Thug-In-Chief: “Iran becoming a nuclear country was one of the Imam Mahdi’s miracles”

Thug-In-Chief: “Iran becoming a nuclear country was one of the Imam Mahdi’s miracles”

Here, courtesy Jihad Watch reader Charlemagne’s Funny Bone, is a quick summary — but fuller than most that have appeared in the mainstream media — of Ahmadinejad’s one hour and three minute speech before 200-300 clerics in the City of Mashad, Iran.

The last two years was the hardest time, after the establishment of the Islamic Republic, through which we have passed. Some Iranian people are telling me that the price of oil has gone up so why we don’t see any of its effect in our country. They ask me why the price of food and many other things are rising. I have to tell you when the price of oil goes up the price of everything go up. My government won’t receive all of the money that we make out of oil. Whatever Majlis approves, my government spends and rest of the money that we made on oil goes to the treasury. The government before me (Rafsanjani, Khatami) changed many things. Whenever I want to fix any corruption, many people within regime that I do not want to name begin to talk against me. In one of their meetings they (Rafsanjani, Khatami) said someone (Ahmadinejad) wants to go against us, but he has to know two things in the country that are in our hands: the Banks and Oil. So, he cannot do anything.We have to work very hard to establish justice in our country. Our foreign enemies thought that by passing resolutions in the United Nations, they could stop us from becoming a nuclear country. But with God’s help, now we are a nuclear country and they cannot do anything about it. There are many problems that, God willing, we will pass. I will talk about how we pass all of these problems in the second part of my speech.

You people know that God did not create man to live the way he is living today. No one used his mind better than prophets and Imams. The glorifications of men all will happen with divine management. If there is not any divine management, nothing happens in the world. All of the fights from the beginning of humanity have been because of he who has to manage and govern the world. From the beginning of humanity, all of the prophets said that the world must be managed through divine direction. We have to create a situation for the establishment of divine government. Anything that happens in the world happens because of Imam Mahdi. The creation of the world was because of the Imam Mahdi. The misery of humanity is because they don’t think about establishment of divine government on earth. There is no other truth or goodness in the world except the establishment of Imam Mahdi’s government on earth.

One day I was in a gathering, some people asked me what are these things that you are talking about, I told them that I did not say these things, God said them. If we don’t connect ourselves to the Imam, we are nothing. The return of Imam Mahdi is the only truth that we must think about. From the beginning of humanity there have been people with evil intentions that have been trying to stop us from thinking about the return of Imam Mahdi. Some people just see the body of the enemies but not their intentions. For example, the people who came and occupied Iraq, it seems their intention is to steal Iraqi’s oil, but that is not the case. Actually they have studied and analyzed that something is about to happen in this area. A divine hand is about to come out from this area and obliterate the corruption in the world.

Some people think that at this time Imam Mahdi is living somewhere and doesn’t care about humanity, but they are wrong. At this time Imam Mahdi is managing the world. My dear people, let me tell you something, at this time humanity has entered a new era. The people around the world are up rising against the arrogant powers. At this time we are seeing many of miracles of Imam Mahdi. For example, Iran becoming a nuclear country was one of the Imam Mahdi’s miracles. The victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran was another miracle of Imam Mahdi.

Let me tell you something, one day one of the grand Ayatollahs, whom many of you know, told me, “I have heard that you are talking about the return of Imam Mahdi and that you are in contact with him. Is that right?” I told him that I believe Imam Mahdi is managing the world. Furthermore, I told him, “Do you know what my problem is? My problem is that I believe everything people like you taught me.”

I believe that Iran is becoming the center of this management. “We must solve Iran’s internal problems as quickly as possible. Time is lacking. A movement has started for us to occupy ourselves with our global responsibilities, which are arriving with great speed.”


Posted at May 8, 2008 10:19 PM

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