By Lionel Waxman


This election may be the most important one you will ever vote in. You might be voting for the last American president.


You might elect one man who is already building a cult of personality, who has expressed a need for a federal civilian police force equal in strength to the US military, and who is promising everything to everybody in the face of unprecedented economic struggles. One man is preparing to take over the government and never relinquish it.


Backed by mysterious contributions many of which have been traced to Middle East sources, his citizenship requirement carefully brushed aside, indeed the candidate currently calling himself Barack Obama (only one of his half-dozen aliases) appears to be following the footsteps of all notorious dictators.


Black youth sing and chant in uniforms shouting “Yes we can.” Can do what? They pledge allegiance. To the United States of America? No, they pledge allegiance to Obama – personally. They are too young to see the historical parallels. Their aspirations soar as Obama has promised them that they will own tomorrow. Does anyone still remember the rise of Hitler?


Does anyone remember the flag Fidel Castro fought under before he won the battle, threw it on the ground, and raised his own flag.


It all seems so innocent. Rally the kids. Get them all marching in step. Teach them to sing revolutionary songs. Make sure they understand their loyalty runs to Obama.


The United States is heading into treacherous waters. The next 30 days will be most dangerous as the leadership of the nation is up for gabs. The time between the election and inauguration will be similarly tumultuous as the election is contested and factions grab for power.


It is a time that is auspicious for a war to break out in Iran. As the US is concerned with internal affairs and drawn thin in Iraq, the opportunity for mischief will prove irresistible.


I know all this sounds fanciful. Just print and save it. Put it away somewhere you will come across it in, say, 4 years.

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