Document drop: The “Accountable America” warning letter targeting GOP donors

One Nation, Under Obama: Hussein Worshipper Creates Creepy Salute

Another magazine cover for the Obama campaign to whine about

Thomas Lifson
More evidence of the Obama bubble bursting: the thin-skinned candidate is the target of no less than a Mad Magazine cover.

Speaking of complaints, I wonder if Mad will receive (as we did) an indignant demand, complete with a threat, from talk show host Michael Savage’s producer, over his claim to own the intellectual rights to “Alfred E. Obama”?

New Group targets GOP donors

$100,000 Reward

Accountable America is offering a $100,000 reward for information that is material to either a criminal conviction for committing a felony or a misdemeanor, or a final and unappealed judicial or administrative determination of civil liability that entails the imposition of fines or penalties of at least $10,000, for a violation of federal campaign finance, tax or other statutes or regulations by an organization that operates or purports to operate under Internal Revenue Code Sections 501(c)(4), 501(c)(6) or 527 and that primarily serves business or ideologically conservative interests.

New Group targets GOP donors

Ed Lasky

Today’s New York Times article begins:
Nearly 10,000 of the biggest donors to Republican candidates and causes across the country will probably receive a foreboding “warning” letter in the mail next week.
and goes on to describe a newly formed group composed of veteran Democratic activists who intend to run a campaign to try to intimidate GOP donors and chill their activities on behalf of Republican candidates.
The letters will be a mere first step with increasingly harsh attacks promised if the GOP supporters actually exercise their democratic rights-these steps include legal trouble, public exposure and watchdog groups that will “dig through their lives”.
This group’s donors-because of a loophole in the law regarding such 527 groups-will remain anonymous. Too bad. Given the Democratic operatives and activists at work in this group and that their goal is to boost the candidacy of Barack Obama can anyone doubt that Obama’s biggest supporters are also behind this group? After all, George Soros is the single largest funder of such 527 groups and Soros was one of the earliest and most influential of Obama’s supporters.
Barack Obama is supposed to be a new type of politician who lives on a higher plane than other politicians. He has denounced “old politics”-at least rhetorically when it suits his purpose- to deflect scrutiny of his record. John McCain denounced the Swift Boat campaign (and defended John Kerry from their criticism) and has warned 527 groups on the right that he rejects their support and has warned them to avoid untoward attacks against Barack Obama.
Will Obama now stand up and warn this group to avoid the psuedo-terror tactics that they seem primed to engage in over the next three months? Will he ask them to allow others to practice their free speech rights-free from worries about unfair attacks? He is a Democrat, after all. We do live in a Democracy. more notable aspect: the group proudly identifies two main targets: Sheldon Adelson and Mel Sembler – both of whom are Jewish and strong supporters of the American-Israel relationship (which George Soros wants to rupture)

Does O Understand Anything About Ballistic Missile Defense?

Does O Understand Anything About Ballistic

Missile Defense?

By James Lewis

If the Middle East — and the rest of the world — survives the aggressive rise of Iranian nukes and missiles, it will be thanks to Ballistic Missile Defense — a completely new technology that is just being put into place. The next ten years will tell the story. 

It’s already evident that Mr. Obama doesn’t understand a lot about oil, coal and natural gas, the three key fuels of the world economy.  Senator O doesn’t know much about General Petraeus’ surge in Iraq — a fundamental change in warfighting tactics, not just a surge in troop strength, as the media seem to think.  


Barack Obama has odd ideas about average Americans, and has a tendency to sneer at the rest of us. Barack and Michelle seem to be totally obsessed with race, the greatest sin of our age according to liberals. In sum, the Obamas seem mentally boxed into a very narrow liberal faith on all those issues. Senator Joe Lieberman recently said, “I’d hesitate to say he’s a Marxist, but he’s got some positions that are far to the left of me and I think mainstream America.” 


Still, Obama could still win. Call it fifty-fifty right now.


My biggest question therefore is this: Does Obama understand anything, anything at all, about the most important new defense technology since World War II? I refer to Ballistic Missile Defense, a historic achievement of this administration — based on decades of high-priority research going back to Ronald Reagan.  Forget Iraq, forget everything else President Bush has tried to do. If BMD works, it will be far and away the greatest gift of the last eight years. Future generations will live in safety because George W. Bush insisted on pushing BMD as one of his top priorities.


The United States now has the first tested, world-wide defensive system against a ballistic missile threats from mad regimes like North Korea and Iran. This is an amazing technology, ranging from Aegis Navy ships that can bring down missiles in mid-flight with SM-3 bullet-on-bullet defenses,   to a worldwide radar-and-satellite missile detection system, an emerging Boeing-747-based high-powered laser beam to shoot down multiple missile targets, to regional defense by Patriot-3s, Arrow missiles, and in the foreseeable future, shaped radar beams.   An Iranian Shahab-3 attack on Tel Aviv would now have to run a gauntlet of missile defenses from Aegis ships in the Gulf to Arrows, PAC-3s and SM-3s in and near Israel. We can now put such ship, air and land-based regional defenses almost anywhere in the world.  The American homeland has its first effective missile defenses against a limited attack.


