Presidential Dissonance

Presidential Dissonance

Lance Fairchok

cognitive dissonance: noun : psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously
Yesterday at a softball town hall meeting stuffed with pre-screened supporters, President Obama said the following: “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine; it’s the post office that’s always having problems.”


Oh the irony! That the President would, in so simple and clueless a fashion, utter the most crystalline sentence I could imagine to debunk his own absurd policies. Private postal industries, performing in ways a government run enterprise cannot, are doing fine, while the Post Office, the eternal taxpayer money pit, is not. That simple truth should be broadcast far and wide, in the Presidents own words. Even the first Socialist American President, a man who is attempting to transform us into a nanny state identical to our European allies, understands at some level, that private enterprise is the most successful way to prosper as a nation. So why is he working so hard to undermine it?


Perhaps he is able, in his arrogance and narcissism, to actually hold two conflicting ideas in his head and not suffer the psychological conflict of cognitive dissonance. The ideological indoctrination of so many years of mentoring by radicals and leftist academics may have shaped an intellect so acrobatic in its logic and so convoluted in its cognitive processes that it does not see the contradiction, or is incapable of perceiving itself as hypocritical. Either way, the monumental hypocrisy of the statement in the context of his actions is abundantly clear for all to see. Americans are waking from their stupor.


One simple thoughtless delicious sentence could undo months of political manipulation and maneuvering. The Democrats will tie themselves up in knots trying to bury it. The spin that will come about this sentence will be a wonder to behold.

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