Obama Ain’t Trying, Rahm Is Lying, And Troops Are Dying

Obama Ain’t Trying, Rahm Is Lying, And Troops Are Dying

October 26th, 2009 Posted By Erik Wong.


Ace Of Spades:

Any day now. Any. Day.

Sources tell ABC News that as of now President Obama will likely announce his decision about a new strategy in Afghanistan at some point between the Afghan run-off election, November 7, and the president’s departure for Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday, November 11.

…Sources emphasize that no decision has yet been made, but as of now it looks as though the president is leaning towards sending more troops to Afghanistan, though not as many as Gen. Stanley McChrystal requested, 40,000.

Or the decision could be put off until after Obama gets back. Either way.

As for Rahm Emanuel, you may recall he said the Obama administration had to start from scratch on Afghanistan because those damn Bush people did nothing. Per Gibbsy today, that little slander is no longer operative.

Q Was your administration briefed (on Afghanistan options by the Bush Administration)?

MR. GIBBS: With people that — it’s been public that we got these reviews. I mean, we can show articles where these things are discussed.

While some of the information was helpful, the President obviously found it instructive to do a review of his own, and that’s what Bruce Riedel did in the spring, which led to the President signing off on additional forces that went to Afghanistan.

One other thing Bruce Riedel found that the White House and Sheriff Joe Biden are as worried about the politics of Afghanistan than they are the strategy. Maybe even more worried about the politics.

“I think a big part of it is, the vice president’s reading of the Democratic party is this is not sustainable,” Riedel told the New York Times. “That’s a part of the process that’s a legitimate question for a president–if I do this, can I sustain it with political support at home? That was the argument the vice president was making back in the winter.”

And you wingnuts were worried Obama might vote ‘Present’ on important issue rather than exercise leadership and maybe risk some political capital.

SEIU leads new banking shakedown campaign

SEIU leads new banking shakedown campaign

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 25, 2009 11:25 PM

At the annual American Banking Association conference this weekend in Chicago, the SEIU army spearheaded an angry mob protest against major financial institutions who have taken federal bailout funds.

It was the usual left-wing Kabuki theater. If the protesters were sincerely mad about the government bailouts, they’d be yelling on Capitol Hill and in front of the White House. SEIU is simply taking over for its disgraced brethren at ACORN — with whom they have long collaborated on corporate shakedowns. Remember: SEIU and ACORN are flip sides of the same corrupted coin.

This isn’t about demanding an end to corporate welfare. It’s about getting a piece of the action through the “persuasion of power.”

Call it Muscle for Money 2.0. Here’s video:

From the SEIU’s “Big Banks” attack site, here’s a list of the shakedown collaborators:

* A New Way Forward
* Action Now
* Albany Park Neighborhood Council
* Alliance to Develop Power (ADP)
* Americans for Fairness in Lending
* Americans for Financial Reform
* ARISE Chicago
* Brighton Park Neighborhood Council
* Central Illinois Organizing Project (CIOP)
* Center for Community Change (CCC)
* Change in Terms
* Change To Win
* Chicago Coalition of the Homeless
* Citizen Action
* Communities United for Action (CUFA)
* Community Voices Heard (CVH)
* Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organization (CCISCO)
* Gender Just Metanoia Centers, Inc.
* Grassroots Collaborative
* Green Party of Nevada
* Fuerza Laboral/Power of Workers
* Housing Action Illinois
* Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans
* Illinois Hunger Coalition
* Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
* Jane Addams Senior Caucus
* Jobs with Justice
* Michigan People’s Action (MPA)
* MoveOn
* Northside Action and Justice
* Northside POWER
* Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition
* National People’s Action
* People Organized for West Side Renewal (POWER)
* PUSH Buffalo
* Right to the City Alliance
* Rights for All People (RAP)
* Roomdad Productions
* SEIU Illinois State Council
* SEIU Local 1
* South Austin Coalition Community Council (SACCC)
* Sunflower Community Action
* Syracuse United Neighbors (SUN)
* Teach Our Children (TOC)
* UE
* UCLA Undergraduate Students Association
* Workers United
* Working In Neighborhoods (WIN)

Keep the list handy. With ACORN in hiding, these “social justice” groups will be the SEIU’s new human stage props for its racketeering command performances.

The SEIU Illinois organizers have more disruptive activities planned through Tuesday.


Let me once again draw your attention to the useful chart from GOP congressmen Peter Roskam, Patrick McHenry, and Mark Kirk illustrating the SEIU-ACORN alliance: