It’s rewrite time again for Obama

It’s rewrite time again for Obama

Clarice Feldman

Steve Glbert catches Obama rewriting (without acknowledging he’s done so) his pledge on dealing with Iran.


And Patterico reports that the entire Der Speigel interview with Maliki was rewritten by the magazine:


The Columbia Journalism Review has a maddeningly sloppy and incomplete, but also interesting and informative article about how the Maliki remarks came to be translated so differently by the New York Times and Der Spiegel. It turns out that, not only did Der Spiegel rewrite the critical passage without telling anyone, it also rewrote the whole interview, while pretending that it was a verbatim exchange.


The weather’s nice in most of the country. It’s obvious that about 95% of the information the media is feeding us is wrong, and their attention is focused on a man who changes his position on the hour. Go outside and get some fresh air!

An email—My kind of presidential candidate Unreal but interesting


(1) Press 1 for English is immediately banned. English is the official language, speak it or wait at the border until you can.

(2) We will immediately go into a two year isolationist posture to straighten out the country’s attitude. NO imports, no exports. We will use the ‘Walmart’ policy ‘If we ain’t got it, you don’t need it.’

(3) When imports are allowed, there will be a 100% import tax on it.

(4) All retired military personnel will be required to man one of our many observation towers on the southern border. (six month tour) They will be under strict orders not to fire on SOUTHBOUND aliens.

(5) Social security will immediately return to its original state. If you didn’t put nuttin in, you ain’t gettin nuttin out. The president nor any other politician will not be able to touch it.

(6) Welfare – Checks will be handed out on Fridays at the end of the 40 hour school week and the successful completion of urinalysis and a passing grade.

(7) Professional Athletes –Steroids – The FIRST time you check positive you’re banned for life.

(8) Crime – We will adopt the Turkish method, the first time you steal, you lose your right hand. There is no more life sentences, if convicted you will be put to death by the same method you chose for your victim, gun, knife, strangulation, etc.

(9) One export will be allowed, Wheat, The world needs to eat. A bushel of wheat will be the exact price of a barrel of oil.

(10) All foreign aid using American taxpayer money will immediately cease, and the saved money will pay off the national debt and ultimately lower taxes. When disasters occur around the world, we’ll ask the American people if they want to donate to a disaster fund, and each citizen can make the decision whether it’s a worthy cause.

(11) The Pledge of Allegiance will be said every day at school and every day in Congress.

(12) The National Anthem will be played at all appropriate ceremonies, sporting events, outings, etc.

Sorry if I stepped on anyone’s toes but a vote for me will get you better than what you have, and better than what you’re gonna get. Thanks for listening, and remember to write in my name on the ballot in November.

(Video) Islam is Not a Victim

McCain vs. Muslim Radicals

McCain vs. Muslim Radicals

By Robert Spencer | 7/23/2008

Muslim spokesmen in the U.S. are outraged over remarks made last Friday by Bud Day, a key supporter of John McCain. Day, a much-decorated Air Force Colonel and Medal of Honor recipient who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam with McCain, said during a conference call organized by the Florida Republican Party that “the Muslims have said either we kneel, or they’re going to kill us.” Day added: “I don’t intend to kneel, and I don’t advocate to anybody that we kneel, and John doesn’t advocate to anybody that we kneel.”

The reaction was swift. Saif Ishoof, president of the Center for Voter Advocacy, said that Day’s remarks were “perpetuating a form of Islamophobia.” Khaled Saffuri, the Executive Director of the Islamic Institute (which he co-founded with Grover Norquist), was also deeply offended. “‘This is as close to racist as it gets,” he declared. “These are cheap street tactics. Even if this is called a mistake or a slip of the tongue, it shows a bigger problem with racism. McCain and the Republican party should denounce this.” (Keith Olbermann also termed Day’s words “racism and religious hatred,” although neither he nor Saffuri explained what race Islam is.)

Corey Saylor, national legislative director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), also called on McCain to distance himself from Day, stating that “CAIR would like to see Senator McCain come out and make a clear statement repudiating these remarks. We don’t believe they’re helpful at all in either putting out the campaign’s message or winning the hearts and minds in the Muslim world that America needs to be winning.”

However, a repudiation from McCain was not immediately forthcoming. McCain campaign spokesman Michael Goldfarb said only: “The threat we face is from radical Islamic extremism.” However, a spokeswoman for the Republican Party, according to the Miami Herald, “said later that Day acknowledged he misspoke and ‘made an unfortunate mistake’ because he meant to say ‘terrorists’ and not ‘Muslims.’ The Herald itself took for granted that Day had said something wrong, calling his remarks a “gaffe on Muslims.”

