Overwhelming change

Overwhelming change

Maury Siskel
We are experiencing a most obvious, planned effort to completely mask a cynical goal to transform this nation. There are massive amounts of economic legislation pending, massive unconstitutional economic actions taken by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury, massive appointments of presidential advisors with no reasonable public review of either them or their staffs.

The advisors’ jobs are not publicly defined,  their salaries in these government jobs have not been revealed; there is no public definition of their powers,  their limits, and no suggestion yet of even the nature of the ‘advice’ they are giving to the President.

Most recently, the President has decided to initiate a new unlimited investigation of members of the CIA by appointing a so-called prosecutor who can add to all the other overwhelming confusion. An added dividend for the Administration is the continued use of that evil pair, Bush/Cheney, as the ultimate scapegoats for all possible ills perceived by the general public.

In short, the United States is being overwhelmed and misled on such a scale that it boggles belief! Many citizens actually are being gulled into thinking that this process is some form of liberal  progress!

Genuine liberals from Spartacus, through Locke, to King would be spinning in their graves if they could witness this process.
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