Palin draws crowd of 60,000 in The Villages

Palin draws crowd of 60,000 in The Villages

By Bill Cotterell capital bureau

THE VILLAGES — Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin told wildly cheering, flag-waving, chanting supporters that John McCain is “the only great man in this race” and promised Sunday he will fix the nation’s economy if voters give the GOP four more years in the White House.

“He won’t say this, so I’ll say it for him,” the Alaska governor said in an almost confidential tone at the close of her first Florida stump speech. “There is only one man in this election who has ever really fought for you. John McCain wore the uniform of his country for 22 years — talk about tough.”

The Villages, a vast, upscale planned community north of Orlando, has about 70,000 mostly adult residents — many of them military retirees — who vote reliably Republican in statewide races. Tens of thousands inched along roads into the picturesque town square of the complex, where they stood in sweltering heat for about four hours as local GOP officials and a country band revved up the crowd.

“Sa-Rah! Sa-Rah!” they chanted at every mention of her name, applauding loudly and waiving tiny American flags that were distributed — along with free water bottles — by local volunteers. The fire chief estimated the crowd at 60,000.

Admiring throngs mobbed the Palin family’s arrival and departure, snapping souvenir pictures. Autograph seekers thrust campaign signs, caps with the McCain-Palin logo and copies of magazines with her face on their covers, and the Palins responded warmly.

Palin, her husband and three of their children arrived in Orlando but spent a family day at Disney World, she said as she introduced her entourage to the enthusiastic crowd. She joked about similarities and differences of the two states at opposite corners of America, but was all business when she focused on the need for a large voter turnout in a hotly contested state with 27 electoral votes.

Recent polls have given the McCain-Palin ticket a single-digit edge but Florida is clearly up for grabs. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., campaigned from Jacksonville to Miami late last week and the Democrats have mobilized a massive volunteer effort statewide. McCain, who led the Jan. 29 state primary with a big boost from popular Gov. Charlie Crist, has strong support in the vital I-4 corridor and across North Florida, where conservative southerners tend to register as Democrats but vote Republican in statewide races.

In a theme Palin would pound home, GOP Chairman Jim Greer Greer said Obama and his running mate, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, have records of voting for higher taxes and have said on the campaign trail that they would increase regulation of financial markets.

“John MCain and I are going to take our case for reform to every voter in every background and every party, or no party at all,” said Palin. “We’re going to Washington to shake things up.”

She said “John McCain warned Congress that we needed to do something before these problems became a crisis,” but that Washington — including Obama and Biden — did not act for months as financial giants teetered and toppled.

“Americans are caught in kind of a perfect storm between high taxes, high gas prices, greed on Wall Street and a shortage of courage in Washington,” she said. “But we need new leadership in Washington — we need serious reform on Wall Street.”

Palin, whose son shipped out for Iraq this month, made a point of asking veterans and military members in the crowd to raise their hands for a round of applause.

Then she recalled that McCain took an early, unpopular stance in support of the Iraq troop surge, a policy shift now widely credited with stabilizing Iraq. “That’s the kind of man I want as commander in chief,” she shouted, as applause and whoops rose in the town square. “John McCain is the only great man in this race.”

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Catholicism and Islam: Seeking Common Ground — Very Disturbing

Catholicism and Islam: Seeking Common Ground

Created 2008-09-21 09:14

The Catholic Church, its leadership if not its flock, seeks common ground with Islam. It has been said that the Church sees in Islam a ray of hope for the re-spiritualization of Europe. Priests see empty churches while mosques are bulging with true believers. They see the secular society addicted to pornography, abortion, and sexual promiscuity, while the Islamic society is tightly controlled. They see the French State divided by “laïcité”, while Muslim nations do not recognize separation of Church and State. And they admire Islam to the point where they overlook the dark side and delude themselves into believing that the two religions can not only co-exist, but become strengthened through mutual contacts and understanding.

Here are excerpts from the comments of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, published in the Vatican newpaper L’Osservatore Romano, on the reactions of the Muslims who heard the Pope’s speech at the Collège des Bernardins on September 12:

The Pope spoke of the Holy Scriptures, of the Christian book which certainly is not the Muslim book. I believe however that the representatives of the Muslim community followed it with much interest.
I noticed, for example, that they shared openly the urgings of the Pope to seek God. In that respect, their way of thinking does not differ from our own, and can even constitute a point of contact.
And I can say that, when the Pope finished his meeting, and conversed with them, exchanging a few words with each one as he greeted them, I could tell from their faces that they were in agreement.
They were very happy and congratulated the Pope. So I think they were satisfied.

Cardinal Bertone is one of the highest-ranking officials in the Catholic Church.


