Who caused this financial mess? Democrats. Who is being blamed? Republicans. Amazing!

Who caused this financial mess? Democrats. Who is being blamed? Republicans. Amazing!


Note: The Democratic ban on off shore drilling has expired. If you re-elect them, they will reintroduce it. And America will suffer. Vote smart. Vote against the people who caused this world-wide disaster. The Democratic Party.

How did the Democrats cause this? Bill Clinton’s relaxation of CRA guidelines for minority loans, Fannie May and Jim Johnson (D-26 million) and Franklin Raines (D-96 million), Rep. Barney Frank (D), Sen. Chris Dodd (D) and ACORN. That the who. Here the how. 

This all started in 1995 when the Clinton Administration relaxed the rules for minorities to buy homes. Clinton wanted to make it easier for them. The problem was, the Democrats made it too easy. No down payment, no credit checks, and no income verification – a sure fire receipt for international disaster. Trillions of dollars in mortgages were loaned out to people that had no chance to ever repay them.

The legislation was called the CRA (Community Reassessment Act). Following that, Fannie Mae relaxed its criteria for buying these mortgages from banks.The people involved with all of this were all Democrats: Rep. Barney Frank (D), Sen. Christopher Dodd (D), Jim Johnson CEO of Fannie Mae who left with a 26 million dollar golden parachute in 1999 (D), and Franklin Raines, African American CEO of Fannie Mae from 2000-2004 who left with a 96 million dollar golden parachute. They are the principal culprits along with Dodd’s pet organization, the nationally discredited ACORN.That’ s who caused this mess, not Bush and not the Republicans. This was a fiasco engineered by the Democrats for minority homebuyers who couldn’t qualify under normal conditions. And I fear these included illegal immigrants. After that, everybody got into the act.

Such terrible lending practices brought about the entire collapse of all these companies. Trillions of dollars of bad loans engineered by politics rather than good finance. These people should all be investigated for fraud. Oh yes, here’s the killer: Fannie Mae gave one million dollars to Chris Dodd’s campaign and one million dollars to Barack Obama’s campaign.Need I say more?

This crisis had nothing to do with Bush or the lack of Republican concern for regulations. In fact, the only US Senator who stood up in 2004 and said we needed to control Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before their house of cards collapses was – JOHN McCAIN!!!! And he was ridiculed by Democrats.

This is all true. When the Democrats say otherwise, they are lying through their teeth. Just go to the records and see for yourself. And watch the ACORN video because ACORN is right in the middle of this whole smelly mess –




Barack Obama worked as a “community organizer” for ACORN.

So what is “ACORN”.

ACORN is a black national inner city pressure group that almost destroyed America. They are the national democrat-sponsored group that routinely tries to register DEAD PEOPLE to vote and have been caught in a number of states. THIS is Barack Obama’s “ACORN”. Watch it and weep for America.

This is a live tape. The black woman screaming for a NEW AMERICA is Congreswoman Maxine Waters of Watts.


And here’s something you don’t know about the bailout vote that failed a few days ago before it was passed last night by the Senate. Ninety-five Democrats voted AGAINST that bill. Many were close friends of Nancy Pelosi. Now follow this folks to see how phony these people are. The people at home were overwhelmingly against this original bill, SO Nancy Pelosi let her friends vote AGAINST THE BILL so they wouldn’t take the heat back home but then expected Republicans to vote FOR the bill. See, it’s all about politics with Speaker Pelosi.

Want to know how America is going to fall? Here’s a lecture from 18th Century Scottish historian Alexander Tytler (1714-1778) entitled:

                        “Why Democracies Fail.”

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.

(And how old is America?)

— Attributed to 18th Century Scottish historian Alexander Tytler (1714-1778)




Lets begin with a look at Obams vision of Health Care.

Senator Obama says.

(1) all “Americans” will be covered by health care. Well, he also says he intends to offer amnesty to 14-16 million illegal immigrants so I assume they will also be “Americans” so will they be included in our new health care plan. That would explain today’s statement that 45 MILLION Americans have no health insurance. Up from 20 Million two months ago. Want to bet who’s he’s including? Wait until you hear his plan to send money to Africa – yep, your tax money into the poorest continent in the world. If that doesn’t break us, nothing will.

Okay, and does anyone doubt that will add a trillion dollars to our health care plan? And where will that money come from when we are damn near broke.

(2) Obama also says “small businesses (of which they are very many) will also get a tax credit to help them pay their health care costs. Okay, and that’s more billions if not trillions so where will that money come from? Maybe he plans to hit a lotto.

(3) Finally, Senator Obama – the something for everyone man – promises that ‘pre-existing conditions’ will be ‘covered’. I need to have that one explained to me. I walk into a health care provider’s office and say, “I want health insurance”. They say, “okay, do you have any health problems?” I say, “yes I have cancer”. And they say “oh, no problem. Sure that’s going to cost us a million dollars or so, but that’s fine. Your premium will be $500.00 a month.” Yea, right.