This is all clearly understood by other threatened nations, like Japan, Israel, and India. They are jumping on BMD technology. They know their necks are on the line; so is ours.


It is crucial to keep pushing those weapon systems as fast as possible over the next decade, as high-powered laser defenses are brought from the lab to the field. In ten years we may finally be safe again, after a 70-year Age of Nuclear Anxiety. Since 1949 a nuclear aggressor has been unstoppable; all we had was the threat of complete nuclear wipeout to counter a possible attack.  By 2009 the Iranian martyrdom cult will have its first nuclear bomb. The next decade will therefore see a screaming end-game to the Age of Anxiety — a nose-to-nose race between mad aggressors finally getting their nukes, and saner nations obtaining nearly fool-proof defenses.  


BMD is the only practical answer to the uncontrolled spread of nukes to mad regimes. We can make it all work, if and only if our leaders understand the urgency of the problem and its emerging technical solutions. That is why Obama has to get this one, and get it right — unlike all the Leftist politicians who’ve fought against BMD since Ronald Reagan.


So this is not a small question. So far, Barack Obama has blown it on the most important survival issue of the age. In his victory lap in Europe he failed to back the Czech radars that will protect Europe from Iranian missiles. But Mr. O is nothing if not flexible. If he ever gets it about how vital this is, he could quickly switch to a sane position.


Since Senator O is a creature of the Left, the whole world could be in grave danger if he becomes President and the Dems control Congress. They could still kill our last best hope for safety. Or they could just slow and sabotage our defense buildup, as they have consistently tried to do in the past.


Ballistic Missile Defense is the biggest do-or-die question in the next decade. John McCain understands that. So far, Barack Obama doesn’t have a clue. That gives us a 50-50 chance of being blackmailed by the likes of Ahmadinejad and his guru, Ayatollah Khamenei. Obama doesn’t even have to stand up against the Islamofascists of Tehran; all he has to do is keep our buildup on course. Between the Israelis, who have national survival on the line, the Saudis, who are 50 miles from Iran, and the Europeans, other Arabs, who are finally understanding the threat to their own survival, our allies will keep us focused. But the US is the only country with the technical prowess to win the race against the rogue regimes.


So I come back to the biggest question: Does O understand anything about Ballistic Missile Defense? So far he hasn’t shown any sign of it. 


If national survival matters, that leaves us with only one choice in the fall.


James Lewis blogs at

McCain’s Country-First Life Is a Winner

McCain’s Country-First Life Is a Winner

By Kyle-Anne Shiver

If Barack Obama presents a target-rich environment in his inflated balloon of media hype over one non-accomplishment after another, John McCain presents the opposite.  No hype.  No hot air.  No blathering, bloated claims about ethereal change and meaningless hope in government to save us.  None of this Hollywood stuff for McCain.

McCain is scrappy.  He’s a scrounger.  He’s downright humble.  Rather than touting his formidable experience, or the fact that he has had three sons in the military, quietly serving their Country, John McCain presents a true model of decency, self-respect and laudable humility, in the same all-male bundle.


McCain has been a Country-First guy yesterday, today and always.


The more I read about John McCain, the more I realize that he embodies so much of what we Americans regard as our exceptionalism of character, our grit and determination, our willingness to strip down to brass tacks to achieve a worthwhile goal, our utter disdain for royal celebrity accoutrement in our leaders.  John McCain is American to the marrow of his bones, going back generations, and evidenced in every sphere of his life.


I sincerely doubt that the word, “quit,” is in this guy’s vocabulary.


When his political chips were down, McCain created his own surge.


In June 2007, the press were all but writing obituaries on McCain’s presidential campaign.  The campaign was basically broke, donors were looking elsewhere, and it was a time for reassessment.


On April 19, 2007, Harry Reid, new Senate Majority Leader, had stood upon our Capitol steps and declared for all the world, especially our enemies, that this “war is lost.” Congressional Democrats were acting like banshees demanding withdrawal timetables for Iraq, and pronouncing the surge a failure before it ever had a chance to succeed.


When the chips were down, did McCain call his celebrity pals in Hollywood to ask for advice and a quick, fancy prop-up and money, money, money? 


Does McCain even have any friends in Hollywood? 


John McCain decided to leave the whole mess behind, and embarked on a no-fanfare trip to Iraq to spend the 4th of July with our troops.  As one of the most vocal initial backers for the troop surge in Iraq, McCain continued to believe that premature withdrawal would be devastating, not only to the people of Iraq and the Middle East, but to our ability to fight the war on terror around the globe. 


John McCain flew to Iraq to celebrate Independence Day in the privileged company of those he has always loved best, his fellow men and women in America’s Armed Forces.


A fancy gym?  No. 


Shopping?  No. 


A bunch of Berliners to cheer him on?  No, no and heck no.


I love this guy!


Iraq.  July 4th 2007. 


We were still losing the war.  Did our armed forces cry in their blankies and protest McCain, begging to go home to their mommies?


