Obama Already Negotiating with Hezbollah and Iran

Obama Already Negotiating with Hezbollah and Iran


May 14th Mr. Obama visited Michigan and spoke to a group of 20 local leaders, but decided to give a special private audience to the head of the Islamic Center of America Imam Hassan Qazwini. For Obama to be chatting in a one-on-one with Qazwini, is equivalent to meeting with Ayatollah Khomeini’s, and Hezbollahs’ representative in America!


Qazwini is an Iraqi born cleric of exceptional religious pedigree and runs America’s largest Mosque, in Detroit Michigan. Widely understood to be a moderate reformist, Qazwini claims to be a proud American while incessantly harping-on about being a proud (?) Victim of American Islamophobia. To his credit, he enjoys the endorsement of George Bush in the past, and is widely seen as a “progressive” scholar, but as with all things Muslim and Western, he is far from any “progressivism” in the common sense of the word.

When dealing with Islam, the West has to search under rocks to find anything remotely “moderate.” Being a “moderate” in the Western sense, and a Muslim leader in the Islamic sense, may be an oxymoron.

“Mainstream” in the West, implies accepting gender equality, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, voting/democracy, and Israel’s right to exist. Being a Muslim leader, implies exactly opposite- vitriolic hatred of Israel, apathy towards voting, disdain for choosing religion, intolerance of freedom of speech, and not the least of respect for political equality between women and men.

Choices being so poor, little wonder the media and American politicians find themselves with the most unsavory characters when having to reach out to America’s Muslim community. There are no Muslim leaders, especially of a sizable Mosque, who have anything but contempt towards Israel. There are no Muslim leaders, that are willing to conceded that Mohammed may have serious shortcomings as a “role model” for the young. There are certainly no prominent Muslim leaders willing to attribute problems in the Middle East to anything other than American Policy!

Imam Hassan Qazwini, is no exception. Since his terrorist sympathies were first discovered by Debbie Schlussel, few leading American public figures, have approached him for a photo-op.

With Mr. Obama, things are about to change. The King in Waiting, has already spent hours discussing subjects like the Arab-Israel conflict, and the status of Muslims in the West, with this known sympathizer of Hezbollah and Iran.


As with almost all practicing Muslims, Imam Qazwini’s pride in being American is unrelated to his religion. Qazwini didn’t like the Mohammedan Caricatures in Denmark, considers criticism of Islam by the West an act of bigotry and Racism, and has participated in prominent lawsuits against incidents he has deemed Islamophobic. He once observed in an interview in which he claimed equivalence between Pat Robertson’s retracted statement calling for Hugo Chavez’s death, and Islamic death  Fatwas:

I would love to see America become a predominantly Muslim country, but that’s not realistic…. I would like to see Muslims infiltrating the public life of America as Jews did. [source]

America a Muslim Country? Jews Infiltrating America?! Obama obviously knows how to chose his friends!

Every chance he is given, Qazwini is either railing against basic Western Values like freedom of speech, or is playing the Islamophobia card. That his Islamic Center was built with money from Dubai’s billionaire Sheikhs, is probably irrelevant. It is his intellectual acumen which is the heart of the problem.

In a recent debate in Doha Qatar, Qazniwi made it clear that he blindly believes there is no conflict in Iraq between Shia and Sunni, and that such a conflict could not be responsible for the impression that Islam was a violent religion. This is contrary to self-evident fact, but for Qazwini, negating facts is just part of his routine.

Recently Qazwini went on record that Islam has always been progressive on women’s issues as it has promoted political equality. Considering his own contributions in Detroit, to inequality between men and women….equally disingenuously Qazwini regularly maintains that no mainstream Islamic clerics support Terrorism, and emphasizes that mainstream Islam does not recognize a term such as “apostasy”! Even wikipedia, the cesspit of misinformation – spearheaded by nationalist revisionists of all colors and origin, but especially from Islam (closely followed by Hindu nationalists)– disagrees with Qazwini on that one

Either Qazwini spent his years in Iranian madrasahs sleeping – in which case his credentials to run America’s Mega-mosque are in question- or he thinks Americans are so stupid, that he can play games with us and insult our intelligence with impunity.