Folks, use your head. No one is going to do that. Pre-existing conditions are covered now but you have to buy the insurance and usually wait a year before you’re covered. That’s not going to change. No company can stay in business using any other approach. I am amazed at how gullible Americans are. This guy promises something for everyone. Ifhe did half of what he says he’s going to do, we’d be in the poorhouse.

The man just says what you want to hear.

The Senator from Ohio told steelworkers (naturally, since it was Ohio) that he is going to get their jobs back. HOW? He doesn’t say. The problem is the cost of labor. American labor earns more than foreign labor so if a company uses American labor, it can’t compete on the world market. So how do we change that dynamic? He has no idea. He just promises and promises everything to everyone in order to get your vote hoping the people are dumb enough to suck it in withoutasking questions.

If he wants to do that, there is one chance and only once chance and his campaign promises would defeat that chance. You see, Obama preaches class hatred – hatred of the working class against their employers. He talks incessantly about Bush tax breaks for rich corporations. He talks about corporations ‘outsourcing’ their jobs. He talks about stopping tax breaks for company that ship their jobs overseas.

It’s all bull. For one thing, all this outsourcing is the result of the global economy that began when Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party passed NAFTA back in the mid-nineties. So when that happened, companies found they could hire foreign labor much more cheaply than American labor and so they did. This meant if you had a company and didn’t use cheaper labor, you were undercut on prices and you lost sales. Therefore, if you wanted to stay in business and compete, you needed to use that cheap labor too.

So how will Obama reverse that labor discrepancy? He doesn’t say? Then how can be bring back those jobs? He doesn’t say. What he does say is that corporations get these big tax breaks from Bush. What he does say is we have to force them not to outsource jobs by cutting off the tax breaks they now get for outsourcing jobs. The man is a flat out idiot.

The imbalance in the cost of labor is the problem. Americans need more money from their jobs in order to live in America. It’s that simple. But there won’t be any jobs if the companies or the corporations aren’t able to make money. This is really rather simple. Workers and companies go hand in hand together. Workers do not create jobs they take jobs. The people who create the companies are the people that create jobs.

For every 100 people who risk everything they have to start a small business, over 90% go broke and lose everything. No worker is asked to give them money if they fail. If they fail, they fail.

Therefore, for those 10% who actually do succeed and do make money – or even become rich – Obama wants to punish them. So tell me, if you are going to take that big a risk only to find out if you are lucky enough to be one of the 10 out of 100 that succeed, why would you bother? And if you don’t bother, who will create the jobs we need to live?

You can see what a dope Barack Obama is. We do not want to punish the best among us or work hard, take chances, get an education in order to succeed. They are the people THAT CREATE JOBS FOR THE REST OF US. We don’t want to punish them, we want to reward them. This preaching of class warfare is third world stuff and Obama is a third world leader. He will destroy us if you let him.

If you want to keep jobs in America, you have to help American companies to hire American labor. Since American laboris more expensive than foreign labor, you have to do things to help mitigate the difference. No company can stay in business if they can’t compete. So if we want them to pay the higher cost of American labor, we have to help reduce costs elsewhere. It’s really just common sense. And since Obama doesn’t say this, I assume he has no common sense. He is all form and no substance.

America corporations are the 2nd highest taxed in the world. Considering that so many of our companies are in dire financial straits, the first thing we need to do is eliminate corporate taxes. Tax the individuals on income certainly, but eliminate other taxes including the capital gains taxes. Our goal is to help OUR companies make money so we can keep their jobs here in America.

Another possible cost reduction could come from health care. Truly, the business of a company has nothing to do with health care. Health care is the nation’s business. So remove the burden of contributory health care from companies altogether. Both these things would be tied to the employment of American workers here in America.

These two steps would lead to possibly returning jobs to America. Have you heard Obama mention either? No, you haven’t. That’s because he doesn’t know what he is doing.

Obama wants to punish the people who create jobs. He keeps saying he wants to spend this money and that money and pay for it by raising taxes on the rich. But here’s the rub. He’s rich. Most of the Senators are rich. Eight of the top richest Senators in the Senate are Democrats. Most of the Democrats in government are rich. Don’t you see. It’s all fluff. He’s putting you all on. He is a leftist radical socialist and has no more idea what he is talking about than the man in the moon. All you have to do is listen to himand think and it’s quickly obvious that he is either kidding himself or kidding you or maybe both. He intends to feed the minority off the hard work of the majority. Take from the producers and give to the non-producers. That’s the Obama plan. Right out of the nationalist socialist third world.

His funniest line is (after spending all these trillions) thatno one’s taxes are going to go up. No one who makes less than a quarter of a million dollars a year, will pay one penny more in taxes. Well, hold on Barack. You said the Bush tax cuts are going to be repealed. But not to worry because they ONLY benefited rich folks. Well no, that’s not true. I am aware of a number of families that earn around $60,000-$75,000 a year that saved thousands in taxes from the Bush cuts. If they are repealed, their taxes are going back up. As will the taxes of lots of ordinary folks. So if anyone thinks this country can spend trillions of dollars for Obama’s ‘programs’, after admitting it’s broke, and not get the money from working people, they are nuts.

“RICH PEOPLE” already pay 80% of all the taxes. Did you know that? And so he is going to tax them more? Don’t you believe it. Rich people have tax attorneys and tax accountants to see that doesn’t happen to them. Do you have a tax accountant? A tax attorney? No, then you will pay. Trust me on that.

Democrats have been doing that for decades – promise something for everyone just to get elected. And hoping the people continue to be suckers.

It would be far better if we spent some money on ACORN. Try to find out exactly how many fraudulent ‘voters’ have been registered to vote by the Democratic Party. This is voter fraud on an enormous scale.

ACORN is a filthy, dirty national black pressure group that was one of the forces that led to all these bad loans being handed out. Funded by the Democratic Party with taxpayer money, ACORN is out to destroy America. They hate us, they hate capitalism, and they think they are the downtrodden among us. They really do. They pressured changes in the CRA, Fannie Mae, and lending agencies across this country. They forced banks to make loans that were unsafe and then registered dead people as voters all over this country. They are anti-American, at least anti our America.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyYciV4Ccs8Obama has begun to show his true colors. Hetold his followers if they meet up with someone who doesn’t support them, “get in their face”. How’s that. ‘Get in their face”. That’s what Raila Odinga, Obama’s cousin in Kenya, Africa, did. When he lost his followed ‘got in the faces of the winners’. They started bloody riots.

Then last week in Missouri, Obama supporters announced they were going to start legal action against people who say things like, “Obama is a Muslim”. You say that – or other things about Obama – and you will find yourself hauled into jail. Now that’s what this guy said and that’s the end of free speech in this country. Fortunately, the Governor of Missouri came out immediately and said these Obama supporters were nuts but they did say it and they did mean it. They just couldn’t get away with it – now. But wait. If this klutz gets elected you will see more and more of this stuff. He just doesn’t think like an American.

I really like his provisions on Health care. With amnesty for ill-legal immigrants and open borders for new people to flow in, and America guaranteeing everyone that lives here equal health insurance, we will be bankrupt before you know it. There can be no other ending to this fantasy.

You remember California, don’t you? San Francisco welcomed ill-legal immigrants. They became a sanctuary city. Los Angeles is more Hispanic than American now. Counties in Southern California are loaded with ill-legal’s, many of whom got these mortgages for which they were unqualified and have since gone into foreclosure? All these bad things happened in California because the Governor wanted to greet these immigrants with a friendly hand. Well now California is broke and now wants to BORROW nine (9) BILLION dollars from the US government and the taxpayers. You know – the taxpayers that never did approve of what California was doing. We now are supposed to bail them out. Hell, Obama would do that in a heartbeat. He thinks everything California has done is just fine. That’s because he is a memory of a minority himself. And as such, he doesn’t think anything like the majority.

Are you getting the picture. This guy is offering all things to all peoplebecause promises don’t cost anything and they do get votes. It’s just that simple. Barack Obama may look fine and speak fine but he is not fine. He is as phony as a three-dollar bill. His friends tell you what they are and please notice, his friends haven’t been seen for a while. There’s a good reason for this: he is keeping them out of sight hoping you’ll forget about them until after the election.

Obama promises and promises jobs he can’t deliver and then wants to punish the people who create jobs. Does anyone know of any jobs created by poor people? Yet all he does is criticize rich people. But here’s the rub. He’s rich. Most of the Senate are rich folks. Eight of the top richest Senators in the Senate are Democrats. Don’t you see. It’s all fluff. He’s putting you all on. He is a leftist radical socialist and has no more idea what he is talking about than the man in the moon. All you have to do is listen to him and think and it’s quickly obvious that he is either kidding himself or kidding you or maybe both.

Democrats have been doing that for decades – promise something for everyone just to get elected. And hoping the people continue to be suckers. Better we spend some money to find out how many fraudulent ‘voters’ are being registered by the Democratic Party. This is voter fraud on an enormous scale. Is this important to you. Well it should be. What good are elections if hundreds of thousands of voters in your state are dead people whose ‘vote’ is cast the way this organization want’s them to be counted. What does that do to your vote and your party and your state? Oh its important alright and the Justice Department should be locking these people. But if you vote for Obama that will never happen because they are his friends. ACORN is a black activist organization that wields too much power in this country thanks to Obama and the Democratic Party.

Obama and the Democrats have been singing the same song for a year now. The problem with the economy is George Bush and the Republican Party. They favored de-regulation and that caused this whole problem.

Well no it didn’t and no one who knows anything about what happened, is buying that crap But the voters do because they don’t know any better. They are drinking the Kool-Aid in big gulps. Better watch it boys and girls – remember Jim Jones.




Look folks, if you arewilling to be sold a bill of goods, you will be. Barack Obama has spent his adult career with radicals and people who are Anti-American. 

He doesn’t like this country, its National Anthem or its Flag. He doesn’t like us. He wants a brand new one-world America, a socialist America. When he is done with us, we will be a third world nation just like Cuba and Venezuela and many failing countries of Western Europe. If you let him steal our country away from us with his lies and his deception, than your kids and grandkids will pay for what you have done. The least you can do is open your eyes and try to get to the truth.

That’s is NOT asking too much of you. America rests on the balance.


Spreading the Virus

Spreading the Virus

By Stanley Kurtz
New York Post | 10/14/2008

TO discover the roots of to day’s economic crisis, consider a tale from 1995.

That March, House Speaker Newt Gingrich was scheduled to address a meeting of county commissioners at the Washington Hilton. But, first, some 500 protesters from the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) poured into the ballroom from both the kitchen and the main entrance.

Hotel staffers who tried to block them were quickly overwhelmed by demonstrators chanting, “Nuke Newt!” and “We want Newt!” Jamming the aisles, carrying bullhorns and taunting the assembled county commissioners, demonstrators swiftly took over the head table and commandeered the microphone, sending two members of Congress scurrying.

The demonstrators’ target, Gingrich, hadn’t yet arrived – and his speech was cancelled. When the cancellation was announced, ACORN’s foot soldiers cheered.

Editorial writers from Little Rock to Buffalo condemned ACORN’s action as an affront to both civility and freedom of speech. Editorialists also pointed out that the “spending cuts” the protesters railed against were imaginary – Gingrich proposed merely to slow the growth in some welfare programs and turn control back to the states.

Yet ACORN had only just begun. Two days later, 50 to 100 of the same protesters hit their main target – a House Banking subcommittee considering changes to the Community Reinvestment Act, a law that allows groups like ACORN to force banks into making high-risk loans to low-credit customers.

The CRA’s ostensible purpose is to prevent banks from discriminating against minorities. But Rep. Marge Roukema (R-NJ), who chaired the subcommittee, was worried that charges of discrimination had become an excuse for lowering credit standards. She warned that new, Democrat-proposed CRA regulations could amount to an illegal quota system.

FOR years, ACORN had combined manipulation of the CRA with intimidation-protest tactics to force banks to lower credit standards. Its crusade, with help from Democrats in Congress, to push these high-risk “subprime” loans on banks is at the root of today’s economic meltdown.

When the role of ACORN and congressional Democrats in the mortgage crisis is pointed out, Democrats reply that banks subject to the CRA represent only about a quarter of the loans that led to our current troubles. In fact, the problem goes way beyond the CRA.

As ACORN ran its campaigns against local banks, it quickly hit a roadblock. Banks would tell ACORN they could afford to reduce their credit standards by only a little – since Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the federal mortgage giants, refused to buy up those risky loans for sale on the “secondary market.”

That is, the CRA wasn’t enough. Unless Fannie and Freddie were willing to relax their credit standards as well, local banks would never make home loans to customers with bad credit histories or with too little money for a downpayment.

So ACORN’s Democratic friends in Congress moved to force Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to dispense with normal credit standards. Throughout the early ’90s, they imposed ever-increasing subprime-lending quotas on Fannie and Freddie.

But then the Republicans won control of Congress – and Rep. Roukema scheduled her hearing. ACORN went into action to protect its golden goose.

It struck as Roukema aired her concerns at that hearing. Protesters, led by ACORN President Maud Hurd, stood up and began chanting, “CRA has got to stay!” and “Banks for greed, not for need!” The protesters then demanded the microphone.

With the hearing interrupted and the demonstrators refusing to leave, Roukema called the Capital Police, who arrested Hurd and four others for “disorderly conduct in a Capital building” – a charge carrying a penalty of a $500 fine, six months in prison or both. As the police arrived, two of the protesters menacingly approached Roukema’s desk, still demanding the hearing microphone.

Requests to the Capital Police to release the activists from Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass,) failed. Then Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) showed up at the jail and refused to leave until the protesters were released; the Capital Police relented.

Meanwhile, instead of repudiating ACORN’s intimidation tactics, Rep. Kennedy berated Roukema for arresting one of his constituents and accused the Republicans of preparing for “an all-out attack on CRA.” He also promised to introduce legislation to expand the CRA’s coverage to mortgage bankers and large credit unions.

This little slice of political life from 1995 had a variety of ripple effects. Above all, ACORN’s intimidation tactics, and its alliance with Democrats in Congress, triumphed. Despite their 1994 takeover of Congress, Republicans’ attempts to pare back the CRA were stymied.

Instead, Democrats like Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and Reps. Kennedy and Waters allied with the Clinton administration to broaden the acceptability of risky subprime loans throughout the financial system, thus precipitating our current crisis.

ACORN had come to Congress not only to protect the CRA from GOP reforms but also to expand the reach of quota-based lending to Fannie, Freddie and beyond. By steamrolling the GOP that March, it had crushed the last potential barrier to “change.”

Three months later, the Clinton administration announced a comprehensive strategy to push homeownership in America to new heights – regardless of the compromise in credit standards that the task would require. Fannie and Freddie were assigned massive subprime lending quotas, which would rise to about half of their total business by the end of the decade.

When the ACORN-Democrat alliance finally succeeded in blocking Republicans from restoring fiscal sanity in 1995, the way was open to virtually unlimited lending quotas – and to a whole new way of thinking about credit standards.

Urged on by ACORN, congressional Democrats and the Clinton administration helped push tolerance for high-risk loans through every sector of the banking system – far beyond the sort of banks originally subject to the CRA.

So it was the efforts of ACORN and its Democratic allies that first spread the subprime virus from the CRA to Fannie and Freddie and thence to the entire financial system.

Soon, Democratic politicians and regulators actually began to take pride in lowered credit standards as a sign of “fairness” – and the contagion spread.

And when financial institutions across the board saw that they could make money by trading what would once have been considered junk loans, the profit motive kicked in. But the bad seed that started it all was ACORN.

How does Barack Obama fit into all of this? Obama has been a key ally of Chicago ACORN going back to his days as a community organizer.

Later, as a young lawyer, he offered leadership training to the activists who were forcing Chicago banks into high-risk subprime loans. And when he made it on to the boards of Chicago’s Woods Fund and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, he channeled money ACORN’s way.

Obama was perfectly aware of ACORN’s intimidation tactics – indeed, he oversaw a Woods Fund report that boasted of managing to fund the radical group despite its shocking behavior.

And as a lawmaker, in Illinois and in Washington, he has continued to back ACORN’s legislative agenda.

ACORN’s high-pressure tactics live on. And congressional Democrats are still covering for ACORN, funneling it money and doing its legislative bidding. ACORN also continues its shady ways, using a vast network of technically separate but in fact quite interconnected organizations to evade federal laws on the politicized use of government money.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, the Obama campaign appears to have little more regard for freedom of speech than Reps. Kennedy or Waters did when they backed up ACORN’s thugs in 1995. The campaign actually practices ACORN-style tactics, sending out “action wires” that call on supporters to block Obama critics from radio appearances (a tactic once applied to me) and demanding legal actions against unfriendly political advertisers.

As a presidential candidate, Obama promises a massive national-service program closely allied with the nonprofit sector. He wants to remove “barriers for smaller nonprofits to participate in government programs.”

In other words, he plans a massive effort to funnel America’s youth into volunteer work alongside the likes of ACORN. So Obama’s favorite community organizers may soon be training your child.

ACORN’s alliance with the Democratic Party is at the root of the current financial meltdown. And Barack Obama has stayed true to ACORN’s ways.

Pretty soon, the folks who poured into the Washington Hilton to shut down Speaker Gingrich in 1995 may no longer need to take over the microphone. They’ll be in charge of it.

Judge rules Ohio Secretary of State violated federal election law; plus ACORN victim on tape

Fred Barnes and the ‘Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue’

Fred Barnes and the ‘Nightmare on Pennsylvania



Rick Moran
Fred Barnes is no alarmist. He is one of the most insightful political analysts in America. I have been reading him for more than 20 years and he has always written penetrating, logical, and reasoned stuff.

His article in today’s Weekly Standard puts in stark relief just what we’re in for with an Obama presidency.

Some samples:

Then Democrats might go after a longstanding target of big labor, section 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act. It allows states to enact right-to-work laws, which bar workers from being forced to join a union. Twenty-two states have right-to-work laws.

The liberal scheme for killing conservative talk radio–the so-called fairness doctrine–would stand an excellent chance of becoming law. It would require radio stations to offer equal time, for free, to anyone seeking to reply to broadcasts featuring political opinion. To remain profitable, many stations would have to drop conservative talk shows, a major medium for communicating conservative ideas, rather than give up hours of free time. Obama has said he opposes the fairness doctrine. But would he veto it? Not likely.

Obama would nominate liberals to fill Supreme Court vacancies–no doubt about that–with the strong likelihood they’d be confirmed. As a senator, he voted against John Roberts and Sam Alito. And free trade agreements would become a thing of the past, given liberal and labor opposition.

What about Obama’s health care plan? He’s described it as step or two away from a single payer, government-run health system like Canada’s. While expensive, its chances of passage would be quite good.

A bad economy, however, might keep Obama and his allies in Congress from passing his entire package of tax increases and his “cap and trade” proposal for curbing the emission of greenhouse gases. Obama has called for increasing the tax rate on capital gains, dividends, and the income of top earners, and raising the cap on payroll taxes. But tax hikes would worsen, not stimulate, a weak economy. So that might make Democrats balk–except they might not. For liberals, requiring the well-to-do to pay higher taxes is a matter of ideology.

This doesn’t include what Obama would do in foreign and defense policy.

I think an Obama victory portends a longer, more severe recession, a weakening of American resolve abroad against terror, against Russia and China, and against dictators, and an “anything goes” court system” that will have us shaking our heads in wonder at some decisions, trying to figure out how a rational human being could arrive at such a stunningly stupid conclusion.

I think I’ll wait until after the election to drink the hemlock…

Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters Has the F word but you must hear this

Media Rage at “Nasty,” “Ugly” & “Bitter” McCain Campaign

Report: Credit card fraud for Obama



The New Party, ACORN, and the Arab American Action Network are not by any stretch of the imagination mainstream political or social organizations. They are radical anti-capitalist, pro-Marxist, and in the case of the AAAN a group supporting the terrorist activities of the Palestinians. The New Party is an unabashed Marxist “fusion” party from which Barack Obama actively sought out and received an endorsement for his state senate candidacy. [1]

Four political candidates were “there” seeking NP support. Barack Obama won the 1996 election, by using legal technicalities to get all his opponents disqualified-but he still used New Party volunteers in his campaign. [2]

Obama sought the New Party endorsement, which required him to sign a contract that he would keep up his relationship with the New Party. [1]

There’s a lot of buzz being generated about Obama, ACORN and Obama’s first political party – The New Party. How did the Oba-messiah get this far without anyone reporting he was a member of a fringe Leftist political party? Where the hell is the media anyway? Oh, I know. It was just Chicago so he could get on the ballot, yadda yadda. [3] I followed the links back, and can find nothing but assertions without documentation. Surely a Lexis/Nexis search would produce something contemporaneous from the Chicago media? I would imagine the New Party would have rated coverage on its own, and so would news of Obama being endorsed by them. [4]

A short-term strategy of working with the Democratic Party and in the long-term work with the New Party. Barack Obama clearly saw the potential of the New Party, because he was soon seeking their support. [2] I don’t understand what the big deal is about. Barack Obama was a member of an extremist political party established by the Democratic Socialists for America, the Chicago New Party, and they cheered his victory in his uncontested run for his Illinois state senate seat as a step away from American values, towards socialism. [5] The New Party: The New Party is an unabashed Marxist “fusion” party from which Barack Obama actively sought out and received an endorsement for his state senate candidacy (in 1996). He did. [1] The party was a Marxist Political coalition. This was not a guilt by association thing. Senator Obama sought out their nomination. He was successful in obtaining that endorsement, and he used a number of New Party volunteers as campaign workers. [6] After allegations surfaced in early summer over the ‘New Party’s’ endorsement of Obama, the Obama campaign along with the remnants of the New Party and Democratic Socialists of America claimed that Obama was never a member of either organization. [7] (hat tip Slimguy)

Back on September 17th , Atlas ran Obama’s ties to DSA and the socialists of the world: Atlas Shrugs: ONE WORLDER OBAMA OUT AND OUT SOCIALIST. Who can forget his socialist for Obama page on his community website. And Yid with Lid has this story:Senator Obama Signed a CONTRACT WITH THE CHICAGO SOCIALIST PARTY

Obama’s socialist backing goes back at least to 1996, when he received the endorsement of the Chicago branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) for an Illinois state senate seat.  Later, the Chicago DSA newsletter reported that Obama, as a state senator, showed up to eulogize Saul Mendelson, one of the “champions” of “Chicago’s democratic left” and a long-time socialist activist. Obama’s stint as a “community organizer” in Chicago has gotten some attention, but his relationship with the DSA socialists, who groomed and backed him, has been generally ignored.   

Blogger Steve Bartin, who has been following Obama’s career and involvement with the Chicago socialists, has uncovered a fascinating video showing Obama campaigning for openly socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Interestingly, Sanders, who won his seat in 2006, called Obama “one of the great leaders of the United States Senate,” even though Obama had only been in the body for about two years. In 2007, the National Journal said that Obama had established himself as “the most liberal Senator.” More liberal than Sanders? That is quite a feat. Does this make Obama a socialist, too? 

DSA describes itself as the largest socialist organization in the United States and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International. The Socialist International (SI) has what is called “consultative status” with the United Nations. In other words, it works hand-in-glove with the world body. 

The international connection is important and significant because an Obama bill, “The Global Poverty Act,” has just been rushed through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, with the assistance of Democratic Senator Joe Biden, the chairman, and Republican Senator Richard Lugar. The legislation (S.2433) commits the U.S. to spending hundreds of billions of dollars more in foreign aid on the rest of the world, in order to comply with the “Millennium Goals” established by the United Nations. Conservative members of the committee were largely caught off-guard by the move to pass the Obama bill but are putting a  “hold” on it, in order to try to prevent the legislation, which also quickly passed the House, from being quickly brought up for a full Senate vote. But observers think that Senate Democrats may try to pass it quickly anyway, in order to give Obama a precious legislative “victory” that he could run on. 

Obama has his own controversial socialist connections. He is, in fact, an associate of a Chicago-based Marxist group with access to millions of labor union dollars and connections to expert political consultants, including a convicted swindler.

Socialists in Congress (hat tip buf)

Executive Commitee Rep Bernard Sanders (VT-AL), Chair

Democracy is indispensable to socialism. V.I. Lenin

Democracy is the road to socialism. Karl Marx

The goal of socialism is communism. V.I. Lenin

Democratic Socialists of America’s Progressive Caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives

Taken verbatim from the Internet web site of the Democratic Socialists of America

“The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International (also in Francais and Espanol). DSA’s members are building progressive movements for social change while establishing an openly socialist presence in American communities and politics…

“We invite you to support the campaign by adding your name to the list of signers of the Pledge for Economic Justice. In conjunction with the Campaign DSA is working with the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a network of more than 50 progressive members of the US House of Representatives…

“The Progressive Caucus of the US House of Representatives is made up of 58 members of the House. The Caucus works to advance economic and social justice through sponsoring legislation that reflects its purpose. The Caucus also works with a coalition of organizations, called the Progressive Challenge, to bring new life to the progressive voice in US politics.”

UPDATE: Slimguy points out, “Wikipedia has a newer listing for the now named Congressional Progressive Caucus and there are 73 active members listed. Note also some members have been removed for reasons noted in the article. For example Nancy Pelosi resigned from the Caucus when she became Speaker of the House. Now if you follow these things like a cockroach trail as some of us do you would for example see that during the recent debates over the bailout bill in the House of Representatives , on the Dem side of the debate over 90% of those who made remarks in the House chamber during the debate on the bill on the second time through the House (controlled by Barney Frank as to who got to talk) were members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Obama Friends Call Character Into Question

Obama Friends Call Character Into Question

By CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER | Posted Monday, October 13, 2008 4:30 PM PT

Convicted felon Tony Rezko. Unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers. And the race-baiting Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It is hard to think of any presidential candidate before Barack Obama sporting associations with three more execrable characters.

Yet let the McCain campaign raise the issue, and the mainstream media begin fulminating about dirty campaigning tinged with racism and McCarthyite guilt by association.

But associations are important. They provide a significant insight into character. They are particularly relevant in relation to a potential president as new, unknown, opaque and self-contained as Obama. With the economy overshadowing everything, it may be too late politically to be raising this issue.

But that does not make it, as conventional wisdom holds, in any way illegitimate.

McCain has only himself to blame for the bad timing. He should months ago have begun challenging Obama’s associations, before the economic meltdown allowed the Obama campaign (and the mainstream media, which is to say the same thing) to dismiss the charges as an act of desperation by the trailing candidate.

McCain had his chance back in April when the North Carolina Republican Party ran a gubernatorial campaign ad that included the linking of Obama with Jeremiah Wright. The ad was duly denounced by the New York Times and other deep thinkers as racist.

This was patently absurd. Racism is treating people differently and invidiously on the basis of race. Had any white presidential candidate had a close 20-year association with a white preacher overtly spreading race hatred from the pulpit, that candidate would have been not just universally denounced and deemed unfit for office but written out of polite society entirely.

Nonetheless, John McCain in his infinite wisdom, and with his overflowing sense of personal rectitude, joined the braying mob in denouncing that perfectly legitimate ad, saying it had no place in any campaign. In doing so, McCain unilaterally disarmed himself, rendering off-limits Obama’s associations, an issue that even Hillary Clinton addressed more than once.

Obama’s political career was launched with Ayers giving him a fundraiser in his living room. If a Republican candidate had launched his political career at the home of an abortion-clinic bomber — even a repentant one — he would not have been able to run for dogcatcher in Podunk. And Ayers shows no remorse. His only regret is that he “didn’t do enough.”

Why are these associations important? Do I think Obama is as corrupt as Rezko? Or shares Wright’s angry racism or Ayers’ unreconstructed 1960s radicalism?

No. But that does not make these associations irrelevant. They tell us two important things about Obama.

First, his cynicism and ruthlessness. He found these men useful, and use them he did. Would you attend a church whose pastor was spreading racial animosity from the pulpit? Would you even shake hands with — let alone serve on two boards with — an unrepentant terrorist, whether he bombed U.S. military installations or abortion clinics?

Most Americans would not, on the grounds of sheer indecency. Yet Obama did, if not out of conviction then out of expediency. He was a young man on the make, an unknown outsider working his way into Chicago politics. He played the game with everyone, without qualms and with obvious success.

Obama is not the first politician to rise through a corrupt political machine. But he is one of the rare few to then have the audacity to present himself as a transcendent healer, hovering above and bringing redemption to the “old politics” — of the kind he had enthusiastically embraced in Chicago in the service of his own ambition.

Second, and even more disturbing than the cynicism, is the window these associations give on Obama’s core beliefs. He doesn’t share Rev. Wright’s poisonous views of race nor Ayers’ views, past and present, about the evil that is American society. But Obama clearly did not consider these views beyond the pale. For many years he swam easily and without protest in that fetid pond.

Until now. Today, on the threshold of the presidency, Obama concedes the odiousness of these associations, which is why he has severed them. But for the years in which he sat in Wright’s pews and shared common purpose on boards with Ayers, Obama considered them a legitimate, indeed unremarkable, part of social discourse.

Do you? Obama is a man of first-class intellect and first-class temperament. But his character remains highly suspect. There is a difference between temperament and character. Equanimity is a virtue. Tolerance of the obscene is not.

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Why Ayers Matters

Why Ayers Matters

By Michael Reagan
FrontPageMagazine.com | 10/14/2008

To listen to the Obama spin-masters you’d think that the McCain campaign’s questioning of their candidate’s association with unrepentant terrorist bomber Bill Ayers is a smear tactic falsely elevating a casual relationship between the two men into one where they worked together in promoting Ayers’ far-left goals.

Their reaction to the continuing revelations that disprove that claim is one of sheer panic — and they have a good reason to be scared witless that any in-depth probe of what went on between the two comrades will reveal Obama’s true colors — all of them dark red!

If the truth becomes better known — and it will if the Ayers issue is doggedly pursued — it will be clear that Obama was not only deeply immersed the fetid swamp of Chicago’s far-left political scene, but was from the very beginning of his career carefully groomed by the city’s socialist left to follow the path he’s on now in his quest for the presidency of the United States.

Giving credence to the charge that Obama was “groomed by an older generation of radical leftists for insertion into the American political process, trading on good looks, brains, educational pedigree, and the desire of the vast majority of the voting public to right the historical racial wrongs of the [past]” as the American Thinkers’ Thomas Lifson has written:

  • Obama benefited from association with the socialist New Party, described by Lifson as “a radical left organization, established in 1992, to amalgamate far-left groups and push the United States into socialism by forcing the Democratic Party to the left.” A March 22, 1998 article by John Nichols in These Times revealed, “After six years, the party has built what is arguably the most sophisticated left-leaning political operation the country has seen since the decline of the Farmer-Labor, Progressive and Non-Partisan League groupings of the early part of the century.”
  • Obama has been allied with ACORN and their Project Vote, the radical leftist group now charged with massive vote fraud aimed at electing Barack Obama president of the United States. Obama has long been directly involved with ACORN. An article by Toni Foulkes of ACORN, “Case Study: Chicago-The Barack Obama Campaign,” which appeared in Social Policy magazine in 2004, Foulkes revealed ACORN noticed Obama when he was organizing on the far south side of the city with the Developing Communities Project. Wrote Foulks: “He was a very good organizer. When he returned from law school, we asked him to help us with a lawsuit to challenge the state of Illinois’ refusal to abide by the National Voting Rights Act … Obama took the case, known as ACORN vs. Edgar … and we won. Obama then went on to run a voter registration project with Project VOTE in 1992 that made it possible for Carol Moseley Braun to win the Senate that year. Project VOTE delivered 50,000 newly registered voters in that campaign (ACORN delivered about 5000 of them). Since then, we have invited Obama to our leadership training sessions to run the session on power every year, and, as a result, many of our newly developing leaders got to know him before he ever ran for office.” 
  • Obama and Bill Ayers were close associates for years, going back as far as 1995 if not earlier. According to CNN: “A review of board minutes and records by CNN show Obama crossed paths repeatedly with Ayers at board meetings of the Annenberg Challenge Project. The Annenberg Foundation gave the project a $50 million grant to match local private funds to improve schools… Obama was asked to serve as the board chairman in 1995… For seven years, Ayers and Obama — among many others — worked on funding for education projects, including some projects advocated by Ayers … The board, for example, gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill Ayers’ small schools project… The funding, according to records… CNN reviewed, came directly from the Annenberg foundation which Obama chaired. While working on the Annenberg project, Obama and Ayers also served together on a second charitable foundation, the Woods Fund.”

No wonder the Obama campaign wants the Ayers connection to be off-limits.

Mike Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Radio America Network.