Rep. Steve King: Bauer was hired to ‘erase tracks’ between Obama, ACORN

Rep. Steve King: Bauer was hired to ‘erase tracks’ between Obama, ACORN

By Tony Romm – 11/13/09 01:10 PM ET

Newly appointed White House counsel Bob Bauer is “perfectly positioned to be tasked with erasing the tracks between Obama and ACORN,” one Republican lawmaker charged Friday.

The lawyer’s hiring, announced this morning shortly after Greg Craig officially resigned the post, was also an attempt by the White House to deflect any fallout that may arise from an ACORN investigation currently underway in Louisiana, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) added in a statement.


 “Bob Bauer has a public record of defending Barack Obama’s relationship with ACORN, the congressman told supporters. “Bauer’s hiring appears to be a tactical maneuver to strategically defend the White House exactly one week after Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell raided ACORN’s national headquarters in New Orleans and seized paper records and computer hard drives that may lead to the White House.”

However, the link between Bauer, the president and ACORN’s Louisiana office is long, winding and confusing, at best.

According to King, Bauer — who worked for Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign — was they key player in a politicized fight between the campaign and President George W. Bush’s Justice Department over an investigation of suspected ACORN voting fraud.

While Bauer, for the most part, signaled in a letter he was unconvinced that ACORN had committed any wrongdoing, he compared the investigation itself to the partisan battle over the firing of a number of U.S. attorneys in 2008 because of their political inclinations. Consequently, he asked the Justice Department shortly after to appoint the same special prosecutor who made the attorney determination to look into the ACORN matter.

“With this voter fraud [investigation], we’re seeing an unholy alliance of law enforcement and the ugliest form of partisan politics,” Bauer said in October.

King, however, believes that statement was code for “back off from interfering with ACORN’s activities,” according to his statement. He also said Bauer’s return to Obama’s team at a time when law enforcement officials just finished raiding an ACORN office in Louisiana — part of an investigation into whether it committed tax fraud and embezzlement — signifies malfeasance is again afoot.

The president, however, stressed in a statement on Friday that he trusted Bauer and believed he could do an exemplary job ensuring he and his administration are “held to the highest legal and ethical standards.”

“Bob has served as a trusted counselor for many years to many elected officials and is known  as a tough and  widely respected advocate,” the president said in a statement.


Republican Leader: ‘Irresponsible Decision’ to Try 9/11 Mastermind in Federal Court

Republican Leader: ‘Irresponsible Decision’ to Try 9/11 Mastermind in Federal Court
Friday, November 13, 2009
By Susan Jones, Senior Editor


House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) (AP Photo)
( – House Republican Leader John Boehner (Ohio) says the Obama administration is putting “liberal special interests before the safety and security of the American people” in deciding to bring the 9/11 mastermind to the United States for trial in federal civilian court.
Boehner issued the statement on Friday, shortly before Attorney General Eric Holder formally announced the decision to bring Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo Bay detainees to New York City.
“The possibility that Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his co-conspirators could be found ‘not guilty’ due to some legal technicality just blocks from Ground Zero should give every American pause,” Boehner said. “These men are part of a global terrorist network dedicated to attacking America and civilization itself, and on that awful day nine years ago, they succeeded in killing nearly 3,000 innocent men, women, and children.
“These terrorists were already being tried by military commissions, which were specifically designed to prosecute such heinous acts. This decision is further evidence that the White House is reverting to a dangerous pre-9/11 mentality – treating terrorism as a law enforcement issue and hoping for the best. 
“We need a real strategy for fighting and winning the war on America’s terrorist enemies that includes an effective, credible, and consistent plan for all terrorist detainees,” Boehner concluded.
In May, the U.S. House Republicans introduced H.R. 2294, the Keep Terrorists Out of America Act, which would block the transfer or release of the Guantanamo Bay  terrorists into the United States. 
The Republican legislation makes clear that governors and state legislatures must pre-approve the transfer or release of any terrorist detainee into their respective states, and it requires the administration to meet strict criteria and certification standards before terrorists housed at the Guantanamo prison could be brought to the United States.  
The bill, introduced by Boehner, has been referred to committee and its chances of passage are slim in the Democrat-led Congress.

Bush warns of threats to freedom, economic growth

Bush warns of threats to freedom, economic growth

Joseph Curl

Former President George W. Bush, outlining plans for a new public policy institute, on Thursday said America must fight the temptation to allow the federal government to take control of the private sector, declaring that too much government intervention will squelch economic recovery and expansion.

With the Obama administration establishing far-reaching controls in the auto, real estate and financial sectors, Mr. Bush said that “the role of government is not to create wealth, but to create the conditions that allow entrepreneurs and innovators to thrive.”

“As the world recovers, we will face a temptation to replace the risk-and-reward model of the private sector with the blunt instruments of government spending and control. History shows that the greater threat to prosperity is not too little government involvement, but too much,” said Mr. Bush, who has remained largely out of the limelight since leaving office and rarely criticizes his successor.

Delivering a speech on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, future home to the George W. Bush Presidential Center, the former president sought to explain his decision to have the federal government intervene at the beginning of the economic downturn last fall.

“I believe in the power of the free enterprise system, which made the decision I faced last fall one of the most difficult of my presidency. I went against my free market instincts and approved a temporary government intervention to unfreeze credit and prevent a global financial catastrophe,” he said.

While many economists credit that early action with halting the economic freefall, Mr. Bush said the only answer to returning America to prosperity is to remove government controls on the private sector and continue to force open markets to U.S. goods.

“Trade has been one of the world’s most powerful engines of economic growth, and one of the most effective ways to lift people out of poverty. Yet a 60-year movement toward trade liberalization is under threat from creeping protectionism and isolationism,” Mr. Bush said.

Mr. Bush did not cite his successor by name, but many of his warnings seemed directed at policies Mr. Obama has embraced.

In one of his first major decisions on trade policy, Mr. Obama in September imposed a tariff on tire imports from China, making good on a campaign promise to the United Steelworkers union to “crack down” on imports that hurt American workers and industries.

In his speech, which set out his goals for a new policy institute focused on economic growth, education, human freedom and global health, Mr. Bush said he entered politics because “because I saw society drifting away from the values at the heart of the American Dream.”

“I pledged to govern based on principles that empower people to improve their lives and strengthen our nation,” Mr. Bush said. “I believe that free markets open the path to opportunity, that a successful society requires personal responsibility, that freedom is universal and transformative, and that every human life has dignity and value.”

The core of his new presidential complex — scheduled to open in 2013 — will be the George W. Bush Institute. The nonpartisan think tank will include scholars from around the world and advance Mr. Bush’s most dearly held effort as president — advancing human freedom.

“As I said in my second inaugural address, extending the reach of freedom ‘is the urgent requirement of our nation’s security, and the calling of our time,’ ” he told some 1,500 students, faculty, friends, community leaders and supporters.

He plans to continue to support political dissidents and reformers around the world, including those from many of the nations his administration shunned and which Mr. Obama has pledged to engage in dialogue.

“From labor camps in North Korea, to political prisons in Cuba and Burma, university halls in Iran, coffeehouses in Venezuela, and other places, dissidents and reformers are seeking strength and support. When America stands for liberty, they take heart. When we do not, the dictators tighten their grip,” Mr. Bush said.

He announced several fellows for the institute, including the first “fellow in human freedom,” Oscar Morales Guevara. Mr. Guevara used Facebook to launch a movement called “One Million Voices Against the FARC,” the brutal leftist separatist movement in Colombia. A month later, more than 12 million people in 40 countries rallied against the network.

On global health, another key focus of the Bush administration, the former president named as fellow Mark Dybul, who was coordinator of the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief during the Bush years.

“It should affect the conscience of our country when a child goes hungry or dies needlessly from a mosquito bite,” Mr. Bush said. “America has a strategic interest in alleviating suffering, healing disease, and lifting societies out of despair. Hopeful, healthy, productive societies are less likely to be sources of violence and instability — and more likely to be partners in trade, prosperity, and peace.”

Former first lady Laura Bush will play a role as well, overseeing women’s initiatives and education, her pet issue during her tenure in the White House. With Sandy Kress, former chairman of the Dallas County Democratic Party, as the issue’s steward, the institute will seek to evaluate how best “to recruit, prepare, evaluate and reward” principals and administrators.