Qazwini is just too small fry to tell us, that Muslim Clerics all roundly denounce terrorism, when none other than the Grand Mufti of Egypt, has been consistent in going to excruciating details about why terrorism is a must, a necessity, and a good deed.

In his new book “American Crescent” Qazwini portrays America as a Racist country, whose war on Terror really amounts to a war against Islam. He regularly praises Iran, and is even willing to fudge the most basic facts in Iran’s favor. In one instance he claims that Iran has more women in Parliament than the United States. For those who wish to write off such patently false statistics as “errors” take note.

Far from a reformist or moderate in any Western sense , Qazwini is as tricky a double-faced Muslim Imam as they get. His lip service to liberal values , is overshadowed by his open support of Kmoeini’s Islamic Revolution in Iran throughout the entire eighties, and his continued support of the Iranian regime.

Prominently anti-Baathist, when Saddam seized power in Iraq, Qazwini’s clan first immigrated to Kuwait, and  when Khomeini seized power in Iran, the clan caught the midnight train for Teheran. Qazwini spent the next 12 years studying in a maddrassah under the direct control of the Aytollah Khomeini in Iran’s leading Islamic Seminary !

None of this presents a particular problem for our Western Political elites, when taking pictures with Qazwini. Last one to do so was Howard Dean. Our politicians would sell their mothers to deal with the thugs and dictators Islam regularly produces. Take the Bush clan alone, and its penchant for Saudi Arabia and “Prince” Bindar! Saudi Arabia both financed the 9/11 plot and provided the manpower to execute it, has pumped close to 50 billion dollars of petrodollars into the spread of Radical Islamic Teachings, and is busily corrupting Islamic scholarship on American universities. For 20 years, this in no way impacted the Bush family’s profitable dealings with the country’s elites; why would Howard Dean worry about posing with Iran’s ambassador in America, Imam Hassan Qazwini?

Qazwini’s  Islamic Center for America is a regular haunt for Iran’s leading Islamist clerics, and he is close friends with the spiritual leader of Hezbollah, an organization dedicated to fighting  America, Israel, Lebanon, and all Western Democracies. Debbie Schlussel broke this story-

A picture is worth a thousand words:

The man on the left is Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadl-Allāh, the Spiritual Leader of Hezzbolah, and on the State Departments Terrorist Watch List. According to Schlussel, Fadl-Allah issued a

fatwa (religious decree) okaying the bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983, murdering over 241 Americans. [schussel]

When the US Senate passed a resolution that Obama opposed and vehemently decried, to recognize the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a Terrorist Institution, Fadl-Allāh declared War on America! Knowing Obama, it is more than ironic that he would attack a resolution, which Hezbollah’s Ayatollah considered an act of Aggression.

Why would Obama differ from a radical Muslim cleric, in his take on American policy?

Not only is Qazwini friends with Fadl-Allāh, like Obama, Qazwini has a special place in his heart, for Minister Louis Farrakhan. According to Schlussel:

…on Nov. 15, 1998, I attended a religious service at Qazwini’s mosque that was anything but pro-American and peaceful. Dressed undercover as a Muslim woman, I watched invited speaker Louis Farrakhan preach hate and violence to a very receptive audience of over 1,000 primarily Arab Muslim-Americans.

It was chilling to watch their and Qazwini’s frenzied applause and wild cheering as Farrakhan preached about how our government was occupied by “forces of evil” and “people in positions of power with a Satanic mentality” and urged, “We should perform a jihad (holy war). [They are] frightened, and we must frighten them even more.” Qazwini and a man whom I believe to be Osama Siblani, publisher of the Arab-American News, called Farrakhan “our dear brother,” “a freedom fighter” and “a man of courage and sacrifice.” (Siblani denies this and claims it was Nouhad El-Hajj, publisher of the Arab American Journal, but Siblani’s publication openly praises Farrakhan and his sentiments.)