Another message from the Vatican goes even further than the preceding comments of Cardinal Bertone, in its conciliatory approach to Islam. Here are excerpts from of a message sent to Muslims by the president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. The message was sent on the occasion of the end of Ramadan.

Christians and Muslims: Together for the dignity of the family
Dear Muslim friends, […] Christians and Muslims can and must work together to safeguard the dignity of the family, today and in the future. Given the high esteem in which both Muslims and Christians hold the family, we have already had many occasions, from the local to the international level, to work together in this field. The family, that place where love and life, respect for the other and hospitality are encountered and transmitted, is truly the ‘fundamental cell of society.’
Muslims and Christians must never hesitate, not only to come to the aid of families in difficulty, but also to collaborate with all those who support the stability of the family as an institution and the exercise of parental responsibility, in particular in the field of education. I need only remind you that the family is the first school in which one learns respect for others, mindful of the identity and the difference of each one. Interreligious dialogue and the exercise of citizenship cannot but benefit from this.
Dear friends, now that your fast comes to an end, I hope that you, with your families and those close to you, purified and renewed by those practices dear to your religion, may know serenity and prosperity in your life! May Almighty God fill you with His Mercy and Peace!

I didn’t realize that polygamy, forced marriages, honor killings, using children as human shields, etc… were family values espoused by the Church.
In February 2006, I posted a long article by Anne-Marie Delcambre on Europe’s infatuation with Islam. Here is one excerpt from that essay:

First of all, these “ecclesiastics, alarmed by the loss of interest in faith and church attendance in Christian countries, particularly Europe, admire Muslim devotion. […] They feel it is better to believe in something than in nothing at all […]” They see the near-empty churches and in contrast, they note that the mosques are full, even if these mosques are cellars or run-down buildings. The churches three quarters empty, the triumphant secularism, the contempt for the religious life all have become unbearable to Catholic priests […] they feel sympathy for the community of Islam where everyone is close, where “the believers are brothers”! But they forget rather quickly, or they don’t realize that “the Muslim is the brother of the Muslim”, not the brother of the non-Muslim.

Meanwhile, in France, the number of converts to Islam is roughly 18X that of the converts to Christianity. Between 150 and 200 Muslims convert to Catholicism each year in France, compared to some 3,600 people who convert to Islam every year. However, Muslim converts to Christianity face a lot of difficulties.


Facing up to that old ‘ally’ Islamabad

Facing up to that old ‘ally’ Islamabad

Christopher Hitchens | September 18, 2008

AN excellent article by Fraser Nelson in London’s Spectator in July put it as succinctly as I have seen it: “At a recent dinner party in the British embassy in Kabul, one of the guests referred to ‘the Afghan-Pakistan war’. The rest of the table fell silent. This is the truth that dare not speak its name.

“Even mentioning it in private in the Afghan capital’s green zone is enough to solicit murmurs of disapproval. Few want to accept that the war is widening; that it now involves Pakistan, a country with an unstable government and nuclear weapons.”

“Don’t mention the war,” as Basil insists with mounting hysteria in Fawlty Towers. When discussing the deepening crisis in Afghanistan, most people seem deliberately to avoid telling phrases such as Pakistani aggression or – more accurate still – Pakistani colonialism.

The truth is that the Taliban and their al-Qa’ida guests were originally imposed on Afghanistan from without as a projection of Pakistani state power. (Along with Pakistan, only Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates recognised the Taliban as the legal government in Kabul.)

Important circles in Pakistan have never given up the aspiration to run Afghanistan as a client or dependent or proxy state, and this colonial mindset is especially entrenched among senior army officers and in the Inter-Services Intelligence agency.

We were all warned of this many years ago. When the Clinton administration sent cruise missiles into Afghanistan in reprisal for the attacks on US embassies in East Africa, the missiles missed Osama bin Laden but did manage, if you remember, to kill two officers of the ISI. It wasn’t asked loudly enough: What were these men doing in an al-Qa’ida camp in the first place?

In those years, as in earlier ones, almost no tough questions were asked of Pakistan.

Successive US administrations used to keep certifying to Congress that Pakistan was not exploiting US aid (and US indulgence over the anti-Soviet war in Afghanistan) to build itself a nuclear weapons capacity.

Indeed, it wasn’t until after September 11, 2001, that we allowed ourselves to learn that at least two of Pakistan’s top nuclear scientists – Mirza Yusuf Baig and Chaudhry Abdul Majid – had been taken in for questioning about their close links to the Taliban.

But then, in those days we were too incurious to take note that Pakistan’s chief nuclear operative, A.Q. Khan, had opened a private enterprise “nukes ‘r’ us” market and was selling his apocalyptic wares to regimes as disparate as those in Libya and North Korea, sometimes using Pakistani air force planes to make thedeliveries.

The very name Pakistan inscribes the nature of the problem.

It is not a real country or nation but an acronym devised in the 1930s by a Muslim propagandist for partition named Choudhry Rahmat Ali. It stands for Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir and Indus-Sind. The -stan suffix merely means land.

In the Urdu language, the resulting acronym means land of the pure.

It can be easily seen that this name expresses expansionist tendencies and also conceals discriminatory ones. Kashmir, for example, is part of India. The Afghans are Muslim but not part of Pakistan. Most of Punjab is also in India.

Interestingly, too, there is no B in this cobbled-together name, although the country originally included the eastern part of Bengal (now Bangladesh, after fighting a war of independence against genocidal Pakistani repression) and still includes Baluchistan, a restive and neglected province that has been fighting a low-level secessionist struggle for decades.

The P comes first only because Pakistan is essentially the property of the Punjabi military caste (which, for example, hated Benazir Bhutto because she came from Sind).

As I once wrote, the country’s name “might as easily be rendered as Akpistan or Kapistan, depending onwhether the battle to take overAfghanistan or Kashmir is to the fore”.

I could have phrased that a bit more tightly, since the original Pakistani motive for annexing and controlling Afghanistan is precisely the acquisition of strategic depth for its never-ending confrontation with India over Kashmir.

And that dispute became latently thermonuclear while we simply looked on.

One of the most creditable (and neglected) foreign policy shifts of the Bush administration after September11 was away from our dangerous regional dependence on the untrustworthy and ramshackle Pakistan and towards a much more generous rapprochement with India, the world’s other great federal, democratic and multi-ethnic state.

Recent accounts of murderous violence in main cities of two of our allies, India and Afghanistan, make it appear overwhelmingly probable that the bombs were not the work of local or home-grown insurgents but were orchestrated by agents of the Pakistani ISI. This is a fantastically unacceptable state of affairs that needs to be given its right name: state-sponsored terrorism.

Meanwhile, and on Pakistani soil and under the noses of its army and the ISI, the city of Quetta and the so-called Federally Administered Tribal Areas are becoming the incubating ground of a reorganised and protected al-Qa’ida.

Barack Obama has been, if anything, the more militant of the two US presidential candidates in stressing the danger here and the need to act without too much sentiment about our so-called Islamabad ally. He began using this rhetoric when it was much simpler to counterpose the so-called good war in Afghanistan with the bad one in Iraq.

Never mind that now; he is committed in advance to a serious projection of American power into the heartland of our deadliest enemy.

And that, I think, is another reason so many people are reluctant to employ truthful descriptions for the emerging Afghanistan-Pakistan confrontation: American liberals can’t quite face the fact that if their man does win in November, and if he has meant a single serious word he has said, it means more war, and more bitter and protracted war at that, notless.

Christopher Hitchens is a columnist for Vanity Fair and online magazine Slate.

“Just Say No to Sharia”— Congressman Tancredo’s Sane Approach to Preventing Jihadism in the US

Iranians Rally In NY Against Ahmadinejad, For Democratic Change In Iran

Palin Warns Against ‘Second Holocaust’ by Ahmadinejad

Palin Warns Against ‘Second Holocaust’ by Ahmadinejad

September 19, 2008      ABC News’ Imtiyaz Delawala Reports: Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin warned against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s pursuit of nuclear weapons for a “2nd holocaust,” while blaming “Democrat partisans” for forcing rally organizers to withdraw her invitation to speak before an anti-Iran protest in New York next week.

This is the latest in an assault on Israel & Jewish Americans. Obama and co. strong armed  and bullied the craven organizers of the Anti-Ahmadinejad rally to disinvite Pro-Israel supporter Sarah Palin.

The Israel Project has removed its support for the Rally which disinvited Palin. The only rally in NY they are participating in is the one on the 25th

ZOA has issued the following statement from Morton A. Klein, National President of the Zionist Organization of America.       

*** “I assure you, if we were holding a rally to condemn an internationally-known racist, anti-Black leader, no one would dare disinvite a speaker & no speaker would dare back out.”                

“The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) strongly opposes the disinvitation of Vice-Presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin to be one of many speakers at a “stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons rally.”  This rally will also protest the presence of Iran’s president Ahmadinejad at the United Nations on Monday, September 22. This is an anti-Iran rally, not a partisan political rally, as Democratic Senator Hilary Clinton was invited as was vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden & later Democratic Congressman Robert Wexler of Florida.  Clinton withdrew and Biden apparently couldn’t attend.                             

