An honest obituary of “Sir” Ted Kennedy you’ll never see in print

An honest obituary of “Sir” Ted Kennedy you’ll never see in print

August 26, 2009, 7:18 am

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Senator Ted Kennedy has lost his battle to live. As a Christian I hope God has mercy on him. He suffered from a ghastly cancerous brain tumor that has apparently taken his life.

Obviously Kennedy will be canonized by acclamation in the media today and for days to come. The British Crown has already given him an honorary knighthood making him “Sir Edward” but genuine Americans know better.

These things said, I offer the following brief but honest obituary items which have no chance of appearing anywhere in the Democrat controlled media.

“It’s hard to think of anyone who singlehandedly did more damage to America than Ted Kennedy. Starting with his disgusting criminal conduct at Chappaquiddick when he abandoned Mary Jo Kopechne to die, Kennedy was always a destructive force in America’s public life. Because Kennedy was never prosecuted, as he should have been, his crime did enormous damage to America’s sense of justice and belief that “no one is above the law.”

“On signing the 1965 Civil Rights Law, Lyndon Johnson lamented, “We [Democrats] have lost the South for a generation.” This moved Kennedy to commit perhaps his most egregious acts when he sponsored two Immigration reform bills that slammed the door on Europeans who had traditionally brought industriousness and honor to America. Instead they cleared the way for millions and millions of legal and illegal aliens from elsewhere who often bring no skills but palpable contempt for America. Kennedy is responsible for the damage they have done.

“One of Kennedy’s most memorable quotes came in a rare truthful moment during a discussion about socialism he said, “[Socialism] hasn’t worked in 6,000 years of recorded history because it didn’t have me to run it.”

“Sir Edward’s family asks for donations to LaRaza or groups he loved so dearly.”

Politically correct services in Sir Edward’s memory will be held in Boston New York and San Francisco. I won’t be attending any.

Do it for Ted

The Marxists will try to use Kennedy’s corpse as a platform to spring into action ram through Obamacare and “do it for Ted.” We have to redouble our efforts to stop this last assault by sycophantic liberal robots all snots and tears over their hero’s death. We can’t become slaves just to honor this man who has already done us some much harm. We can’t let Sir Edward assault us even from his grave.

“Sir” Edward was an enemy of everything that made America great and now he is gone. There is not much more to honestly say about him. Nevertheless, I hope God’s mercies showered him at his judgment.

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