Obama and Islam

Obama and Islam

Thomas Lifson

President Obama is playing out a drama on the world stage, addressing Islam as a virtual supplicant, and conceding serious issues, while getting nothing in return. Why?

Richard Baehr writes:

The President demanded a complete freeze on Israeli settlement building, including in sections of Jerusalem, supposedly in return for some conciliatory gestures by the Palestinians and Arab states  toward Israel.  The demands on Israel hardened Palestinian attitudes, and the PA made a total settlement freeze a precondition for resuming peace talks. No gestures towards Israel were forthcoming from any Arab party. Instead, the Palestinians and Arab states launched a full frontal assault on Israel at the UN with the Goldstone Report as ammunition.

The President promised he would meet without preconditions with any foreign leader.  For 9 months, he pressured Congress not to pass any tougher sanctions bill against Iran, while he floated his diplomatic offensive. When the mullahs stole the recent election, Obama was tongue tied, and avoided criticizing the brutal suppression of dissent, calling only for an end to violence, as if violence just breaks out like the flu. When the group of six nations meeting with Iran  offered a plan for taking low enriched uranium from Iran to Russia  for further enrichment (ignoring Iran’s violation of prior Security Council resolutions that prohibited such enrichment at all),  Iran stalled,, and blocked the deal. We have been slapped around and humiliated, which is what happens when you are taken for a weakling.
So why does the president adopt such positions bespeaking an inferior power seeking mercy from a great power? When assembled in the video below, Obama’s comments on Islam are stunning.

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