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why Obama is the WRONG candidate for the President of the United States of America
I’m writing this as an immigrant from Germany, but in my heart I’m American since many, many years. I live like an American, I feel like an American, I think like an American – that I would say I am feeling as American, who was unfortunately born in Germany. America is my home and I wouldn’t like to see, if the traditional values of the United States are betrayed. We are blessed to live in such a great country with real values on which this country was built and on which we must continue to stand.

I came from Germany in 2007, so I’m able to inform you and to show you, what you can expect, if Barack Hussein Obama will become President of the United States of America and will translate his (and the Liberals) ideas and plans into action. I lived (too long) in such a system, Obama is heading to! Obama is leading America down a path of self destruction. At the end of this letter to the citizens of America I’ll give an overlook and some information about the situation in Germany, a country which is turning left/socialistic more and more.

First some questions: Obama was abroad to apologize. For what did he apologize?

  • that the Americans must do the dirty work in Iraq, because the German leftist polit-amateurs Gerhard Schroeder (also known as „Gas-Gerd“ because of his high payed job for the Russian Oil/Gas Company, i.e. kickbacks) and Joseph Fischer (a leftist guy who regularly participated in demonstrations with violence and bashed a defenseless policeman end of the 60ies) weakend resolve against Saddam to strengthen his election chances?

  • that the USA pays a lot of money to the UN to get insulted and thwarted by the Muslim Dictators within the UN? (we shouldn’t pay any money to them, cancel the membership and tell them, that they have to leave N.Y. within 12 months)

  • that the USA fight the war against the Terrorism to preserve our freedom – and the freedom of other countries too?

  • that the American president is -first of all- the president of the Americans? (but Obama assures, that he is a world citizen – will he therefore become the president of the world?)

To speak with Obama’s words: Yes, I think the American people want the CHANGE (and in my opinion: we will get this change with Gov. Palin – she made the change in Alaska and she IS Change, while Obama only speaks about)! But the change back to the traditional american values, not to the Obama-values. I guess, a lot of people in the Obama-Hype only heard the word CHANGE, but didn’t know or didn’t understand which change Obama has in mind – he wants the Change in the wrong direction, not back to but away from the traditional american values towards Europe2.0 and here are some information about what’s wrong in Obama’s change:

1.the legal practice
by now, the judges simply administer justice according to the laws – they should do so!
You have done a felony? The law tells you what happens – period!
Obama wants the judges to do „social work“. That’s nonsense. Can you imagine the results?
I don’t think so, but I can tell you about the situation in Germany.

There are a lot of criminals in German streets with 40, 50 or 60 felonies under their belt and they are still free!!! To be honest: a lot of them (I guess the majority) are young Muslims. At every felony, the judges say: ok, you had a bad youth, you are in a foreign country (ha, most of them are born in Germany), you had not the same chances as the Germans (nonsense, the schools are free of charge, they only have to attend and to learn, in the same way as the immigrants from other countries -with our culture, like Italy, Spain, etc.- do and these young boys and girls get their High School diploma and visit the universities like the Germans do – everybody has the same chance, some take advantage, some not), etc. blablabla and they were released on licence (usually a licence must be revoked with the next felony but they get the next probation). That’s the way judges do „social work“. One example from Germany: in February 2007 a 18 year old guy (muslim) with a lot of felonies under his belt bashed a father of four in presence of his kids without any reason into the coma and invalidity. The judge only warned him because he had a „positive social prognosis“ (he had a job, his girl-friend was pregnant). 3 weeks after this sentence, this guy again bashed somebody without any reason and injured this person heavily. Do we want something like this in the USA? Do we want that the judges do such a „social work“ instead of simply administering justice according to the law? BTW: we should remember Ronald Reagan: „We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, Society is guilty rather than the lawbraker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions“

2.„Social gifts“, redistribution of the money
I guess, here in the USA, most of the people have still the (in my opionion) traditional american values, some of them are: be responsible for yourself, help other people, who are in trouble, stand together with your community and your country.

