Lies, damned lies and Islam








In July of 2001, Dennis Moreno-Lacalle, a Filipino Christian residing in Saudi Arabia was arrested by the Muttaween. He was one of fourteen Christians caught praying or using his private residence for a prayer meeting. He was charged with engaging in ‘illegal Christian activities.’ He was told that if he converted to Islam he would be freed immediately. It was just a suggestion—there is no force in religion. But wouldn’t it be nicer to be a Muslim going about his normal routine than a Christian stuck in some God-forsaken jail cell for only Allah knew how long? Of course it would be nicer. But Moreno-Lacalle didn’t think so—he refused to convert. He spent six months in the slammer before he was finally released. During this period his family did not know where he was or what had happened to him. They were kept in the dark; the terror was complete.


In May of 2002, Jeddah police arrested ten Christians who had gathered for a weekly prayer meeting. It was a routine arrest. More Christians are jailed in Saudi Arabia for praying than for jaywalking, safecracking and armed robbery combined. And why not—in Saudi Arabia praying is a more serious crime.


In 2003, the Muttaween arrested four Pakistani Christians. No reason was given. Two were eventually released and expelled. The fate of the others remains unknown to this day.


In 2004, a religious policeman accosted Brian Savio O’Connor, a cargo agent for Saudi Airlines, near his home in Riyadh for ‘not attending prayer.’ A Catholic from Indian, O’Connor showed the officer his papers. He was a Christian—he did not need to attend prayer. Maybe Brian was too uppity. It was said he ‘resisted arrest.’ He was taken to a police station, hung upside down and beaten. He was told that if he did not convert to the Religion of Peace he would be killed.


Was it an isolated incident? Not at all! Saudi jails are full of Christians who have taken advantage of the Religion of Peace and Tolerance to engage in ‘illegal activities.’ These scofflaws are worse than the Jews that defiled the streets of Nazi Germany in the 1930s—so it is said.


On April 25, 2008, the Saudi Allah Squad made another routine neighborhood sweep. Joe Friday could have learned from these fellows.  They had everything down to a T. If Eliot Ness had followed the Muttaween manual Al Capone would have lasted one day and Prohibition less than a week.


This is how it goes down: Step one: an operative breaks down the gate. (Ness used a truck as a battering ram. This is now thought to be amateurish.) Step two: the first operative inside the prayer room sticks a gun in the face of the nearest infidel and demands his residency permit and cell phone. This is done quickly and efficiently. Once the infidels have been subdued, the house is thoroughly searched. The Allah Squad haul on April 25 included 20 Bibles, some religious tracts and the money in the Collection Box (500 Saudi Riyals—about $130). The infidels are then exposed to the jeers and taunts of their neighbors before being dragged down to the police station.


Eliot Ness should have been so lucky. Capone’s lawyer was always at the police station waiting for Ness with a writ of habeas corpus. “It’s legal beer, Ness, it’s legal beer! If you don’t stop persecuting my clients I’ll report you to the Mayor.”


The Christians arrestees on April 25 were charged with singing and preaching. That’s right—singing and preaching! Well, they should have known better than to sing, “I got you, Babe,” in a Muslim neighborhood. Oh—it wasn’t “I got you, Babe,” it was “Rock of Ages” or something similar but just as offensive, and they were not singing, they were humming, and there was no preaching, they were whispering—or maybe mumbling. One of them might have been saying, “Let’s flush a Qur’an.” No one will ever know what was going on in their minds—what they were thinking. Thinking…there does not seem to be much thinking in the Muttaween—certainly no more than in Herr Hitler’s Gestapo. Whatever.


And just three weeks ago, George W. Bush’s great friend, King Abdullah, who had visited the Texas Gunslinger at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, and had been kissed on both cheeks, had addressed an Interfaith Conference in Madrid, Spain, and had called for reconciliation between Muslims, Christians and Jews! Lions and Tigers and Bears—it sounds familiar.


“The image of al-Andalus made us hold this conference in Spain,” said Abdullah al-Turki, Secretary General of the Muslim World League.


Ah, yes, the fabled al-Andalus, Islam’s Shangri-La, a land that would have delighted Mary Poppins and Morey Amsterdam, a land of peace and tolerance, of unrestricted joy, a paradise without the 72 virgins, where the devotees of the three great Abrahamic religions, lived side by side in an amity so precious and amazing as to be incomprehensible to the modern mind. So they say…


But there are doubters—those who say al-Andalus never was. There is Andrew Bostom. Listen to Bostom:


In 711 or 712 Islam ‘subdued’ Toledo. In 713 the conquered nobles of Toledo revolted. The Religion of Peace responded with a heavy hand. Toledo was pillaged, the ranks of the nobles were decimated, their throats were cut and their property seized. In 730 the Bishop of Cerdagne was buried alive. Christians and Jews were separated from the rest of the population. They were not allowed to build new churches and synagogues. If one should happen to be destroyed—burned to the ground by a ‘careless’ caretaker—it could not be replaced. Christian peasants were given a choice between serfdom and conversion to Islam. Those who desired neither and fled to the cities were hunted down and mutilated or crucified. There were mass murders in Toledo, in Cordoba, in Saragossa, in Merida.


Ah, yes, let us return to those thrilling days of yesteryear when the cry of “Allahu akbar” sent shivers up and down the spines of al-Andalus’ terrified non-Muslim inhabitants.


One does not want to accuse King Abdullah or al-Turki of lying. That would be too easy. It is entirely possible that they are totally unaware of lying. Islam has been falsifying its History for 1,400 years, perhaps to escape its sordid past, to cover its crimes, to make it feel good about itself.


One should pay attention to the words of Vaclav Havel. “He who fears facing his own past must necessarily fear what lies before him,” said Havel. “Lying can never save us from the lie. Falsifiers of History do not safeguard freedom, but imperil it.” Havel has read “1984,” King Abdullah hasn’t, and if he has, he has learned nothing from it. There is a difference between Spanky and Alfalfa telling their teacher Spuds MacKenzie ate their homework and what King Abdullah said at Madrid. There are lies, damned lies and Islam.


The charges lodged against the Christians arrested in the April 25 sweep were reduced to holding a dance party and collecting money for terrorism. By then the guilty parties had already signed confessions. So what if they were written in Arabic—a language none of them could read or write—they had signed of their own free will, hadn’t they? They were released within three days. On August 5 they were expelled. The promises Abdullah had made at Madrid were ignored or forgotten.


But don’t despair. Being expelled from a Muslim country cannot be the worst thing that can happen to a Christian in Islam’s Twilight Zone, there is death and worse yet, the ultimate ignominy—forced conversion.

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