The presidential complex — at more than 200,000 square feet, second in size only to President Reagan’s library in Simi Valley, Ca. — will include an archives and museum. The archives will hold “four million photos; thousands of boxes of documents; and hundreds of millions of e-mails — not one of which was sent by me,” Mr. Bush said to laughter.

Also at the museum will be a replica of his Oval Office, a “Texas Rose Garden,” Mr. Bush said, and “the bullhorn I used in my first visit to Ground Zero” in New York three days after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Mr. Bush, who is writing his memoirs, due out next fall, seemed to enjoy the spotlight and, as a self-confessed C student, his return to college.

“It’s pretty exciting for a 63-year-old to be back on the college scene. I enjoy popping in on a class from time to time. Come to think of it, that was my strategy as a student,” he said to laughter.

His post-presidency has also provided some interesting opportunities, he said, including one offer “to be a greeter at Elliott’s Hardware.”

Top Republican says White House hiding info on Fort Hood

Top Republican says White House hiding info on Fort Hood

By Eric Zimmermann – 11/11/09 10:13 AM ET

The ranking Republican on the House intelligence committee on Tuesday night accused the White House of withholding information on the Fort Hood attack.

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (Mich.) said administration officials delayed briefing members of Congress about the alleged gunman, raising “red flags” about what the White House was hiding

“When they withhold information, you always start asking questions,” Hoekstra told Fox News. “That’s what raises red flags. What do they know that they don’t want us to know?”

Hoekstra linked President Barack Obama’s handling of Fort Hood to a chain of other GOP criticisms of the president, including the administration’s treatment of detainees and an investigation into possible CIA abuse.

“It is a political correctness that is making it unable for us to identify the real threat of homegrown terrorism,” he alleged.

Hoekstra warned that “we have similar Hasans” in the country. The Michigan Republican has called for his committee to investigate the incident. Chairman Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas) has so far declined, preferring to wait for the conclusion of the joint FBI-Army investigation.

Obama has ordered a review of all intelligence on Hasan.



Books Palin

Fri Nov 13 2009 07:27:12 ET

Going Rogue: An American Life
by Sarah Palin
Chapter Four; Section 8, pages 255-257

By the third week in September, a “Free Sarah” campaign was under way and the press at large was growing increasingly critical of the McCain camp’s decision to keep me, my family and friends back home, and my governor’s staff all bottled up. Meanwhile, the question of which news outlet would land the first interview was a big deal, as it always is with a major party candidate.

From the beginning, Nicolle [Wallace] pushed for Katie Couric and the CBS Evening News. The campaign’s general strategy involved coming out with a network anchor, someone they felt had treated John well on the trail thus far. My suggestion was that we be consistent with that strategy and start talking to outlets like FOX and the Wall Street Journal. I really didn’t have a say in which press I was going to talk to, but for some reason Nicolle seemed compelled to get me on the Katie bandwagon.

“Katie really likes you,” she said to me one day. “she’s a working mom and admires you as a working mom. She has teenage daughter like you. She just relates to you,” Nicolle said. “believe me, I know her very well. I’ve worked with her.” Nicolle had left her gig at CBS just a few months earlier to hook up with the McCain campaign. I had to trust her experience, as she had dealt with national politics more than I had. But something always struck me as peculiar about the way she recalled her days in the White House, when she was speaking on behalf of President George W. Bush. She didn’t have much to say that was positive about her former boss or the job in general. Whenever I wanted to give a shout-out to the White House’s homeland security efforts after 9/11, we were told we couldn’t do it. I didn’t know if that was Nicolle’s call.

Nicolle went on to explain that Katie really needed a career boost. “She just has such low self-esteem,” Nicolle said. She added that Katie was going through a tough time. “She just feels she can’t trust anybody.”

I was thinking, And this has to do with John McCain’s campaign how?

Nicolle said. “She wants you to like her.”

Hearing all that, I almost started to feel sorry for her. Katie had tried to make a bold move from lively morning gal to serious anchor, but the new assignment wasn’t going very well.

