How Obamacare’s mandated pg 91 line 4-7 “translation services” can spark a Second Civil War

How Obamacare’s mandated pg 91 line 4-7 “translation services” can spark a Second Civil War

August 17th, 2009

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

This is the simple but powerful text of the 10th Amendment to our Constitution.

The first impression a reading of Obamacare’s scheme brings to mind are the many blatant violations of the 10th Amendment it contains.

One such violation is the demand that ALL medical service providers and facilities be compelled to include on staff translators able to render “language-appropriate services” in potentially hundred of languages.

Page 91 lines 4 – 7 essentially demands any medical services provider to have translators available to communicate with non English speakers in their own language either by telephone or in person. This is a disaster in waiting.

New York City’s welfare department provides a look at what Obamacare’s “language-appropriate services” means. In 2003 the City agreed to use taxpayers’ money to cover “translation services” for six languages. That’s grown to 21 and New York is being sued for not covering Soninke a Nigerian language. Already NYC just one locality provides 7000 translations yearly!

Civil War in Court.The Census Bureau recognizes 337 languages spoken or signed in America. There are thirty states with “English Only” laws meaning Obamacare violently collides with States’ 10th Amendment rights.

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