Ironically, the week before, Qazwini and Arab-American leaders protested the movie, “The Siege,” in which Arab terrorists blow-up hijacked buses and buildings in New York. Imagine that. [schlussel]

Of course since 9/11 Qazwini has been perfunctorily at the forefront of denouncing Terrorism, but considering his handle on Islamic history, jurisprudence, and his associations with Hezbollah and Iran, such denunciation amounts to propaganda.

So much for a “progressive” “moderate” or “liberal.” Ever since taking over the Islamic Center of America, Qazwini has rolled back women’s ability to not cover their hair and mix with men.

To get a real handle on the kind of “reform” Qazwini can really stomach, three words: chess, getting a mortgage, doing autopsies. These are the three examples he gives, for modernizing Islam. As shocking as it sounds to Americans, most Shia believe playing Chess is against the Koran; taking out mortgages is against the Koran; and Muslim doctors, are not allowed coroners, forensics, and cannot perform autopsies. Qazniwi, believes otherwise, and supports the small minority of recent clerics, who are seeking to extend these three privileges to Muslims specifically living in the west.


So did Obama grant Qazwini a private audience so he could get the Imam’s views on Chess and autopsies?

The news report the discussion between Obama and Qazwini focused on the Presidential election, on the Iraq war, and on the Arab-Israeli conflict. If Qazwini’s pro-Iranian and Hezbollah sentiment don’t make his views on such issues clear, there are these quotes which do. On Israel, Qazwini considers Israel a terrorist state.

Many in the Middle East pinpoint our biased and blind support of Israel…We condemn the Palestinian terrorism, yet condone the Israeli state-sponsored terrorism. [in his own words]

Since Mr. Obama seems to think Israel a constant-sore, there is little to add, to his discussing middle-eastern politics with a cleric notorious for his support of Hezbollah, and dismissive of Israel’s right to exist.

After spending 20 years in a church regularly bashing America, Obama is not even removed from the following Qazwini’s own convictions, that hating America is justified by its failed policies in the Middle East.

The painful truth is that the three reasons that provoke some people in Muslim and Arab countries to publicly resent America have to do with our foreign policies in the Middle East. Many in the Middle East have viewed these policies as imbalanced, unfair and disregarding of the civil and human rights of millions of people.[in his own words]

Let the negotiations begin Mr. Obama. It’s about time someone with no track record of any pro-Israel support, and zero foreign relations experience, send a clear message to the terrorists and America Haters out there, that they will be listened to, provided they perform the mendacious ritual of declaring Islam incompatible with Terrorism.

With Obama, these two-faced Farrakhan loving liars, will get a voice in our politics, and the distinct Hope that it may even change in their favor. Unlike president Bush, who met with Qazwini before Debbie Schlussel broke the stories on his terrorist and Iranian sympathies, Obama’s Jewish aids (Denis Ross and Inc) who try to tell Jewish-Americans that Obama is the greatest Thing since Kosher Hot-Dogs, and that our support of Clinton is Racist, are fully aware of Qazwini’s sympathies. They can kiss Obama’s pro-Israel credentials good buy. They amounted to nothing more than pro-Obama Jews “vouching” for his non-existent record.  Obama meeting with Qazwini, needs no apologizing – it is what it is, and his credibility is proven to be nil.

Meeting Qazwini in a private one-on-one, Obama is sending the clear message to all the Islamist and America-Haters supports worldwide, that from among all candidates, the one with the middle name Hussein, will finally give them the special treatments, they have been scrambling for with their support of terrorism, nuclear weapons, and the destruction of the state of Israel.

Any doubts about Mr. Obama’s intentions, on this account, should be removed. His values, objectives, and attachment to this country, need no further proof. As he graciously accepted the Hamas endorsement, so now he is already itching to communicate messages to Hezbollah and Iran, via their American intermediary, Imam Hassan Qazwini.

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