“You know what? We’ll schedule a segment with her,” Nicolle said. “If it doesn’t go well, if there’s no chemistry, we won’t do any others.”

Meanwhile, the media blackout continued. It got so bad that a couple of times I had a friend in Anchorage track down phone numbers for me, and then I snuck in calls to folks like Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and someone I thought was Larry Kudlow but turned out to be Neil Cavuto’s producer. I had a friend call Bill O’Reilly after I was inundated with supporters in Alaska asking why the campaign was “ignoring” his on-air requests for a McCain campaign interview. I had another friend scrambling to find Mark Levin’s number. Aboard the campaign plane I was within twenty-five feet of reporters for hours on end. Headquarters’ strategy was that I should not go to the back of the aircraft and talk to the press. At first this was subtle, but as the campaign wore on, Tracey or Tucker would call headquarters to request permission, and someone in DC would respond, “No! Absolutely not- block her if she tries to go back.”

Obama’s union drive stumbles in N.H.

Obama’s union drive stumbles in N.H.

November 13th, 2009

By S.A. Miller, Washington Times

Obama is doing what he  can to pay back labor for their support

President Obama’s moves to boost the labor movement suffered a setback this week, when the administration was forced to cancel the first federal construction contract in more than a decade requiring union representation of workers.

The Department of Labor, citing a “need to evaluate the issues” surrounding the union-friendly bidding process, pulled the plug on the competition for a $35 million contract to build a 160,000-square-foot Job Corps Center in Manchester, N.H., after contractors formally challenged the union mandate.

The requirement, known as a “project labor agreement” or PLA, was adopted as one in a series of policy changes by Mr. Obama to strengthen the labor movement, though he has not delivered on unions’ top legislative priority, the so-called “card-check” bill that would make it easier to organize workplaces.

“This is a real win for the principle of fair and open competition in government procurement,” said Maurice Baskin, an attorney for the business group Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), which backed the complaint credited with derailing the PLA.

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Jihad: Not in BHO’s lexicon

Jihad: Not in BHO’s lexicon

November 13th, 2009

By Floyd and Mary Beth Brown, Expose Obama

Obama’s refusal to recognize the threat of jihad is endangering America

President Obama needs to throw his “Muslims can do no evil” rose-colored glasses off and see the real world. After listening to remarks by Barack Hussein Obama in Fort Hood, Texas, we were struck by how unemotional he is to tragedy. That is, Obama appears to be genuinely mourning the victims of the brutal jihad-inspired massacre that left 13 dead; but even now, he refuses to understand the gravity of the events and underlying reasons that lead to this terrorist attack on America’s valiant soldiers.

To Obama, terrorism and Islamist jihad are words stricken from his presidential lexicon. Without these words, you cannot adequately understand these brutal events on America’s homeland. Jihad flows from very specific Islamic teachings. This attack was a premeditated act of unspeakable terrorism, including the ritual pre-jihad (pre-attack) cleansing routine caught in part on convenience store cameras. Politically correct denial of Islam’s role in this bloodletting is foolishness and dangerous. And Obama and his administration will not be able to protect us against further similar acts if they continually refuse to admit reality.

What is the evidence to substantiate our claims?

The FBI knew that Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan had communicated with a radical, extremist imam nearly a year before the attack. Yet, they wrongly determined the Army officer was no threat. Why was he categorized as a nonthreat? What official or officials cleared him? For what reason did they clear him?

We have learned from Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, that the Obama administration knew months ago that Hasan and the radical Yemeni imam “had exchanged 10 to 20 e-mails.”

The imam influencing the Muslim shooter is Anwar al-Awlaki. He was released from a jail in Yemen last year. Al-Awlaki writes an anti-American blog that repeatedly denounces the war on terror. He presided at the mosque in Falls Church, Va., that Hasan attended, a center known for radical Islamic teaching.

When will these radical mosques on American soil be shut down? We expect radical pro-jihad teaching and Islamic-fascism in the Middle East, but we don’t need to accept it in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. We all enjoy freedom of religion, but not the freedom to incite others to violence, which is exactly what is happening in some American mosques.