But this (as one of the lot of disadvantages) can and will change with more and more heading in a socialist direction because then the people become lazy and indifferent and are expecting help from the government (that’s nothing what will happen within 2 or 3 years but within decades): „the government will take care of us!“. We don’t need more government, more taxes, more “social gifts” (which make the people dependent from the government and “produces” reliable voters usually for the liberals), etc. because this destroys the original American values. I don’t want to be misunderstood: I’m against “social gifts” (in form of welfare-payments from the government for anybody) but not against helping people who deserve it (and bring them back on the track or if not possible because of sickness, etc. allow them a reasonable life). But this can only be done within a smaller community (small town), because in a smaller community you know your people, you know if Joe Smith really deserve help or if he is only a lazy dog who doesn’t want to work and waits till the community pays his bills. Each case is an individual case. The Government (neither in Washington, nor in the capitals of the states) cannot have the possibility to value each case and if, they need a large organization, that costs a lot of money, additional to the expenses for the welfare – and all this is payed by the taxpayers. So, I think that it’s better to have less (at least not more) governmental programs but more from private foundations, churches, the community, etc. and volunteers who help people. But, again, this is only practicable if we have less government, which then doesn’t need so much money (lower taxes), so the people have more for themselves and are ready, willing and able to help on a private basis, to give donations within the community or to foundations or organizations they want to support (and people will do that rather than paying high taxes). It’s like a circulation: people work/make business, earn money, pay only a small amount in taxes, have a lean government (which concentrates on his main duties and let the responsibility for their life at the people themselves), people have enough money to consume (which is good for the economy and also the government, because they will get more taxes without asking for higher taxes) and to help other people in the community, etc. – I know, it sounds a little bit utopian (we will never reach the 100%-level – but we should try it) but I think it’s a vision for a “change” (to use Obama words), but a change in the right direction, back to the traditional american values and not an “Obama-change” to socialistic ideas.

Have a look to Germany (and also the other countries in Europe). Their social systems are bankrupt (if they would be a company, they were in insolvency) and costs the taxpayer a lot of money! And: there are a lot of people having more money by monthly welfare checks than a father who works the long day hard! Some families are getting welfare checks since generations – in such families nobody knows, what „working“ means but all of them know how to get the money from the government! This are reliable voters for the leftists! They want more government! To say it very simple: the socialists take the money from the working people and redistribute it to the people who often don’t want to work, who are literally too lazy (or sometimes to stupid) and this people are reliable voters for the socialist, literally a special „breed“ that will follow the ideas of the socialists and that’s also a circulation: more social gifts means higher taxes, higher taxes means economy goes down, jobs get lost, more people are in need of welfare, government needs more money, etc. – and we will get more and more government. That’s in few words the socialistic idea and plan (do you know only one socialistic country with a good economy?). insurance:
the American system is not as bad as the liberals want to tell you. It could be improved, but this must be done very carefully! The priority must be: everybody is responsible for himself! The government should not be the „Big Daddy“ who takes care for everything. Government should only give the „general framework“- not more. The government should limit themselves to the basic duties. Everything the government is doing additionally is expensive and costs the taxpayer’s money! Look to Germany: the compulsory health insurance funds are chronically out of pocket and raise their fees (btw: the doctors, nurses, etc. are paid much less than here in the USA). And by the way: the health insurance is not free of charge – the high health insurance premiums are percentagewise deducted from the paycheck! The whole system is morbid. This cannot be a role model. So you realize what this means: The Federal, State, and Local health expenditures paid for by tax money in the USA is about the same as the entire Gross National Product of France! (from the book “Anti-Americanism-published in France)

4.environment/climate change:
you should be glad, that the USA doesn’t follow Al Gore, the pope of the Church of Global Warming, like especially Germany with his Green Polit-amateurs. That’s a big story, brought up by Al Gore to become a Billionaire by dealing with certificates through a company he has shares from. Of course, there is a climate change – but it’s not (or only by a very, very small percentage, maybe less than one-tenth of a percent) caused by the human beings. And in the meantime, more and more reputable scientist state, that not the CO2 is responsible for the global warming (by the way: some scientists expect it to become cooler and besides, the largest gas contributing to any warming in the atmosphere is water vapor – hardly a man-made gas… ). There were climate changes since this planet exists and also warming phases at times without industry, without cars, with less human beings, so common sense will tell us, that the hype about the global warming is only an instrument to get more money out of your pockets in the name of the environment. Again, let’s watch to Germany: the „global warming“ for example is a reason for senseless political activities that costs money. Who pays? The taxpayer! Of course, we should do what we can to preserve and protect the environment, we should save fossile fuels, but not because of the global warming but because of our dependence from foreign oil (which is in the hands of our enemies: Chavez, Putin, the Muslim-Countries) and that’s the next point:

5.the energy policy:
we MUST drill within the USA! There are possibilities to work relatively environment friendly. We must become independent! Rather sooner than later! Obamas argumentation, that drilling will not help us now is right, BUT: that’s not an argument for NOT starting, because if we don’t start now, we get more and more dependent. Obamas plans are shortsighted (I guess, because of the fact, that the relief would not come within his presidency -if he would be elected- this is not worth for him thinking about). Of course, we should also look for alternative energies parallel, but NOT burning food! We all pay the price for this. There are other possibilities. I know, that here in the USA some companies and organizations are doing researchs about oil from algaes, a very interesting alternative.

Some comments to the raising prices for gas, food, etc.:
In my opinion, that’s a global problem. China, India and some other countries have a high demand for oil, so there are more buyer asking for the same quantity of a product. Result is, that the prices goes up – that’s the market. No government can influence this – we only can, as mentioned above, do anything to become independent! Higher prices for oil causes higher prices for nearly all products (production, transport, etc. are more expensive). Additionally, the useage of food for fuel causes higher prices. One of the main reasons food prices have risen is that futures trading has become a realm of fear, not realitiy,. There has been little or no disruption of food supplies the world over. Don’t’ believe me? Do your research at places like the UN – hardly a place of pro-Western ideals.

But: be aware, that our costs for the living in the USA are lower than in Germany (ok, not, if you live in N.Y., California and at all this „in“-locations – but there are similar „expensive“ locations in Europe too).

If you take all this issues into consideration, there is no reason to vote for Obama, because with his program, plans and ideas he will change in ANY of the mentioned points in the wrong direction with results, I know from Germany and I can tell you – you wouldn’t like these results! I know both sides of the coin and I can assure you: we are blessed to live here in the USA!

And, btw, the above mentioned arguments are very weightly and there are enough reasons to vote for John McCain/Sarah Palin (again: she IS the Change – the change in the right direction and she proved this in Alaska) but here is an additional (in my opinion a very important) point on the character: is it ok, if a President is not patriotic and his wife is only proud of America the first time in her life because her husband is running for the presidency?

Here is the overlook about Germany, I mentioned at the beginning of this letter and you see the endresult of left/liberal politics: the official unemployment in Germany is at app. 8% (I guess that – because of people in governmental programs and therefore out of the statistics and people who are not registered – the inofficial number might be 12 to 13%), the tax rates are at 19% sales tax (food 7%), tax for income is 15 to 45% (plus additional solidarity tax, church-tax), the gas is highly taxed (the cost per gallon is app. 9 Usdollar), energy is very expensive. The costs for social security are high, so you pay for health insurance app. 13% of your income, for the pension, you pay app. 20% (but in spite of the high payments, the amount you’ll get when you retire is to small for living) and for unemployment you pay app. 4% (employer pays 50%). And again: the health insurance is not free of charge – the high health insurance premiums are percentagewise deducted from the paycheck!

The SED (the party from former East Germany, responsible for the murders at the wall), now after several renamings called „Linke“ (lefts), but the same people in the background and the same insane ideas (they would like to have a „better“ DDR2.0) are prognosticated to get 14% or more at the next election. The lefts tell you, what you are allowed to think and to say and what’s the „right“ opinion. You have another opinion? You are warning about upcoming problems, caused by the politics of the lefts? You might get under pressure! One example: Roland Koch, a conservative politician (CDU, Christian Democratic Union), „Ministerpraesident“ of Hessen (Governor of a State), demanded to deport aliens, who commit a crime in their original countries. The reaction was, that he was blamed by the lefts/liberals, that he is a „Nazi“ – and he lost a lot of votes at the election (now the SPD wants to team up and cooperate with the Green Party and the above mentioned SED/Linke to get the power in Hessen).

So, again: we are blessed to live in the USA and we should NOT jeopardize our rights, our traditional values and our freedom.

A last recommendation: we should be very careful in respect of the Muslims here in the USA (a statement of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Muslim, Turkey’s prime minister: Democracy is only the vehicle we use until we reach our goal. The mosques are our barracks, the minarets are our bajonets, the domes are our helmets, the believers our soldiers). In Europe the Muslims have a very high quota of the population and a lot of them live in „parallel worlds“ and try to rule Europe and to live in accordance to their rules, the Sharia, etc. – these people don’t accept our values and our laws. It’s undoubted, that their values are not compatible with ours (we are the enemies, the „infidels“)! We must make clear, that everybody who wants to live in the USA has to accept our rules and we have to appoint this in a very early stage. Have a look to Europe and you see what happens if you don’t make this very clear from the beginning! So you know, Sharia law is more of an ideologiy designed to oppress women and non-Muslims. Societies ruled by this sort of law stagnate and go backwards economically, socially, and over all opportunity.