 “Under tremendous pressure from Jewish Democrats & liberal Jewish groups, Palin’s invitation was withdrawn with a decision made not to include any politicians.

Why are we excluding political leaders who have the real power to act on this critical issue?  The ZOA believes this was a serious mistake.

“This was not a political rally for any party or individual. All Democrats & Republicans are united against Ahmadinejad developing nuclear weapons which he indicated he would use “to wipe Israel & America off the map.” We thought that one of the themes of Democrats this year was “promoting unity” & “bringing people together.”  Well, here was an opportunity to do just that on an issue we can all support & certain groups & interests have caused us to fail.  The ZOA is so disappointed by this unnecessary & harmful outcome.  

“At this rally, there would be no implied or explicit endorsement of any candidate or party, only a unified condemnation of Ahmadinejad.  No one was going to speak about politics, only about loving America & Israel & fighting Iran & standing up to evil.    

“The ZOA deeply regrets that certain Jewish groups & individuals believed the inadvertent benefit that would accrue to Sarah Palin outweighed the enormous benefit that Israel & the U.S. would receive when a Vice-Presidential candidate & others give visibility and power to this life & death issue.

“It seems for these people politics & their personal political agenda were more important than Israel & America’s security. This wrong-headed action of cancelling the appearance of major political leaders hurt Israel & the U.S.  Ahmadinejad must be delighted that those who oppose his policies are so divided they can’t even stand on the same stage to condemn him. 

*** I assure you, if we were holding a rally to condemn an internationally-known racist, anti-Black leader, no one would dare disinvite a speaker & no speaker would dare back out.  

“The ZOA strongly urges that Sarah Palin be reinvited along with any other key Democratic or Republican leaders. 

“Otherwise, this will become a day of shame & humiliation for the Jewish people instead of a day of Jewish pride, strength, courage & will.  On this day, we should have put aside all other political interests & together fight against this existential threat against Israel & major threat to the U.S. & the entire western world.”


NJDC Commends the Withdrawal of Palin’s Invitation to the Iran Rally |

Webmaster’s words of   

“The Jewidicals rejoice. “J Street” is a vile group that represents the a “Jewish perspective” reflected by “Jews” like Noam  Chomsky & NormanFinklestein.  And while it has been denied, I believe this group is backed by Jew hating “Jew” George Soros.  He promised for some time the formation of a group to counter AIPAC.  It is my opinion this is it. He is the black hand. MoveOn financier  Soros was on the record as an initial backer of the concept for the group and then  “pulled out of it”. I don’t buy it.
Among the Jew haters on their
advisory council Arab funded Lincoln Chafee, Obama adviser, Rob Malley, Air America moneyman, Shelby Drobman.”



Call them & demand that she be re-invited.  If Democrats don’t want to stand with the Jewish people against Iran, that’s their politicization of the issue. Palin does want to stand with us & we should be honored.

Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
>    Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman
>    212-318-6111
Jewish Community Relations Council of New York
>    Michael Miller, Executive Vice President

>    212-983-4800 x 161
Jewish Council for Public Affairs
>   Steve Gutow, Executive Director
>   212-684-6950 x 208
UJA-Federation of New York
>   John Ruskay, Executive Vice President
>    212-980-1000
United Jewish Communities
>   Howard Rieger, President and CEO
>   202-875-5900

UPDATE: The Israel Project has removed its support for the Rally which disinvited Palin.

FW: Obama’s Finance Treasurer is HOSTING Hitler wannabee, AHMADINEJAD, at HER family’s hotel, the Grand Hyatt in NYC.

Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign finance committee’s chairwoman, Penny Pritzker, is hosting Hitler wannabee, Ahmadinejad, on Thursday at the Hyatt.  Clearly Obama’s chief fundraiser could refuse to host Ahmadinejad at her hotel. Instead, she has rolled out the red carpet.

The Pritzker family, Penny in particular, were pioneers in creating a new financial product in the late 1990s & early 2000.  It was called the subprime mortgageWhen their bank failed, they ended up owing the government 1/2 billion dollars in unreimbursed FDIC insurance payments.

Penny Pritzker is Barack Obama’s chair   She is National Finance Chair/Treasurer of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidential campaign & is the owner of the  Grand Hyatt in NYC, the  hotel hosting the genocidal Hitler wannabee, Ahmadinejad.

as more more more: 

The Grand Hyatt in NYC is owned by the Hyatt Corporation, which is owned by H Group Holding.  The  Hyatt Corporation is a private company owned by the Pritzker family.           Penny Pritzker is one of 4 major heirs.