Truth, Justice and Tolerance upside down—Our President just spoke in Cairo and he said he wanted to speak truth but the speech was a lie from start to finish

Truth, Justice and Tolerance upside down

By Walid Shoebat and Keith Davies


Our President just spoke in Cairo and he said he wanted to speak truth but the speech was a lie from start to finish. He tried to portray Islam as a tolerant religion. Try ask the families of the million and half Armenian Christians butchered by the Turks in the name of Allah, or the Hindus butchered in the tens of millions in India during the middle ages or try telling the 850,000 Jews who fled Arab countries between 1948 and 1973, or what about the millions of Christians and Black Muslims (not real Muslims according to the Arabs) butchered by the Arab Muslims in Darfur Sudan; just a few of the tolerant moments of Islam. Maybe we could examine the persecution of Copts, Maronites and other Middle Eastern Christians over the last several centuries including the current times. I personally have spoken to dozens of families about how their wives, daughters, aunts and nieces have been subjected to unspeakable rapes, kidnapping and imprisonment with no course for redress.

John Adams the second president may have signed a peace treaty with Tripoli (morocco) Pirates but did not compliment Islam, the President Obama took those words out of context and then on top omitted the castigation and condemnation of Islam by John Adams’ son; John Quincy Adam’s, the sixth president, who said quote “The essence of his doctrine (Islam) was violence, lust: to exalt brutal over the spiritual part of human nature.”

President Obama continues with his his lies about the “Justice, progress and dignity of all Human beings in Islam”. Well Mr. President try asking that question to the wives of most Muslims; if only those women had a chance to taste Western freedom of expression. Our President deceives himself as he deceives others. He is a disgrace to the cause of civil rights, not for just Christians and Jews but to all that live under the yoke of Islam. The huge amount of evidence showing Islamic brutality today and of the past hat is denied by President Obama with omission and unfortunately also denied by many in our society, including most of the church in America and the West.

According to the philosophy of the left and our President, is that if you are a minority you have the right to be more privileged than the majority because of the past injustices that were inflicted on that minority. Affirmative action is for every minority except for Jews/Israelis because if you are a Jew living in the Middle East or Israel you have to be subservient to the Muslims and to our President Barack Hussein Obama, who is “proud of his Muslim heritage.”

If Islam is not a peaceful religion and Zionism is true then I am a proud extremist. The President does not speak the truth and should be impeached for hate crimes and racism against Jews, for despising and undermining our constitution, for attempting to bankrupt the country, for lying to the American people about what he promised them before being elected and allegedly for proposing a racist supreme court judge. America is still divided and not united because the truth is lost, lies are embraced and deception is the order of the day.

In regards to Israel the President made a clear and unequivocal statement at AIPAC about an undivided Jerusalem but that I am sure will be the next change in his position after he pounds the Jews into giving up Judea.

If you are a true liberal how can you justify Jews giving up their homes or expanding their economic welfare because they are Jews? Arabs want a state called Palestine, fine, if that is what they want why can Jews not live in a state called Palestine as a peaceful minority just like Arabs live within Israel’s Green Line. If Jews cannot be part of “Palestine” then Arabs should not be part of Israel, kick them all out, let them live in their utopia terror state called Palestine. No, because if Israel were to do this they would be called an apartheid state but it is OK to be an Arab and be guilty of an Apartheid policy, which is called “freedom fighting” by the left and the Arabs. How tolerant Mr. President! And for those that say that Jews should not be there in the first place, that is another lie. Jews lived in JUDEA continuously for nearly 4000 years except between 1948 and 1967 when THEY were ethnically cleansed by the Jordanians. In 1967 after the Six Day War did Jews return to
reclaim the birthright of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Hebron is in Judea, Bethlehem the burial place of Rachel is in Judea. If Judea does not belong to the Jews then neither does Tel Aviv or Haifa. Stand up Jews and make your case, stop being so practical and reasonable, your enemies are not interested in land, or economic development, or living in harmony with you, their religion of Islam forbids it, they are only interested in destroying you, Islamic tolerance is a myth, a lie and a deception. When they shouted idbah-al-Yahud (slaughter the Jews) prior to 1948 war, prior to 1967 war and today in every mosque in the Middle East, what part of ‘slaughter the Jews’ do you Jews not understand?

When Israel withdrew all the Jews from Gaza, all this brought was more war, actually more Palestinian Arabs died when Israel gave them “freedom,” more Palestinian Arabs have been murdered by their own people; more Palestinian Arabs have been imprisoned by Hamas, due to Israel’s foolish policy which has also caused the death of dozens of Jews, as well as terrifying the whole population of towns in Southern Israel. Yet our rock star President wishes to direct Israel to make the exact same concessions in Judea and Samaria and expect a different result. In fact if Israel does do the President’s bidding, and withdraws from Judea and Samaria can we expect peace or another Gaza blueprint?

You do not have to be a committed right winger or Zionist ideologue, but use ones common sense to be able to understand that the most likely outcome would be another Gaza situation, but this time it will be even worse, because now you have every person in Israel that can be targeted by Hamas Rockets. Yes Hamas rockets, because every person who understands the security situation knows that if Israel hands control over Judea and Samaria to Abbas of the PLO, then Hamas will immediately overthrow him and you will have the same situation as Gaza. Abbas depends on Israel’s security forces for him to maintain power. The whole peace process with Abbas is a complete sham.

If the American administration truly understood the reality then it needs to be racist towards Hamas instead of the Jews, i.e. destroy the terrorists with uncompromising force then you may not get peace but you will have neutralized the enemy and disemboweled their ability from making war which is much better than the current status quo.

If Israel had some common sense it would use the above arguments in the public domain to make their case, but alas they stand silent. By their silence they will not get peace, they will not get security and they will continue to suffer. They suffer because they will not honor truth, they will not honor G-d’s Promise.

Democrats Weigh Health Mandate as Obama Urges Taxing Wealthy

Democrats Weigh Health Mandate as Obama Urges Taxing Wealthy


By Laura Litvan and Ryan Donmoyer

June 7 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama wants Congress to consider taxing the wealthy instead of workers to pay for a health-care overhaul, as House Democrats discuss a plan to require health insurance for most Americans.

The Obama administration stepped up efforts to influence health-care legislation today as advisers David Axelrod and Austan Goolsbee appeared on television talk shows to discuss the issue.

The president is trying to avoid broad-based levies such as a Senate proposal to tax some employer-provided health benefits Axelrod said. Instead he is urging lawmakers to reconsider limiting all tax deductions for Americans in the highest tax brackets.

“He made a very strong case for the proposal that he put on the table, which was to cap deductions for high-income Americans, and he urged them to go back and look at that,” Axelrod said on the CNN’s “State of the Union.” Goolsbee, appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” said Obama is “mindful” about how “ordinary Americans are able to foot the bills” and never proposed taxing employee benefits.

House Democrats are weighing a new proposal in response to Obama’s call for legislation to be enacted by August. An outline of the plan obtained by Bloomberg News would require Americans to have insurance with some exceptions.

It would probably exempt those who can prove they can’t find an affordable policy. There could be a tax penalty for those with adequate financial resources who don’t elect to get insurance, according to the outline.

Group Rates

The outline suggests consumers who have individual health insurance policies that they like could keep them. Still, it says that “by and large” the nation’s market for individually purchased health insurance policies would move to a new federally operated exchange. It would permit both individuals and employees of small firms to buy policies at less expensive group rates.

“States will have the option to run a state exchange but the default will be a national exchange,” according to the outline.

Karen Lightfoot, a spokeswoman for House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman, a California Democrat whose panel is working on a proposal, said the document that is circulating is not the official work of the committee.

All House Democrats will be briefed June 9 on the details of a single piece of legislation that three House committees will work on, with the House slated to act by the end of July. The proposal is part of a broader push by Democrats in Congress to complete a revamp of the U.S. health-care system by an early fall timetable set by Obama.

Kennedy’s Approach

In the Senate, health committee chairman Edward Kennedy has an early draft of legislation that also includes a so-called “individual mandate,” and would require all employers to supply health insurance for workers or contribute to the cost of a plan.

Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat, would also create a public health plan to compete with private insurers, a priority of Obama’s that is opposed by Republicans, and would bar insurers from limiting coverage.

The effort to overhaul health-care would affect a sector that makes up 17 percent of the U.S. economy. The goal of Democratic supporters is to provide insurance to most of the nation’s 46 million uninsured, and lower the soaring cost of care. A key challenge is the potential impact of legislation on an already rising U.S. budget deficit that may reach $1.8 trillion this year.

Axelrod, speaking on CNN today, said the ultimate goal of legislation is to reduce costs.

“We have to bring down the cost of health care,” he said. “If we do that and make it affordable, people are going to buy it, mandate or no mandate.”

Burdens on Business

Google Inc. Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, speaking on Fox, said reducing costs would also ease burdens on business.

“The only way to really address this is to address the combination of coverage and cost,” Schmidt said. “So anything that the Congress and the president does has to do that. And from my perspective, the sooner the better.”

“You won’t fundamentally solve the problems in business until you solve the problem of spiraling health-care costs, which is driving everybody crazy,” he added.

Lawmakers have a plethora of proposals to raise the hundreds of billions estimated to be needed for an overhaul, including new taxes on soda, beer, and wine, and a partial tax on employer-provided health insurance for the first time. The tax-free nature of employer-provided insurance is the biggest tax expenditure in the federal budget.

Taxing Cap Deductions

Obama’s own proposal would set a 28 percent cap on tax deductions for items such as mortgage interest, investment expenses and charitable gifts for Americans in the two highest tax brackets, which would be 36 percent and 39.6 percent under his proposals. Without the cap, they would be able to deduct 36 cents and 39.6 cents on the dollar for those expenses, respectively.

Obama also proposes new taxes on securities dealers and life insurers, and to raise revenue by prohibiting certain estate-planning techniques.

House Democrats intend, like Kennedy, to include a new government program to provide health-care to a portion of the uninsured who don’t already qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, according to the outline.

While the lawmakers continue working out the details, they intend the new program to operate through the exchange and for both the public program and private insurance policies to have the same basic benefits.

Helping the Poor

House Democrats want to improve the Medicaid health-care system for the poor, including a uniform benefits package and “improved” provider payments. They are weighing whether to add people who are near the poverty level to Medicaid or to provide subsidies to allow them to purchase their own policies.

The plan would place new restrictions on private insurers, including a bar on excluding coverage for those with “pre- existing conditions.”

The legislation would seek to get some cost savings from Medicare and Medicaid, including incentives for doctors to coordinate their care and get bonuses for improving quality, according to the outline.

To contact the reporter on this story: Laura Litvan in Washington at

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Don’t you wish Obama would occasionally act as he wishes us to act?

Don’t you wish Obama would occasionally act as he wishes us to act?

Ethel C. Fenig
Let’s recall…

Back in February, President Barack Obama (D) warned companies receiving TARP tax (yours’ and mine) monies that they shouldn’t spend it on wasteful expenses such as business travel and staying in nice hotels. Poof! Business in Las Vegas collapsed; air travel declined and many hotel workers lost their jobs; somewhat–admittedly not all–attributed to Obama’s statement.

Since making that announcement, Obama has jetted off to Europe to participate in meetings with Continentals who dutifully admired his wife’s clothes, returned and then jetted off again to Cairo to do outreach community work with a speech he could have just as easily read from White House teleprompters. It still would have dutifully been carried by al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya as well as all the international electronic news platforms, easily piped in to those he was trying to soothe. And appease.

From there he traveled to Europe to participate in ceremonies marking the 65th anniversary of D-Day; thousands upon thousands of American service personnel lost their lives to help liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny. Very appropriate. Sandwiched in between these travels he has toured the country, meeting the folks as if he were still campaigning and taking his wife out of town to dinner and a show.

Obama also worked hard at home, nationalizing companies. Stoking resentment around the world, especially Canada, our friendly neighbor to the north, Obama publicly advocated and helped pass laws that government stimulus money (once again, yours’ and mine) be used to “Buy American,” thus perhaps precipitating a trade war. Disgusted, Canada has understandably retaliated with a “Buy Canadian” campaign.