There might be some Muslims out there in the USA, who accept our rules and our values (as long as they don’t fall into the clutches of their organizations) and we should encourage them to stand to this moderate way of living their faith. I don’t have a problem with any religion as long as their follower accept all other religions as well as the rules and values of THIS country (including the human rights), otherwise they should better go back to their countries where they can live in accordance to their rules!

This is my sight of the election 2008 and the situation in the USA – my country!

God bless the USA and the people in this wonderful country!

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Another Sarah Palin smear nailed

Another Sarah Palin smear nailed

Thomas Lifson
PDS strikes again! Michelle Malkin debunks a list of books Sarah Palin supposedly tried to ban in 1996. These lefty idiots project their bigoted image of evangelicals/Republicans, and believe it to be fact.

The smear merchants who continue to circulate the list also failed to do a simple Google search, which would have showed them that the bogus Sarah Palin Banned Book List is almost an exact copy-and-paste reproduction of a generic list of “Books Banned at One Time or Another in the United States” that has been floating around the Internet for years. STACLU notes that the official Obama campaign website is also perpetuating the fraud. And it’s spread to craigslist, where some unhinged user is posting images likening Palin to Hitler. Here it is again.


At this point, the smart thing to do when you hear criticism of Sarah is to disbelieve it as a hoax. Ordinary Americans outside the conservative fold will be joining us in this conclusion.


The self-destructive left is creating a TeflonTM coating for Sarah. In the words of Bill Kristol, “Thanks Guys!”


Democratic ‘Wimp Factor’ is Back

Democratic ‘Wimp Factor’ is Back

Rick Moran
If ever there was evidence that in order for John McCain to win this election he must make it about national security it is this recent survey done by Democratic pollsters for the think tank The Third Way:

The national security credibility gap is returning. Old doubts about Democrats on security, after diminishing during 2006-2007, have begun to re-emerge: concerns that Democrats follow the polls rather than principle; that Democrats are indecisive and are afraid to use force; and that Democrats don’t support the military. Because these weaknesses are longstanding and deeply ingrained, and because Republicanweaknesses are newer and do not yet have a label associated with them, Republicans continue to win on many security issues.

Frank James, writing for the Chicago Tribune blog The Swamp, points to another poll showing the same data:

The Greenberg poll, done for the think tank Third Way, echoes a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll which found a large lead for Republican Sen. John McCain over his Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama, with McCain holding a ten point lead over Obama on the question: who would be better on the Iraq, a 25 point lead on the handling of international crises and a 28 point lead on being better able to handle terrorism.
Results like these in part explain why the Republicans stressed the military and terrorism at their recently completed convention in St. Paul, Minn. They were trying to run up the score on the Democrats in the national security area.

With rising unemployment, high fuel prices, and an economy that is barely growing, how does John McCain turn the election from “It’s the economy, stupid” to a referendum on experience and by extension, national security?

Events will certainly play a role as any crisis in the world draws attention to Obama’s huge deficit in national security experience. The voter does not want Joe Biden answering that 3:00 am call, they want the president on the job and in charge.

But beyond events working in McCain’s favor, he simply has to keep hammering away at Obama’s inexperience by reminding voters where Obama has been on national security issues since he got to the senate; against the surge, against victory in Iraq, suspect on Israel, naive about our enemies, and instinctually wrong in his response to the Georgian crisis. There is plenty there for McCain to attack Obama on and one would expect him to continue to flog the issue for all its worth.

Putting Obama on the defensive about his foreign policy experience is the best way to draw attention to it. And so far, McCain is doing a good job.

Spreading the smear that Obama is a Muslim

Spreading the smear that Obama is a Muslim

Thomas Lifson
Look at who is spreading the vicious rumor that Barack Obama is of the Muslim faith. I trust the campaign will condemn this bigot and see to it that he is driven from the public stage.

Dr. Freud was unavailable for comment.

Hat tip: LGF, Ethel C. Fenig