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Barack Obama got out of the shower and was drying off when he looked in
the mirror and noticed he was white from the neck up to the top of his

In sheer panic and fearing he was turning white and might have to start
working for a living, he called his doctor and told him of his problem.

The doctor advised him to come to his office immediately. After an
examination, the doctor mixed a concoction of brown liquid, gave it to
Barack, and told him to drink it all.

Barack drank the concoction and replied, ‘That tasted like bullshit!’

The doctor replied, ‘It was, you were a quart low.’

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ADL: Religious groups’ plan to break bread with Ahmadinejad is a ‘betrayal’

ADL: Religious groups’ plan to break bread with Ahmadinejad is a ‘betrayal’
By Shlomo Shamir and Natasha Mozgovaya, Haaretz Correspondents
Tags: Iran, Israel, ADL 
Five American religious organizations have announced plans to host a dinner to break the Ramadan fast with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during his upcoming visit to the United States.

The Mennonite Central Committee, the Quakers, the World Council of Churches, Religions for Peace and the American Friends Service Committee are sponsoring the meeting with President Ahmadinejad on September 25 in New York City.

The dinner to break the Ramadan fast, called an Iftar, is being billed as “an international dialogue between religious leaders and political figures” in a conversation “about the role of religions in tackling global challenges and building peaceful societies.”


National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Abraham H. Foxman, issued a response to the announcement, calling the planned event “a perversion of the search for peace and an appalling betrayal of religious values.”

“It simply defies belief that five organizations with a mission of promoting peace through dialogue would choose President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from among the hundreds of world leaders and ambassadors who will be in New York this month, as an appropriate and legitimate interlocutor on world peace,” Foxman said.

Foxman continued, “In extending an invitation to Ahmadinejad, the religious organizations sponsoring this dinner have tarnished their reputations as peace seekers and bridge builders. Their breaking bread with President Ahmadinejad is a perversion of the search for peace and an appalling betrayal of religious values.”

Ahmadinejad has caused international uproar with his continued denial of the Holocaust and his frequent anti-Israel tirades, in which he has called for Israel to be wiped off the map.

Gov. Sarah Palin Biography Video

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Obama Mocks the Bible – “Folks have not been reading their Bible”

Obama LAUNDRY LIST OF LIES Long and Detailed

Obama Vs. Sarah Palin

In a direct and honest head to head comparison of Palin versus Obama -— I can think of a number of categories where Sarah Palin would be superior to Obama….

– Undeniable or disputable love and loyalty to America.
– Undeniable or disputable non-Muslim background or roots.
– No felons as close friends or advisers.
– No minister/mentor who is a black racist rabble rouser.
– No American Terrorists as friend, advisor and fund raiser.
– No convicted felon who assisted in a self admitted “bone head” real estate deal.
– No suspicious money coming from Hamas or the PLO…
– No endorcements from the leaders of Islamic or weeny European government leaders.
– Never voted to kill babies who survived an abortion.
– Never criticized America military, or doubted our RIGHT to pursue and kill our enemy wherever we may find them.
– Never endorsed or praised the pimp Mayor of Detroit, who is now going to jail.
– Not a close friend or admirer of “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan.
– Not ashamed to wear the American Flag pin or salute the flag of our nation.
– Never supported Washington, D.C. law banning the right to own a firearm and keep it in one’s home – which USSC overruled.
– Never made a trip to Pakistan as a “student”..
– Never attended classes on the Koran at an Islamic school.
– Never held a passport from Indonesia.
– Never admitted doing drugs, including cocaine.
– Never accused of having a homosexual relationship.
– Never worked within the Chicago Political Machine.
– Never confronted the corruption in the city government, he “served” as a community organizer.
– Never named the most Leftist member of any group, as Obama has been named in the Senate.
– Palin’s husband quit a job in the Oil Fields to avoid conflict of interest – Obama’s wife accepted a $300,000 salary from a hospital after her husband secured a large “ear mark” for the same hospital..
– Palin has been proud and defensive of America – her ENTIRE adult life, contrary to Obama and his wife.
– I could go on…….but you get the drift…

Obama is worse that a black racist empty suit..
There is NOTHING in his life of “accomplishments” to indicate this angry arrogant man is WORTHY or TRUSTWORTHY to even retain his position in the Senate to say nothing of being the President….

Credit goes to river rat  at Free Republic

Reversal Of Fortune: U.S. Decides To Sell Israel Bunker Busting Bombs We need McCain at the Helm

Obama’s missing years Read and pass on

Obama’s missing years

Clarice Feldman
Now that we’ve had full field MRIs of Palin, her family and their pets, perhaps the media could focus on the many missing aspects of Obama’s bio.

Tom Maguire noted that we know virtually nothing about his time in NYC when he was attending Columbia (where no classmates seem to remember him and we have no transcripts or other records of his attendance there).  
Dan Riehl notes why we should be especially concerning about those missing years. 
By 1980 at Occidental Obama ran partly with a circle of wealthy, drug using Pakistani friends. He traveled to Pakistan between Occidental and Columbia in 1981. That was during the Second Military Era (1977-1988) – Pakistan was under Sharia Law and not the most welcoming to foreign visitors, especially without some graft or connections.

Based upon documented accounts, Obama seems to have also travelled the country-side, not just in the cities. By 1981 Pakistan had become the world’s number one supplier of Heroin. Upon his return Obama took up residence with one of the drug using Pakistanis in a run down, presumably drug infested part of NYC in an apartment they couldn’t qualify for based on income.

For a college kid out of California via Hawaii who ends up in a NYC slum via Pakistan partying with admitted drug users – using well beyond what Obama has ever admitted to, especially given the particular era, that Pakistan voyage is one very curious trip no matter how you slice it. And I don’t mean for any possible Muslim/terror related reasons.

For example, if they had to lie about income to get the apartment cited below – how is it they paid for it seems a fair question? Did he deal drugs at Columbia? He certainly seems to have had the location and friends for it and the Obama campaign has gone to great lengths to cover up that period of his life . Frankly, I want to know why and I think America deserves to know, as well.

In 1981, Obama transferred from Occidental to Columbia. In between, he traveled to Pakistan.

“He was clearly shocked by the economic disparity he saw in Pakistan. He couldn’t get over the sight of rural peasants bowing to the wealthy landowners they worked for as they passed,” says Mifflin, who makes a brief appearance in Obama’s memoir.

When Obama arrived in New York, he already knew Siddiqi — a friend of Chandoo’s and Hamid’s from Karachi who had visited Los Angeles.

The Obama campaign declined to discuss Obama’s time at Columbia and his friendships in general.

In about 1982, Siddiqi and Obama got an apartment at a sixth-floor walk-up on East 94th Street. Siddiqi managed to get the apartment thanks to subterfuge.
“We didn’t have a chance in hell of getting this apartment unless we fabricated the lease application,” Siddiqi said.

Siddiqi fudged his credentials, saying he had a high-paying job at a catering company, ….

While Obama has acknowledged using marijuana and cocaine during high school in Hawaii, he writes in the memoir that he stopped using soon after his arrival in New York. His roommate had no such scruples.

But thay obviously hung out together crusing clubs and such? What’s next? Obama going to put designated driver on his resume right below community organizer? Is anyone buying that? Come on, Barry – what are you hiding from us? Fess up!

“We were always competing,” he said. “You know how it is. You go to a bar and you try hitting on the girls. He had a lot more success.”
…. The two, along with others, went out for nights on the town. “He wasn’t entirely a hermit,” Siddiqi said.

Siddiqi said his female friends thought Obama was “a hunk.”