Obama’s Plan for Ruining Your Schools

Obama’s Plan for Ruining Your Schools

Clarice Feldman

The poster known as “bad” at JOM brings us this disheartening news. Obama hopes to bring the lessons of the failed lefty boondoggle he ran known as the Chicago Annenberg Challenge to your schools if elected: 

Citing Chicagoʼs Academy for Urban School Leadership as one example, Obama also pledges to develop 200 new teacher residency programs across the country. He also would provide better professional development through school-university partnerships, provide funding for mentoring programs and help school districts and teacher unions create ʽcareer laddersʼ for teachers. 

Obama’s education policy for the entire US would continue efforts found to be failures in Chicago Public Schools, the same policies funded by The Chicago Annenberg Challenge and found to be failures by CAC’s own evaluations.

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