

RUSH: I love the ChiComs.  I have to tell you, I love the ChiComs.  They took Obama on a tour of the Forbidden City, and they kicked everybody else out.  Obama did not get to go preen. He did not get to pretend he was in Berlin making a speech to 200,000 — nobody saw him.  They do not allow political showboats over there. (laughing) I mean in a number of ways I actually do have a kind of respect for the ChiComs.  So we are to believe that Eric Holder consulted no other human being that has any position of responsibility in the government about creating the trial of the millennium in New York City other than his wife and his brother.  Right.  Yeah.
President Obama visiting the ChiComs on his Asian trip.  Speaking of which, yesterday in Shanghai, President Obama held a town hall meeting with Chinese university students.  This is what our president said about our country.

OBAMA:  It’s very important for the United States not to assume that what is good for us is automatically good for somebody else.  We have to have some modesty about our attitudes towards other countries.  We think it’s important nevertheless to be true to our ideals and our values.  And we… When we do so, though, we will always do so with the humility and understanding that we are not perfect and that we still have much progress to make.  Uh, if you talk to women in America, they will tell you that there are still men who have a lot of old-fashioned ideas about the role of women in society.

RUSH:  Yah!  Okay.  President Barack Obama once again essentially saying, “Look, there’s nothing special about our country.  I’m sure that we’ve had presidents before me that have tried to impose such wonderful things as freedom, economic prosperity, capitalism, and golden education opportunities.  We’re sorry that we ever had anybody that tried to, quote, unquote, ‘impose’ that on you.  But we’re through doing that!  We’re not going to impose our ugly system, based on free markets and capitalism and liberty, on you. We’re not going to impose that on you anymore.  In fact, we’re going to be humble! We’re going to realize here that we are actually not nearly as good as you are, that we’re certainly no better than you are. We apologize here for all of the ways that we have offended you in the past.

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