The news that FBI Director Robert Mueller ordered “an internal investigation into whether the agency mishandled an ‘assessment’ of Hasan” is not enough. This investigation shouldn’t be handled internally. We need an independent investigation to assess why the Obama administration’s intelligence was so inadequate. No cover-ups to protect themselves this time. They’re paid to protect American citizens, not themselves.

Why was no FBI agent still tracking Islamic extremist Hasan’s activities and website postings?

Another scary thought. What other targets of investigations have been ruled nonthreats by these same officials who misjudged Hasan?

The Army is under intense pressure from liberals to become politically correct proponents of Islam and other so-called downtrodden minorities. Servicing pet causes of the Washington elite is not, nor has it ever been, the proper role of the military. They are a fighting machine with the very specific job of killing enemies. It is imperative that Americans be better informed about how the Obama administration is changing the military and allowing it to be infiltrated by Islamists.

A number of complaints were made to commanding Army officers about Hasan. What officer in the Army ignored those complaints and cleared Hasan for duty? Since Hasan is a psychiatrist, what was he saying to American soldiers when he counseled them?

According to the Washington Post, Hasan “warned a roomful of senior Army physicians a year and a half ago that to avoid ‘adverse events,’ the military should allow Muslim soldiers to be released as conscientious objectors instead of fighting in wars against other Muslims. As a senior-year psychiatric resident at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Maj. Nidal M. Hasan was supposed to make a presentation on a medical topic of his choosing as a culminating exercise of the residency program. Instead, in late June 2007, he stood before his supervisors and about 25 other mental health staff members and lectured on Islam, suicide bombers and threats the military could encounter from Muslims conflicted about fighting in the Muslim countries of Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Clearly, the Army cannot say they didn’t know his views. The innocent souls murdered at Fort Hood will only rest in peace when the politically correct thought police who protected Hasan are court-martialed by the Army – and Obama trashes his rose-colored glasses while he is president.

Obama’s Man-Caused Disaster Chickens Come Home to Roost

Obama’s Man-Caused Disaster Chickens Come Home to Roost

By Neil Braithwaite

In her first testimony before Congress back in March of this year, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano laid the groundwork for the Obama administration’s new “politically correct” Homeland Security doctrine. Without ever mentioning “terrorist” or “terrorism” during her testimony, Secretary Napolitano put forth the politically correct term for those two words: “man-caused disaster.” Defining the term as “nuance” to the German news site Spiegel Online, Secretary Napolitano further stated, “…it demonstrates that we want to move away from the politics of fear toward a policy of being prepared for all risks that can occur.” The “T”-word has been off limits by the Obama administration ever since.
Noting the Obama administration’s new Homeland Security doctrine as proffered by Secretary Napolitano, James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation may not have known just how prophetic he was when he stated, “By deliberately trying not to use the ‘T’-word, they [the Obama administration] run a serious political risk. If something does happen, they’ll be accused of taking their eye off the ball and no amount of explanation after the fact will suffice.”
Well, something did happen, and Carafano’s prophecy has come true.
President Obama’s new Homeland Security doctrine has taken our country from being the world’s strongest and most intimidating superpower to a weak and vulnerable nation being singled out by every terrorist organization in the world. And make no mistake: Whether homegrown or international, these terrorists want America destroyed at any cost. The Obama administration’s Homeland Security doctrine has become no more than a politically correct welcome mat for every Muslim jihadist on the planet.
President Obama is willfully surrendering America’s safety for the sake of political correctness and tolerance. This comes on the back of his selfish ambition to become the savior of the world, the consequences of which are leaving America more vulnerable to attack at home and abroad on every front, be it financial or military.
Terrorist organizations are taking advantage of President Obama’s perceived weakness and ignorance. But the truly ignorant are our political leaders — and they should know better — not to mention the left-wing media and the millions of duped Americans who have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to reality as they play in concert with President Obama’s insidious plan to weaken and socialize America.
Furthermore, President Obama’s ceaseless apologies for all the world’s problems will have the exact opposite effect of what he intends. His apologies for American “hate” will only empower those who hate us. His apologies for American “violence” will serve to invite violence from those who would do us harm. His apologies for America’s “oppression” will further oppress all those living under the same dictatorial regimes he seeks to appease and befriend. His apologies for America’s “intolerance” will insight a backlash of zero tolerance for everything American and invoke calls for reparations from all who have been offended. .
Our new president has opened a giant Pandora’s box, and from it flows an evil stream of contempt, anger, hate, and danger aimed point-blank at our great nation. There can be no better example of this than the attack on American soil by a homegrown terrorist, Muslim jihadist Nidel Malik Hasan. Hasan’s calculated domestic terrorist attack at Fort Hood can be directly traced to the Obama administration’s Homeland Security doctrine.
Many Americans are now beginning to honestly wonder about our country’s future as they ask themselves a very disturbing question…will America sleep safely tonight?
Neil Braithwaite is a real estate broker and writer in Charlotte, NC. He writes political commentary and satire and is a regular contributor to

