Getting off Hugo Chavez’s payroll

Getting off Hugo Chavez’s payroll

Ed Lasky
Among the more shameful political episodes in local American and British politics of the last few years, the accepting of subsidized oil from Marxist dictator-wannabe Hugo Chavez ranks among the most obvious. The new mayor of London, Boris Johnson has enough courage to tell his constituents that accepting bribes from an enemy of freedom is not a good idea. From the Wall Street Journal Europe:

New London Mayor Boris Johnson wasted no time in taking his city off Hugo Chávez’s PR payroll.
Elected earlier this month, Mr. Johnson has announced that the city won’t renew a deal with the Venezuelan strongman to get cheap oil to subsidize bus fares for London residents. “I think many Londoners felt uncomfortable about the bus operation of one of the world’s financial powerhouses being funded by . . . a country where many people live in extreme poverty,” the Conservative Mayor explained Sunday.

American Thinker has written before about some Democratic Congressmen having close ties to Chavez-those ties include the subsidizing of oil for their constituents. This is a shameful practice, for Chavez is an enemy of freedom.

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