Joining Obama in Paris for the D-Day ceremonies were his wife Michelle and their two daughters, who according to this report by Ginger Otis Adams in the NY Post:

The girls and Michelle will stay an extra day to shop, aides said.

Hey, I’m just saying, you know?

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More Stimulus nonsense from Obama

More Stimulus nonsense from Obama

Rick Moran
In a PR stunt designed to assure the nation that he knows his policies have failed and its time to alter the narrative, President Obama will announce later today an “increase” in spending of the $787 billion stimulus bill that will “save or create” 600,000 jobs.

That last is a knee slapper. As senate minority leader Mitch McConnel says in a Mike Allen story from Politico:

Obama also will face increasing questions not only about the deficit explosion, but uncertainty about the effectiveness of the $787 billion stimulus bill. Republicans say the “save or create” metric for jobs is meaningless, since it’s impossible to prove or disprove.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said in a quote provided to POLITICO:

“I’m very skeptical that the spending binge that we’re on is going to produce much good and, even if it does, anytime soon.”

Ed Lasky adds:

Is this administration anything other than in permanent campaign mode-relying on imagery, false promises, straw men, promises, the teleprompter?

And this from House minority leader John Boehner’s website about the effects of stimulus spending in those first 100 days:

Today [May 27], the Administration is releasing yet another report on its trillion-dollar “stimulus” spending bill – one that Democrats claim will produce only half the jobs at twice the cost of the House GOP’s better stimulus solution.  It’s been a full 100 days since the bill became law, and the Administration is pulling out all the stops to put a positive spin on the legislation, which has been increasingly panned by media and state and local officials as wasteful and inefficient – basically, anything but the “timely, targeted, and temporary” bill Washington Democrats promised earlier this year.  As the Administration marks the 100th day of the “stimulus” spending bill, let’s take a closer look at some of the claims Democrats made about the legislation earlier this year – and how those claims stack 100 days later:

Claim:  The President claimed that the stimulus “…will save or create 3 million to 4 million jobs over the next two years.” (Remarks by the President in Elkhart, Indiana,

Fact Check“State officials have complained about the difficulty of obtaining grants for construction projects, while economists question administration claims that the effort already has saved or created 150,000 jobs.” (Adriel Bettelheim, “Tinkerbell Effect, Part 3: Obama’s Job Creation Efforts,” CQ Politics, May 27, 2009)  The Associated Press reported that: “The early trend seen in the AP analysis runs counter to expectations raised by Obama, that road and infrastructure money from the historic $787 billion stimulus plan would create jobs in areas most devastated by layoffs.” (Matt Apuzzo and Brett Blackledge, “Stimulus Watch: Jobs, But Not Where Needed Most,” Associated Press,  May 11, 2009)

Given these facts, what can the president do to “speed up” stim spending?

Not too darn much. From that same Politico story:

Here are the projects to be spotlighted by the administration:

-Enable 1,129 Health Centers inn 50 States and 8 Territories to Provide Expanded Service to Approximately 300,000 Patients – Department of Health and Human Services

-Begin Work on 107 National Parks – Department of the Interior

-Begin Work on Rehabilitation and Improvement Projects at 98 Airports and Over 1,500 Highway Locations throughout the Country – Department of Transportation

-Fund 135,000 Education Jobs Including Teachers, Principals and Support Staff – Department of Education

-Begin Improvements at 90 Veterans Medical Centers across 38 States – Department of Veterans Affairs

-Hire or Keep on the Job Approximately 5,000 Law Enforcement Officers – Department of Justice

-Start 200 New Waste and Water Systems in Rural America – United States Department of Agriculture

It appears that in order to salvage the lie of the stim bill, the president is doubling down and going for a bigger lie that this “speed up” will “save or create” 600,000 jobs.

I see a lot of “begin work” and “begin improvements” on this list but no dates. With all the trouble states and local governments are having in even getting contracts to spend the money, one wonders how many “make work” boondoggles will result from this ratcheting up of spending.

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky

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