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The audacity of extremism

The audacity of extremism

By James Lewis

Audacity is supposed to be a talent in great generals — at least some of them.  That’s where the phrase comes from: “L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace!” It’s attributed to the Kaiser Friedrich der Grosse, to Georges Danton, (one of the big head-choppers of the French Revolution), and to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Audacity can be effective in warfare, because surprise assaults can break through a Maginot Line.  But another word for audacity is “gambling.” The price you often have to pay is overreach and defeat. Napoleon’s audacity led straight to an historic defeat for Imperial France in Russia. France never recovered — it’s had two straight centuries of military defeats since Napoleon. His invasion of Russia also caused unimaginable suffering, just like Hitler’s invasion a century later.  Audacity is not necessarily a good thing.
When Obama uses the phrase “The Audacity of Hope,” we hope he’s talking about peaceful audacity.  But we can’t be sure — because Obama and his inner circle are extremists in any reasonable meaning of that word, certainly by the standards of normal American politics. That’s why Obama seems so foreign. That is what “radical” means; it’s another word for “extremist.” These folks love to preen themselves on being radical. Rules for Radicals is their Bible, and it’s Obama’s manual for “community organizing”  — which looks just like community destruction. Alinsky dedicated Rules for Radicals to Lucifer,  because Lucifer is the symbol of destructive extremism. Don’t tell me these folks are mainstream Americans. No way.
Obama is running the most extremist administration in American history. It’s chockfull of wild-eyed bizarros like Van Jones, Rahm Gawdhelpus, and the whole Chicago Gang. How many presidential chiefs of staff have publicly yelled “Dead! Dead! Dead!” while stabbing a steak knife into a dinner table, just to show what he wanted to do to his political enemies? Rahm Emanuel’s the only one. How many have done the Godfather schtick by sending a dead fish to a journalist?  Rahmbo wants to scare people, and Obama knew that when he hired him. It can’t be an accident that Rahm is Obama’s Capo di tutti Capi.
That’s extremism. Maybe it’s normal in Moscow or Khazakstan. In American politics it’s extremist. 
Let’s pretend it’s all theater, and when Obama uses the word “audacity” he means a political Blitzkrieg, a surprise attack with maximum force at the weakest point on the enemy’s front. George Patton used that kind of audacity with the Third Army in Europe, but Eisenhower made sure that Patton was kept in check. Eisenhower only let him off the leash after Normandy, and even then Omar Bradley was put in place to ride herd on Patton.  Ike knew exactly what he was doing.
I don’t think Obama has a General Eisenhower to keep him from doing stupid things. He makes too many flaming mistakes; look at the Fort Hood fiasco. The Brits are now beginning to laugh at Obama’s weird, compulsive egomania.  Even the New Republic is catching on.
Obama eliminated his Chicago competition by dumping dirt on his election opponents through the media, forcing them to drop out before the election.  He beat Hillary by stacking the caucus states and smearing Bill Clinton as a racist. Blitzkrieg is how Obama conquered the banks and the car companies — and if the Senate GOP crumbles on Mob-O-Care, that’s how he will conquer another one-sixth of the American economy.
There’s a good chance that Obama is behind the obsessive smear campaign against Sarah Palin, because Palin is the only charismatic candidate the Republicans have. Sarah Palin arouses tremendous enthusiasm just by being herself. She is the anti-Obama. So the Chicago Gang is trying to eliminate her as fast as possible, just like they got rid of Obama’s Chicago opposition. Political Blitzkrieg.
The real problem is that all of Obama’s enemies are good and decent Americans. He doesn’t seem to use his political Blitzkrieg methods against our real enemies, like that madman in Tehran. That’s pretty significant.