Nope.  On that day, McCain watched as 588 men and women re-enlisted to serve their Country even more.  On that day in Iraq, as Hollywood’s celebs and Washington’s Democrats practically spat on America’s chances, 161 service personnel became naturalized citizens of the United States of America.  Especially poignant that day were the two empty chairs among our new citizenry.  Two soldiers had been killed just before they were able to receive formal citizenship for their personal fealty and love for America.


John McCain addressed the assembled troops in the plain straight talk for which he has been known throughout his life.  And when he finished, more than 2,000 men and women in uniform stood in line just to shake his hand. 


When he returned to the States, he told a Chicago Tribune reporter that seeing and being with our troops in the theater of war reinvigorated him for the surge in his own campaign.  Even though he shied from saying so, I would speculate that he felt from these men and women, and their families, the same inner strength that brought him through more than 5 years as a P.O.W. in Hanoi, Vietnam.


McCain’s Dark Night of the Soul


Few human beings have life experiences that push them to the absolute brink of surrendering their humanity, especially an experience that lasts such a long time.  Through more than a thousand sun-ups and sunsets.  Through more than a thousand nights of despair and darkness, when the entire world seems to have deserted and gone on its merry way.


In 1988, I purchased a book written by Ernie Brace about his captivity in North Vietnam.  Unknown to me at the time was that Mr. Brace had been the longest held civilian, by an enemy in wartime in history.  He was also a one-time cellmate of John McCain, and the foreword of his book, A Code to Keep, was written by Senator McCain. 


Senator McCain quoted another man, who had endured horrible captivity and inhumane conditions, Victor Frankl, a prisoner of the Nazis.  In Frankl’s account, Man’s Search for Meaning, McCain, Brace, and so many others discovered that under such conditions, “everything can be taken from a man but one thing:  the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”


Over the course of five years in a Hanoi prison, two of those years in solitary confinement, John McCain discovered his inner strength, his maverick spirit, and his determined will to never succumb to a loss of what makes us human.  Our free will.


Every time I hear John McCain speak now, I am reminded that he has faced this horror.  When I see that he walks stiffly, I know it’s because his leg was broken in October 1967, and he didn’t wind up in an efficient, well-equipped American medical facility.  He ended up in a Hanoi prison instead.  He was told that if he gave them military information they might fix his leg and his arms.  Instead, the “medical treatment” the communists gave him nearly killed him.  His body has never properly healed.


Every voter, in my opinion, ought to read Senator McCain’s First-Person Account of his captivity, published in May 1973, now available online.


When the North Vietnamese learned they had the son of the naval admiral, who was about to be given command over our entire Forces in the Pacific, they wanted John McCain to accept early release.


When McCain’s father took over as CINCPAC on the Fourth of July, the communists tried to persuade John again to accept this favoritism.


Interrogator:  “Our senior wants to know your final answer.”
McCain:  “My final answer is the same.  It’s ‘No.””
Interrogator:  “That is your final answer?”
McCain:  “That is my final answer.”
Interrogator:  “Now, McCain it will be very bad for you.”


Things did indeed get very bad for John McCain, even worse than having panties placed upon his head for photos.


The next day, the guards came for him, took him to another room in the Hanoi Hilton, and asked, “Why are you so disrespectful of guards?”  McCain’s answer seems not to have been the one for which they were hoping.  He cracked in characteristic fashion, “Because the guards treat me like an animal.”


When I said that, the guards, who were all in the room — about 10 of them — really laid into me.  They bounced me from pillar to post, kicking and laughing and scratching.  After a few hours of that, ropes were put on me and I sat that night bound with ropes.  For the next four days, I was beaten every two to three hours by different guards.  My left arm was broken again and my ribs were cracked.


McCain’s stiffness is a badge of courage and honor; he did not give them what they wanted.  The communists wanted him to disparage his Country and to make statements laudatory of the wonderful treatment he was receiving in captivity.


Having been a college student during those days that John McCain was beaten in a Hanoi prison for my liberties, I remember the heralded press coverage given to the anti-war demonstrators wreaking havoc all over.  And I remember how Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden, David Dellinger and others took big photo-op trips to Hanoi, sitting in the enemy’s anti-aircraft apparatuses, and smiling broadly as they embraced our enemies. 


I even thought some of them were very heroic.  That was before I understood the meaning of the word.  John McCain has lived one of the most genuinely heroic lives imaginable.  Yet Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden still disparage him for it; they love Barack Obama’s idea of patriotism.


As for me, I don’t particularly care for the idea of patriotism that the Democratic Party has been selling nonstop since the Sixties.


I prefer John McCain’s idea of patriotism.  Love of God and Country first.  Before personal gain.  Before personal glory.  Before personal gravitas.  Before politics.  There are some things upon which there simply can be no compromise.  For John McCain, the non-compromising item appears to be personal integrity.


McCain’s Country-First life is a winner.   I’m not sure we deserve him, but I sure do hope we get him for our next Commander In Chief.


Kyle-Anne Shiver is an independent journalist and a frequent contributor to American Thinker.  She welcomes your comments at