Sarah Amazing

Sarah Amazing

James Lewis

I felt real pain when Governor Sarah Palin was trashed over and over again by hateful screaming libs last year — just to demonstrate their vaunted compassion and tolerance, docha know? So they roundly assaulted her Down Syndrome child, her pregnant daughter, exploited her daughter’s sleazeball boyfriend, ginned up false accusations in Alaska, and somebody burned down her church in Wasilla. Raging feminists around the country were ready to tear Sarah’s hair out by the roots. A real media lynch mob.

It just proves beyond a shadow of doubt how the Left keeps boiling over with hatred and bigotry against normal, decent people. So-called “progressives” are just today’s Stalinists. Not really nice people, you might say. More like fascist haters.
But I need not have worried. Sarah Barracuda has ‘em by the short hairs. Those howls of rage you keep hearing are being hurled just because Sarah is smiling and beautiful, and she’s not yielding an inch to the Commissars of Political Correctness. She drives ‘em over the edge by being herself.
It is an amazing spectacle to behold. Governor Palin is the anti-Obama, and just as Obama is their crazed love object, she is just the opposite, a sort of Satanic dominatrix in their overheated fantasy lives. As they keep attacking our all-American beauty they end up making her more and more famous and admired. Wow.
I’m almost beginning to enjoy watching these nasties breaking their heads against Fortress Sarah. If Palin just keeps her own counsel, like Ronald Reagan did thirty years ago, decent Americans of all stripes will open their hearts to her.  As for her snarling enemies, they show their true nature just by trying to fling more mud. But none of it sticks.
Watching liberals ranting against Sarah is like watching Snidely Whiplash roping down Poor Nell on those railroad tracks, with the steam locomotive bearing down on her. Except that Palin doesn’t even have to do anything. Poor Nell just keeps smiling that big, beautiful smile, while Snidely gets run over by the train. And it keeps happening.
I’m speechless. It’s awesome. All we have to do is watch it happen.

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