Outrage! Scumbag Barry Insane’s New Ad Mock’s McCain’s War Wounds As A POW – With Video

Barry Insane’s Problem: He’s Been Out-Charsima’d

Barack Obama derides America’s seniors

Barack Obama derides America’s seniors

Vasko Kohlmayer
By releasing an ad mocking John McCain’s lack of IT skills, Barack Obama has offended millions of America’s senior citizens who have never quite made the leap to the computer age. Many of them will not appreciate this kind of sophomoric derision from a young elitist, whom many seniors consider nothing more than an arrogant upstart.

After offending women and all decent Americas with his comment linking lipstick (Sarah Palin’s iconic identifier) to a pig, Obama now apparently seeks to alienate this country’s senior citizens. This is just another episode showing how insensitive, rude, tone-deaf, and just plain nasty Barack Obama is.


Barack Obama is seriously mistaken if he thinks that voters give greater importance to a candidate’s ability to send an e-mail than to wartime heroism and a lifetime of service. Seniors vote at the highest rate of any age group. The Obama campaign has just insulted millions of them.

Going after her kids

Going after her kids

To her political enemies, Sarah Palin must be destroyed, even if it means humiliating her children by exposing their faults to a worldwide audience. The National Enquirer claims to have discovered a drug problem and implies sluttiness, among other foibles among the minor children of the woman who is driving them insane with rage.

Ethel C. Fenig writes,


“Further proof for enquiring minds that want to know that the Palin family is so normal, grappling with issues that most families, except liberal ones, seem to have; hormone addled adolescents and other problems from children and upsetting in laws. 


“Knowing that Governor Palin, a working woman, has to cope with similar problems they have will surely endear her to many, prompting them to vote for her, except those untroubled liberal who either don’t have them or see themselves as helpless victims of an oppressive society because the government won’t help.”


Ethel’s absolutely right. The only way to be shocked that her kids have problems is to make the assumption that Palin has to be perfect. There is a prevalent caricature of religious Americans among journalists and other Obama supporters that expects them to hate a working mom and hold the imperfections of her kids against her. It is a laughably clueless self-delusion on the part of a class of people who esteem themselves mostly on the basis of their superiority to people like Sarah Palin. Oh, and incidentally, a majority of Americas, aside from the eastern and western seaboards and a few other blue outposts.


This will backfire, like so many other attempts to slime a woman who embodies so much to such a large slice of Americans.

Palin: ‘I Didn’t Blink’

Subject: Joe Biden

Subject: Joe Biden

Just in case I didn’t forward this earlier, here it is
I have forwarded this negative review of one of the candidates because It
is signed and contains all the contact information you might need to find
out if this guy is a crackpot.  I don’t usually forward negative info, but
this man seems to be who he says he is and has, after all, signed his name
to what he says.  That could make his statements libelous if not true.   Do
with it what you will.  I simply am passing on the information I  received.

Sue Heiserman Taylor

  I feel an obligation to honesty and truth to share  with you some facts.
  My Father and Mother instilled in me the values and  morals of treating
people fairly and always being honest.  If you  purchase something, you pay
for it.  If you borrow something, you give it  back.  I have been ‘stiffed’
three times in my 30 year professional  career by someone who I rendered
services to,  gave a finished product to, but  who refused to pay for those
services even though they acknowledged the  services and products were
correct, were what they asked for, and were never  challenged for not being
correct.  I am lucky in having only three, but  those three hurt badly. Joe
Biden was one of those people.
  I worked on  his 1988 Presidential campaign financial disclosure
engagement.  I busted  it for him and got everything right.  He stiffed me
for over $15,000 worth of work.  He refused to pay once he dropped out of
the race.   I did similar Capitol Hill campaign financial disclosure work
for Bob Dole,  Pat Buchanan, and a Democratic candidate for Ambassador to
New Zealand.   All of those folks paid even though they lost the election or
did not get the appointment.  That type of work is very demanding and very
tedious  because your efforts are scrutinized by Congress.  Biden did not
care. I  am on the Board of Directors of a company that owns a majority
position in a  private jet management
company in Northern Virginia.  They manage jets  for businesses and rich
   They also charter planes to the  public.  This past winter John Thompson
chartered over $250,000 worth of  air time.  He paid every penny.   Joe
Biden, in his latest  unsuccessful run for President, chartered over
$150,000 worth of air  time.  He PAID ZERO.  He continues to refuse to pay
stating his race is over and he is out of money.  He never once complained
about his  flights.

Joe Biden is a rich man.  He could pay. Joe Biden is a  liar and a cheat.  I
know it first hand.  Character is what life is  all about.  Joe Biden is a
of bad character and sets a bad example  for America.  I feel compelled to
share this dark side of a man who asks  for your vote and trust.Best

Bruce D. Riddle, CPA,  CFP
BDR Associates, LLC

The Fall of Pelosi?

The Fall of Pelosi?

Clarice Feldman
Gallup reports a huge shift which may mean the end of the Democrats’ control of the House of Representatives.

The positive impact of the GOP convention on polling indicators of Republican strength is further seen in the operation of Gallup’s “likely voter” model in this survey. Republicans, who are now much more enthused about the 2008 election than they were prior to the convention, show heightened interest in voting, and thus outscore Democrats in apparent likelihood to vote in November. As a result, Republican candidates now lead Democratic candidates among likely voters by 5 percentage points, 50% to 45%.

If these numbers are sustained through Election Day — a big if — Republicans could be expected to regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives.
As Gallup’s long-term “generic ballot” trend shows, the Democrats held a sizable lead on this measure from the time they won back control of Congress in the fall of 2006 through last month. If the current closer positioning of the parties holds, the structure of congressional preferences will be similar to most of the period from 1994 through 2005, when Republicans won and maintained control of Congress.[/quote]


Oh well, we’ll have a woman vice-president then and that’s a far more consequential “first”.


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