Radicals for Obama

Radicals for Obama

Thomas Lifson
A lot of unrepentant 60s radicals — the type of people who used to reject electoral politics as a choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee — are supporting Barack Obama. Maybe they have all matured, mellowed and decided to work within the system. Or maybe they see Obama’s rhetorical shift toward the center as nothing but lip service. Daniel Flynn of City Journal compiles  an amazing list that goes beyond the familiar names already in the press, like Dohrn and Ayers:

Progressives for Obama resembles a Who’s Who of SDS luminaries. In addition to Hayden, Rudd, and Davidson, the group includes Bob Pardun, SDS’s education secretary during the 1966-67 school year; Paul Buhle, a radical professor who has recently attempted to revive SDS; Mickey and Dick Flacks, red-diaper babies who helped craft 1962’s Port Huron Statement, a seminal New Left document; and SDS’s third president, Todd Gitlin. Age and experience have mellowed some of the SDSers in Obama’s camp. Gitlin, for instance, has evolved into a respected Ivy League professor and milquetoast liberal. But others still glory in a past that can only damage Obama’s future. The aging New Left still practices a therapeutic politics that places a higher value on feelings of personal liberation than on restrained pursuit of political aims.


Hat tip: Ed Lasky

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