Obama has the audacity of extremism. This White House is now trying to smear conservatives as “extremists.” It’s pure projection. What could be more extreme than conquering one-sixth of the US economy with the help of nasties like Pelosi and Reid? We are seeing an extremist alliance in Washington, by far the worst example of political extremists in positions of power in American history. When presidential candidates were picked in smoked-filled rooms, everybody knew who they were. Obama wouldn’t have stood a chance. Today the Democrats have affirmative action for delegates, caucus states that can be stacked, and a state-controlled media circus. The result is the most extremist White House in history.
Well, Napoleon met his Waterloo, and Hitler lost his twenty divisions on the Eastern Front. Audacity only works in the short term. In the long run you encounter into smart chess players who just pull their troops back to Moscow and let you get lost in a thousand miles of snow.
Obama is now close to the point of overreaching. That’s why this White House is going all out to drive its Panzer divisions through the opposition just as fast as possible. They know they are running out of time. Nancy Pelosi got away with a Blitzkrieg in the House — that’s why she had to lie about the 72 hour public posting of the bill. She had to push Mob-O-Care through before too many voters caught on and raised a ruckus. Well, next year tens of millions of voters will give their yellow-belly Blue Dogs a well-deserved drubbing. There will be a price to pay, and we can only hope and pray that it will be big and long-lasting for the Demagogic Party. Unfortunately, millions of voters are still incredibly ignorant or suckered by the state-controlled media; that’s the only hope the Democrats have.
Will the Senate be Obama’s Stalingrad? Will the Mob-O-Care bill become his turning point? We can be pretty sure there will be a voter backlash, because Democrats always overreach, and when the voters figure it out they always turn against them: Look at Jimmy Carter and all the other Democrats who lost elections because they looked supremely ridiculous sitting in a tank wearing a helmet.  Obama is no better than McGovern, Dukakis, Mondale, Gore or Kerry. Judging by his failure dealing with the Fort Hood massacre he’s actually even more out of touch than they were. If Kerry and Dukakis were fools on defense and crime, Obama is a Napoleonic fool. This White House can’t pretend to be serious on national security. They’re letting General McChrystal wait for months for his needed troops, just as if the Taliban are going to sit still all that time. This is incompetence on a grand scale.  If you’re not feeling scared you’re just not paying attention.
But America is robust. We took the hit of 9/11, and Wall Street didn’t buckle, as Osama Bin Laden hoped and expected. Yes, we are hag-ridden by a vicious Left, and by a truly corrupt set of elites, surely the worst ones in our history — including the Hollywood gang that doesn’t understand that child rape is evil, our media who fawn over Obama and lie every single day as a matter of routine, our Politically Correct dumbed-down schools and colleges, and now all three branches of the Federal government.
Yet we have weathered worse storms. The Revolutionary War and the Civil War were worse. The three world wars of the 20th century were worse. So take heart.
As Edmund Burke famously wrote after the French Revolution, 
Because half-a-dozen grasshoppers under a fern make the field ring with their importunate chink, whilst thousands of great cattle, reposed beneath the shadow of the British oak, chew the cud and are silent, pray do not imagine that those who make the noise are the only inhabitants of the field; that of course they are many in number; or that, after all, they are other than the little shrivelled, meagre, hopping, though loud and troublesome insects of the hour.
The Audacity of Obama is a front, and it’s starting to crumble. America’s endurance is in our people, the tens of millions who remember our history — not the phony history that the vulgar Marxists are now peddling all over the schools. The conservative media are beginning to seize the national narrative again. All we need to do is to tell the truth over and over, every single chance we get.
Our great American Oak Tree will outlive the grasshoppers of the hour, may they never chirp so loud.  Obama is like his styrofoam Greek columns. He’s all show, all hungry ego, all chirping grasshopper, all Styrofoam.
America is a lot tougher and a lot more enduring than the radicals who now prance around Washington, DC.

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