Unnoticed, however, in the controversy over Day’s remarks was the fact that what he said was essentially accurate. While it is certainly true that not all Muslims are trying to “make us kneel,” there can be no legitimate question whatsoever that there are indeed Muslims who are engaged in such an effort. The Muslim Brotherhood in the United States is, according to a Brotherhood operative, engaged in a “grand jihad” aimed at “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

What’s more, there is considerable reason to suspect that some of the Muslim leaders who have been most indignant over Day’s words are involved in this “grand jihad.” Investigative journalist Kenneth Timmerman wrote in 2004 of Khaled Saffuri’s considerable influence in Washington, and then noted that “some of the very people Saffuri introduced to Bush and Rove are in federal prison on terrorism-related charges. Others have been expelled from the country. Still other former colleagues and donors have become subjects of a massive federal probe into U.S. funding of terrorist organizations that is code-named Operation Greenquest….Saffuri’s ties to radical Islamists and apologists for terror are neither superficial nor coincidental.” And CAIR, of course, was in 2007 named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas terror funding case, and has had several of its officials arrested and convicted on terrorism-related charges.

Why was none of this been mentioned in mainstream media coverage of this story? It isn’t really surprising that it wasn’t, given the tendencies and perspectives of the mainstream media – indeed, it would have been more surprising if they had mentioned it. But Bud Day’s remarks should have been judged for their accuracy: are there, or are there not, Muslims trying to make us kneel? No one would have objected in 1944 if a military spokesman had said that “the Germans are trying to make us kneel,” and someone who took offense to such a statement on the grounds that not all Germans were pro-Nazi would only have been ridiculed. However, CAIR has shown in the past that the accuracy of statements to which it takes umbrage does nothing to mitigate their hurt feelings. And now the primacy of hurt feelings has been enshrined into law in Canada: as we have seen in the Mark Steyn trials in Canada, truth and accuracy is no defense against charges of “hate speech.” In a sane world, instead of taking offense, Islamic spokesmen in the U.S. would have been assuring reporters that they were working energetically within Muslim communities against those who wished to make non-Muslims kneel. But sanity is at a premium in the public debate on Islamic jihad today.

Robert Spencer is a scholar of Islamic history, theology, and law and the director of Jihad Watch. He is the author of seven books, eight monographs, and hundreds of articles about jihad and Islamic terrorism, including the New York Times Bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His next book, Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs, is coming this November from Regnery Publishing

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The Trip that Did Not Deliver

The Trip that Did Not Deliver

Richard Baehr
With the major media in full swoon mode — every network anchor covering the Obama trip, and only one reporter following John McCain to New Hampshire Monday night, the polls should be moving strongly for Obama.

That was the expectation of savvy political analysts such as Nat Silver of the great web site: another Obama boomlet was in progress, and the results would soon  show up in the polls. When the Gallup 3 day tracking poll showed a big surge for Obama on Monday (opening up a 6 point lead, after a very strong poll day on Sunday), Silver was certain the expected Obama surge was in fact occurring.


But Gallup was out of step with Rasmussen, whose 3 day tracking showed Obama at his lowest level since the primary season ended, in a virtual tied race (one point Oabma lead).


Today, the Gallup Obama boomlet is gone (lead down to 3) and Rasmussen is a tie


Then throw in some decent state poll numbers for McCain: plus 10 in Ohio (Rasmussen), plus 11 in Georgia (Rasmussen)  down 2 in Michigan (EPIC), down 3 in New Hamsphire (UNH) , and down 3 in Colorado (Rasmussen), and the race looks close and winnable for McCain (let’s not get too excited, however — we are still 15 weeks out).


Why did the Obama bump after Hilary Clinton dropped out fade over the past month?  Why is Obama not getting a bump now from the media over exposure on his foreign tour (free advertising, in essence)?


The answer I think is that more and more Americans are realizing that a giant media sell job is underway, and many don’t like it. Obama may be a rock star, but would he make a good President?  Rasmussen has done a survey that reveals that 50% think the media are backing Obama, 14% think they are backing McCain. Half also believe the media have been too negative about both Iraq and the economy.


Virtually every survey is showing that McCain does as well if not better in terms of  favorable/unfavorable ratings compared to Obama, even in states where Obama has a small lead (e.g Colorado). In many of these states, 15-20% of voters do not immediately select a candidate, but when pushed as to how they lean, McCain is named far more often than Obama among the initally undecided. 


My sense of the race is that Obama has a hard core support level that is much larger than McCain’s hard core support level, but  not nearly enough to win. And he has added very little to it the last month or two. Many voters are still weighing him, and he has not yet made the sale.  McCain is an acceptable Republican for many independents and those Democrats not sure about Obama.


So the race will be about Obama, much more than about McCain. McCain has many fewer true believers, but broader general acceptability.  If the less passionate McCain supporters show up to vote, he could well win, in a year where the Democrats have all the natural advantages.  And the more the media appear to be over the top for Obama, the more it may help McCain.


And on this score, I don’t think the media can help themselves.


Richard Baehr is chief political correspondent of American Thinker.